Cabbage5 o
The God of Role-Playing, Cabbage
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First appearance The Beginning of Time (Resurrected in the 1950's)
Gender Male
Attribute God

God Attribute (Every attribute in 1)

Variations None
Brawler He's a god. He doesn't need one.
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Main Adversary Yo Mamma

Cabbage is the immortal God of Role-Playing. He is literally a cabbage who can defy all laws of Role-Playing. He basically is the most overpowered thing you can ever see. Except, he never participates in Role-Plays. He spectates them and sometimes even likes to mess around with his godly powers. He never dies.


Main FormEdit

Just a basic form, that's it. He uses his godly powers to do anything.

Death FormEdit

Cabbage reveals his face, his eyes, and his mouth. It is said that staring into his smile will make your blood boil and your internal organs melt, which has been proven by over 10 billion casualities of his total kill count. He eats souls as a snack. This form of his caused dinosaurs to die. What you heard about meteors is a lie, it was the NSA! He is always happy to bring death everywhere. No matter what happens, he always smiles.


It is said that he is the cause of the Big Bang. The process damaged his body and he was later revived sometime in the 1950's, where he created something called "Role-Playing". He targeted many Role-Plays and hid behind the legendary 69th Wall of Participation.

Cabbage's parents are of many descents, however it is rumored Cabbage is of Czech descent.

The rest of his history is unknown. While the NSA and Government were writing this, Cabbage stared into their eyes and they disintegrated into ashes and he feasted on them. He now knows records of many human beings.

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