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About thirty minutes later, Wolfgang's family has arrived and Christian has gotten ready to brawl...

Christian) Ability Activate! Ground Speed! ( Werewerra runs around the ground, bringing sand up into the air to blind his opponents )

( Werewerra starts running )

Kyle) Ability Activate! Spikey Bombardment! ( Lizerrean releases spikes from his body that twirl with curved paths; some controlled and some on their own path )

( All of Lizerrean's spikes are fired, while they all regrow )

( Werewerra slides to the right )

( A spike misses )

( Werewerra jumps over another spike and lands on another )

Werewerra) ...

Christian) Wow...

Werewerra) Christian, Ground Crusader...*Gets off the moving spike*

Christian) Okay...Ability Activate! Ground Crusader! ( Werewerra runs around the ground, slamming each step, causing the ground to flow down )

( Werewerra starts taking crushing steps into the ground, flowing the ground down )

( Spikes start to head above Werewerra's head as he moves deeper underground )


( Werewerra flies out of his ground hole with a spike against his body )

Christian) O_O

[ Christian's flashback ]

Wolf) Christian, Werewerra...Pick it up!


Wolf) Because...


Wolf) I know, but you haven't reached it yet...

Werewerra) WHAT DO YOU MEAN!?

Wolf) You're limit isn't close...You haven't evolved...

Werewerra) So...?

Wolf) I'm going to get you there...

Christian) WHAT! O_O

Wolf) Persona said you wanted to see Werewerra evolve, Christian...

Christian) I DO!

Werewerra) Evolve! YES!

Wolf) Then show me what you got!

[ Out of Christian's flashback ]

Christian) *In head* You want to see what I got dad...*Out loud* Ultimate Ability Activate! Ground-Saw! ( Werewerra spins in a saw like motion, attacking the opponent )

( Werewerra changes into his saw motion, using the spike as a ramp )

( Werewerra rides off the spike and into his created hole )

Kyle) *In head* Dad you've pushed me to my limit...*Out loud* Ability Activate! Spiked Shot! ( Lizerrean makes a tail shot, that returns attacks back or stops an attack )

( Werewerra flies out of the hole and falls down towards Lizerrean )

( Lizerrean swings his tail when Werewerra got close )

( Werewerra rotates backwards )

( Lizerrean's body gets hidden in thorns as winds pick up, while Werewerra suddenly gets encased in rocks )

Christian) *Looks at Wolf* =D

( Wolf nods )

Kyle) Is this it...*Looks at Kyleronco*

( Kyleronco gives Kyle a thumbs up )

( The rocks break apart as Werewerra walks out with a thinner body, silver stripes that ride up the side of his leg, and one piece of armor with two spikes on each leg )

( The winds push against Werewerra )

( Werewerra's mane flows with the winds )

( Thorns shoot towards Werewerra )

Crusade Werewerra) AWOOOOOOOO!

( Rocks lift from the ground and attack the spikes )

( Thorrean walks out of the thorny bush with a rose on each of his front legs, grown thorns, and a wider body )

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