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Kyle) COOL!

Christian) Werewerra, lets show them! Ability Activate! Shock Speed! ( Crusade Werewerra charges into his opponent, sending shocks through the opponent's body )

Kyle) Ability Activate! Thorn Barricade! ( Thorns come from the ground )

( A thorn appears in-front of Werewerra )

( Werewerra headbutts the thorn )

( The thorn breaks )

( Werewerra jumps onto another thorn and quickly jumps off )

( A pile of thorns come from the ground )

Christian) Ability Activate! Ground Crusader! ( Crusade Werewerra runs around the ground, slamming each step, causing the ground to flow down )

( Werewerra takes steps lowering the ground )

( Werewerra then uses the disfigured ground as a ramp and flies upwards )

( Werewerra headbutts the thorn barricade, getting stuck )

Crusade Werewerra) ...

Kyle) Ability Activate! Rosegus! ( Thorrean's roses swirl with tunneling winds created )

( Strong winds hit the barricade )

( The barricade falls down, trapping Werewerra )

Kyle) Ultimate Ability Activate! Rosbuzzition! ( Thorrean's roses swirl with two bright beams attacking the opponent )

( Thorrean's roses start spinning )

( Werewerra removes his head from the hole and hides )

Crusade Werewerra) Cuspultion!

Christian) Okay...Ability Activate! Cuspultion! ( Crusade Werewerra stomps on the ground causing the opponent to be thrown from a chunk of rising ground )

( Crusade Werewerra stomps on the ground )

( A pillar forms under Thorrean )

( Thorrean releases his beam )

( The pillar pops out and pushes Thorrean into the air, while the barricade barely gets pushed )

Christian) Ultimate Ability Activate! Earthly-Saw! ( Crusade Werewerra travels in a saw motion with rocks hovering around him and ground lifting as he moves )

( Werewerra slips out through an opening and moves towards Thorrean )

( A ramp slowly forms )

( Werewerra keeps moving in between Thorrean's beam )

( Werewerra rides off the ramp when it's fully formed and crashed into Thorrean )

( Thorrean returns to his ball form )

AM21 and May vs. Kyuubi and Jolts and Ray and Christian vs. Pyro and DG! Episode 59

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