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Charge DragonoidEdit

Airzel's guardian bakugan.




Thunder DragonoidEdit

Daniel's guardian bakugan




Thunderous Lightning! ( Thunder Dragonoid releases a lightning bolt at her opponent )

Lightning Striker! ( Thunder Dragonoid fires a lightning bolt towards her opponent )

Thunderous Light! ( Thunder Dragonoid charges into her opponent with a rainbow aura, after it hits, thunder can be heard )

Triple Bolt! ( Thunder Dragonoid releases three lightning bolts towards her opponent )

Sharpshoot Lightning! ( Lightning created from Thunder Dragonoid, travels underground, comes up, and may hold an opponent still )

Wavering Bolts! ( Small lightning bolts, created by Thunder Dragonoid, move in a sloppy motion )

Thunder Clash! ( Thunder Dragonoid bangs on a surface making loud waves to protect her )

Thunder Implode! ( Thunder Dragonoid screeches making a hard to endure sound )

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