Arric) Okay...I look okay...

( Arric continues to look in the mirror )

Arric) Oh yeah...I still have my nice skin tone, not that ugly purple color...I hate looking like my neathian form, I look like a complete idiot...I mean, I loved all that power following through me, h*ll I might not even need any further help with my goals...

Overload Tigator) Whatever you say Pretty Boy, whatever you say!

Arric) -_-

Overload Tigator) You mirror talker, checking yourself out, really?

Arric) What?

Overload Tigator) Since when do we need to check ourselves out...WE'RE POWERFUL!

Arric) I know, right!


[ Meanwhile at Wolfgang's home ]

Samantha) Okay...Are you two ready?

Ray) Yeah!

Crystal) Yes, we're ready

Samantha) And I'll buy you two some new clothes tomorrow, I guess =/

Ray and Crystal) Okay...

Samantha) But for now we'll all go to bed...

Crystal) Will there be a light on for me?

Samantha) Yeah...

( Wolfgang listens closely )

( Samantha leads Ray and Crystal to a bedroom )

Samantha) I guess you'll sleep here tonight...I'll have another bedroom cleaned tomorrow...

Ray) Okay...

( Crystal and Ray get into one of the two beds )


Samantha) Okay...

Crystal) The light is awesome =D

Samantha) Yeah, it is... And when it's sunny, the light does burn...

( Samantha turns the light off, except she puts on a little nightlight )

( Samantha closes the door )

( Wolfgang continues to stand at the steps with his eyes purple )

( Samantha walks to the staircase )

Samantha) Wolfgang, didn't think you were watching me...

( Samantha walks down the steps to where Wolfgang is standing )

Samantha) Hello Wolfgang?

( Wolfgang's eyes go back to its normal look )

Wolfgang) Yes...Oh...Yes, I was...

Samantha) Okay...

( Wolfgang and Samantha walks down the rest of the steps )

Samantha) And now it's time for us to get to bed...

Wolfgang) Yep...

Samantha) Is the door all locked up?

Wolfgang) Yeah...

Samantha) Yep, it's definitely our bed time, in our own bed, for once...

Mornight Brawls! Episode 23

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