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(The Next morning)

(All the girls walk downstairs to the living room)

Linsey: Why would the producers want to meet with us?

Diantha: It might be about the Briella situation.

(A male producer walks in)

Producer: Hello ladies. I am here to dicuess briefly about a situation.

Paula: What’s the situation?

Producer: Yesterday, Briella was being extremely violent so production made an executive decision so permanently remove her from the house. We do not need that type of violence displayed.

Surai: So.. Will someone take her place?

Producer: You ladies will be expecting a replacement. Sooner or later (Leaves the room)

Arianna: Production is so secretive..

Surai Interview: Briella, that’s what you get. You let your anger get the best of you and you got your a** kicked out. Bye h** :D

Linsey: So what should we do today?

Arianna: We should go to lunch.

Paula: I was thinking that.

(All the girls get ready)

Paula: Y’ALL TAKE TOO LONG TO GET READY (Walks outside to the car)

Diantha: B**CH WAIT (Walks outside)

(The girls all go to Chipotle and order food. They all sit down and eat)

Surai: So what do y’all think the new girl is going to be like?

(No one answers)

Paula: So what do y’all think the new girl is going to bring to the table?

Linsey: I think she’s going to be nice.

Diantha: She better be or else I have to fight her. I’M HER ROOMATE. I’m not too thrilled for that..

Surai Interview: What.. This girls just ignored me! I hate being ignored..

Arianna: I feel like she’s going to be mean as hell.

Surai: I hope she doesn’t pop off on sight. I’m not scared to fight her.

(The girls finishes their food and gets back into the car)

                                                (Back at the house)

???: (Opens the door) Hello bad b**ches!


???: Umm.. Nobody’s home!?!

(More crickets)

???: (Looks around the house) There girls are some dirty h**s..

???: (Looks at the pictures) All of them are ugly except for me!

(Two cars pull up to the house)

Paula: Y’all the door is open. She’s here already?

Linsey: Sooner then later..

???: The ugly b***ches are here..

(The girls walk in)

???: Hey. I’m Jasmyn. I am a star actress. :D

Everyone: Hi.

Jasmyn: (Shakes Surai’s hand) You’re Surai. You have an amazing voice. But you’re kind of ugly and ditzy.. Sorry..

Surai: Umm.. Thanks..

Jasmyn: (Shakes Paula’s hand) You look irrelevant.

Paula: I am a female football player for the world most popular female football team.

Jasmyn: That explains why you look like a man. :D

Paula: What..

Jasmyn: (Shakes Linsey’s Hand) You look pretty. Not very intelligent but pretty. :D

Linsey: ..Thanks..

Jasmyn: (Shakes Diantha’s hand) You look smart but you’re not that pretty..

Diantha: …

Jasmyn: (Shakes Arianna’s hand) You’re very pretty. You must be into girls. :D

Arianna: Thanks and I’m not. :D

Paula Interview: This girl is VERY disrespectful.. She needs to go back from where she came from.

Jasmyn: So who am I rooming with?

Diantha: Me. The ugly b**ch.

Jasmyn: Okay. Thanks for saying that because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.. Where is our room at?

Diantha: First room on the right once you go upstairs..

Jasmyn: Okay! (Goes upstairs and puts stuff down)

Diantha: She needs to go.

Linsey: She is very disrespectful..

Paula: That’s what I’m saying..

Jasmyn: (Walks back downstairs) So are we going to the club tonight? I know a good club we can go to. A couple of my friends are going. :D

Surai: Okay. We can go to your club.

Jasmyn: Yay! Thanks. :D

Paula: Can I ask you a question?

Jasmyn: What is it?

Paula: Why are you so disrespectful?

Jasmyn: What? I’m not. I’m just speak my mind. I’m happy most of the time. I just love to have f-

Paula: (Cuts her off) You called her a lesb***, you called almost everyone ugly and stupid.

Jasmyn: We can’t speak our minds here?

