1. The Outcast Wolf
  2. Thewolf1
  3. Wrestling
  5. I dunno know
  6. BakuZombies
  7. Wolf's Story
  8. Jerry
  9. Yrrej
  10. 1313
  11. Icefern
  12. Er... 24!
  13. Nintenderpdocan
  14. Darkusfan202
  15. Zierant/Renardy
  16. Rays364
  17. C22helios (That guy is amazing, I want to be like him) Nexus360 (Boo Republic)
  18. C22helios/Nexus360(?) Star Wars: The Old Republic or it's digital expansion, Rise of The Hutt Cartel
  19. Ricky Spanish
  20. Nintendocan/C22helios (Fluttershy is best pony)
  21. Volf(?)
  22. MY brain hurts
  23. Star Wars: The Old Republic
  24. Pyrusboos
  25. C22helios
  26. I'd rather not look that up D:
  27. Um... that one where they get the elemental energies... Six Degrees of Destruction, New Vestroia
  28. It was the haos guy... Baron right?
  29. Ace
  30. Helios
  31. Naga, King Zenoheld, Barodius, Mag Mel
  32. Pyrus Centipede
  33. YouTube Poop
  34. Meh
  35. I dunno know
  36. Trollista

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