Nitro Wolfie) Okay, stand back!

( Everyone gets away from Wolfie, while she does her work )

( Nitro Wolfie makes her wings turn to a glowing white )

Wolfgang) Jeez... That's bright! *Puts Wolf's sunglasses on*

Serenity) I hope this works...

Wolfgang) *Hair slicked up* Me too.

Serenity) Since... when did you do that to your hair?

Wolfgang) Just now... Volf helped me...

Serenity) Did you notice that Nuza, Airzel, and Crimson have been quiet lately...

Wolfgang) Yeah...

Nuzamaki90) We've been playing the quiet game... D*MN IT, I'm out!

Crimson) Haha!

Nuzamaki90) You're out... Airzel is the winner of the game!

Airzel) Just like I said

Nintendocan) Ugh... Why are they talking about a game... WOLF'S COMING BACK!

Darkusfan202) Wolf?

Valentin 98) O_O Okay! Darkusfan202! I challenge you to a brawl! For costing me a chance to move on in the tournament!

Darkusfan202) Okay...

Nitro Wolfie) AHHH!

Serenity) Oh crap!

( Serenity picks Wolfgang up and moves him to a saffer position )

( Nitro Wolfie crashes into a hill )

Nitro Wolfie) Where am I... Ugh... *Gets back on her feet*


Serenity) Out of all times! *Runs to May, in her room*

Wolfgang) Wolfie! Get up, try again!

Nitro Wolfie) What do you think, I'm doing?

( Wolfie's whole body suddenly becomes encased in a white glow )

Nitro Wolfie) What the...

BIZZOHM! *A huge flash goes by*

Wolfgang) ... Wolfie? Why do you look different?

Cyclone Wolfie) Because, I evolved into Cyclone Wolfie...

Wolfgang) And who are those strange people over there?

Cyclone Wolfie) I don't know...

Mysterious Person 1) WOLFIE! Long time, no see!

Cyclone Wolfie) Who are you?

Mysterious Person 1) You don't remember me!

Mysterious Person 2) That's just not right.

Airzel) Why are those creeps here!

Skawo1) HEY!

Frosting128) Airzel! DinoQueen!

Titaniumgirl) We're joining your side!

Farbas) Yeah

Ghgt99) Blue wants us dead!

Scar-RedNovaDragon) We forgot that Pink was left with Blue because she said he's her best brother...

( Serenity walks back out with May in her arms )

Mysterious Person 1) What a cute daughter, we have...

Serenity) WOLF! *Starts to walk fastly to Wolf*

Wolf) And Skyeroid and Redakaibalover is the other person in a mask...

( Wolf and Redakaibakulover take their mask off )

( Serenity gets right next to Wolf, with May in her arms )

Serenity) I missed you so much more then this...

( Serenity kisses Wolf and Wolf kisses back )

Wolfgang) OMG! EWW! *Covers eyes*

Plan Out? Episode 33

Grade of Ep. 32?

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