Shintaro Hikari, better known as Chin Hikari is a main character in The Mantra Squad. He has a freshman and 15 year old. He is the
leader of the team. His Mantra Squad name is Chatterman and represents the 6th seal, Chin.


Chin retains a similar appearance to that of his civilian appearance. He wears a wear a white leathery jump suit with the bottom tucked in high blue boots. He also has a blue shirt underneath. He dons a red mask and a black hat covering his spiky, wild blonde hair. He also has two long ribbons coming out of his mask. Chin also wears red leather gloves as well as carrying around a kendama.


Chin is a go-with-the-flow, laid back, wild person. He is always thinking of new crazy things. Sometimes he can be too fast for his friends as they can!t keep up with his soaring personality. 


Chin grew up in the bustling metropolis Tokyo where it complemented his fast and crazy personality. He grew up a normal life with his mom, a doctor, and his dad, an inventor and mechanic, amd his robot dog, Hikaru. He joined the same high school the others attend when he moved municipalities.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Chin possesses powers associated with light energy. He often uses his kendama to channel his abilities as well as a variety of other things

  • Chatter Punch - A normal punch
  • Chatter Kick - A normal kick
  • GoGo Chatter Bulb - A strong blast of light from ball of the kendama.
  • Shiny Charm - A big flash of bright lights that hypnotize the opponent or put them in a daze.
  • Chatterman 2.0 - A temporary energy burst that engulfs Chin in light and ups his power immensely.
  • Sixth Mantra, Chin, Unleash - Chin's special and most powerful technique where he chants Chin and all the syllables after it (Chin, Retsu, Zai, Zen). His health is increased as well as his powers. He conjures a huge enegy ball of spiritual and chi power disperses it and then sends them flying at the opponent. 

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