Matt was walking around the park a few days later. The weather was warmer and there were more people than usual in the winter.

Matt looked at his partner Bakugan, Drakalen, who was on his right shoulder. The Darkus Bakugan was thinking about battling, though he was tired.

"Ugh, I'm bored, Matt. There's not much to do in this park but wander about and watch the little kids play their annoying games," muttered Drakalen flatly.

"You really need to learn how to calm down, you know?" replied Matt.

"Says the boy who can't wait for New Year's," snapped Drakalen.

Before Matt could reply, a blonde boy who appeared to be seventeen raced past Matt, accidentally hitting his arm.

"Whoops, sorry!" called the boy. He was followed by a black-haired boy, who raced after the first boy.

"Steven, we've looked all over this park for Valentin, and we haven't had seen a trace of him!" yelled the second boy.

"We've gotta find him, Locello! Plus, there's an area we haven't checked!" called back the boy named Steven.

"Why can't you just call me Matt like you used to?!" asked Lennen.

"Well, it's not my fault Valentin had two Matthews on his team - you and Matt Jano," replied Steven.

Matt stopped. Hey, they mentioned of those powerful brawlers these days...and he's missing?! he thought.

Two Bakugan - one with Darkus colors and one that was white, purple, and black - followed after Lennen and Steven.

"Hey! Wait up!" called the one with darkus colors to the first one.

"Oh come on, Ironjaw - I'm a Darkus bakugan with metal on his body just like you, and yet I'm faster than you!" retorted the first Bakugan.

Matt stared. That Bakugan has white, purple, and black colors, but he's Darkus?! Of course, it does make sense in a way... though Matt.

"Sheesh, Blasteroid - you're really energetic than usual. What's gotten you up?" asked Ironjaw.

"I'm energetic because we must find our friends Valentin and Leonidas. And we MUST hurry!" replied the one called Blasteroid.

"Hmph!" muttered Ironjaw. The two Bakugan quickly went after Lennen and Steven.

"Drakalen, didja hear that?! One of the Earth's toughest brawlers, Valentin, is missing! And so is his Bakugan, Leonidas!" exclaimed Matt.

"So?" replied Drakalen.

"So?! Something really bad must have happened to them in order for them to disappear suddenly!" replied Matt in anger.

"And...?" retorted Drakalen.

"We should go find them!" said Matt in rage.

Drakalen suddnely looked up at Matt. "You mean playing detective?!"

"Yes, playing detective," said Matt flatly.

Drakalen did loop of happiness. "YES! Let's go look for what's-his-name and his Bakugan!"

Matt smacked himself in the forehead.

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