Cencago is a member of Team Cencago!
Nickname(s) "The Frosty Skater"
"Frosty Blood Knight"
"Frosty Violence"
Gender Male
Species Gemagan
Affiliation Hero
Style Offensive
Weapon(s) Dual Blades
Power(s) Ice Manipulation


Although his skin is hidden under his shining armor, his skin is a dull light blue. He has icy blue hair and eyes.

Description of Armor:Edit

His armor is not only shiny, but made of extremely durable ice due to Gemago usually being around -200*C. In addition, his armor is white and light blue with a collar made out of white fur.

  • Helmet - A helmet carved from ice.
  • Chestplate -
  • Shoulderplates -
  • Arm Armor -
  • Armored Gloves -
  • Armored Leggings -
  • Armored Skate Boots -

Description of Weapon:Edit

A thin male with a blade inside the armor of his left and right arms. When not in combat, the blades bend back into his armored arms. His boots have blades that allow him to skate on ice.



Cocky (a show off), heroic, reckless


  • Ice manipulation
    • Cryokinetic Combat
    • Cyrokinetic Regeneration
    • Cyrokinetic Invisibility


  • Side Swipe - Cencago swipes an opponent with one of his blades from the left or right as he skates away from him or her.
  • Stab - Cencago stabs an opponent with one of his blades.
  • Front-Flip Bladed Dropkick - Cencago stabs the ground with both blades, then front-flips and dropkicks the opponent with his bladed feet.
  • Leaping Forehead Swipe - Cencago jumps into the air with the blades on his boots scraping against an opponent's head.

Special Attacks:Edit

  • Freeze - Cencago aims his hands at the ground or opponent, causing an icy beam to potentially freeze the opponent or ground.
  • Ice Wall - Cencago creates a wall of ice by freezing water vapor and the ground.
  • Twisting Cutter - Holding his arm blades out, he spins around and slashes his opponent multiple times.
  • Wall Drive - Cencago picks or stabs his opponent's armpits and rams him or her into or through a wall or ice wall he created.
  • Refrigeration - Cencago traps himself into an icy rectangular prism by freezing water vapor around him.
    • Ice Armor - Cencago breaks out with spiky armor made of ice.

Strongest Special Attack:Edit


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