Paula: You can but-

Jasmyn: So that’s what I’m doing.

Paula: But you’re doing it in a rude mann-

Jasmyn: But I’m speaking my mind. Rude or not.

Paula: Okay. There’s a difference between being real and being ru-

Jasmyn: And I’m real.


Jasmyn: What’s going to happen?

Paula: (Sighs and leaves the room)

Jasmyn: Exactly. Weak and ugly b**ches.

Jasmyn Interview: Don’t come at me then leave the room. Are we weak as well as ugly?

Surai: You’re just straight rude.

Jasmyn: How so?

Surai: We just told you.

Jasmyn: Okay. But I Want you to tell me.

Surai: I’m going to be real right now. Keep acting like this and you’re going to get beat up.

Jasmyn: Okay. Who’s going to do it?

Surai: Everyone in this house.

Jasmyn: Okay. That’ll be interesting to see.

Surai: It sure well.

Linsey: Y’all ready for the club?

Paula: I’m not going with a disrespectful b**ch. I’m not feeling it.

Diantha: Girl don’t mind her.

Paula: I’m just going to avoid a situation. If she acts like that in public I will fight her in public. That’s how I view it.

Jasmyn: Y’ALL NEED TO HURRY UP. (Walks to the limo)

Paula: I’m just going to stay here.

Linsey: Okay, we’ll miss you.

(All the girls walk into the limo)

Jasmyn: (Pops a bottle) SHOUT TO THE PRETTY LADIES. (Whispers) There aren’t many here.. (Drinks)

Arianna Interview: Jasmyn is just annoying and rude. I think the rest of the girls would transfer their hate off of Surai to Jasmyn.

(The ladies arrive at the club and start dancing in their VIP area)

Jasmyn: YASSS WOOHOO (Jasmyn starts dancing sloppy)

Diantha Interview: Jasmyn is an embarrassment to be around. She can’t dance and she’s just has a potty mouth.

(Jasmyn friend’s walk to the VIP area)

Jasmyn: WASSUP B***CHES! (She hugs them and starts dancing with them)

Surai: (whispers to Jasmyn) They can’t be in our VIP area without everyone’s permission.

Jasmyn: F**K THAT AND F**K YOU. (Continues dancing)

Surai: (Yells) B**CH DON’T BE RUDE

Jasmyn: (Throws a drink in Surai’s face) SHUT UP.

Surai: F**k this. (Pushes Jasmyn down)

Jasmyn: (Starts kicking Surai)

(Security takes everyone out the club. Everyone gets back into the limo)

Linsey: Why everyone we go to the club we end up leaving early..

Diantha: Ridiculous..

Jasmyn: Blame the ugly and ditzy b**ch..

Surai: Shut the f**k up and do something.

Jasmyn: (Throws a drink at Surai)

Surai: (Gets up) HIT ME B**CH

(Everyone pulls Surai back)

Arianna: Stop Surai not right now.

(The limo pulls back up to the house and everyone walks in)

Surai Interview: I’m tired of Jasmyn. She’s only been here seven hours and I already want to whoop her a**.

Jasmyn: (Goes to the pictures and punches Surai’s picture out) Ugly h**.

Surai: (Walks downstairs and sees Jasmyn) B**CH (Pushes her away from picture)

Jasmyn: (Slaps Surai) DON’T TOUCH ME


Paula Interview: I’m asleep and all I hear is yelling. I’m wondering what happened in that hour and half they were gone..

Surai: Listen, I’m going to give you 10 seconds to leave this room and apologize to everyone.

Jasmyn: You’re not my mommy. Shut up h**.

Surai: 10, 9, 8, 7..

Jasmyn: (Just stands there)

Surai: 6, 5, 4..

Jasmyn: Stop counting. I’m tired of smelling your fish breath. Or is that your va****?

Surai: 3- (Punches Jasmyn in the face)

(Jasmyn screams)

To be continued..

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