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Story 2Edit


  • Wolf
  • Serenity
  • AOH
  • Nuza
  • Anyone else thats good


  • Blue
  • RedakaiBakulover


Pyrus Wild Fire Helios

These Rare Species of Helios can only be found on the sun of Vestal. C22Helios found A injured one while exploring the forests in Vestal. They have been friends ever since.


Flash Farbas: Resets all oppenents power to their base level.

Meteor Burst: Destroys Oppennets gates.

Inferno Slash: Disables a Abilty

Wild Fire Blast: Adds 500 g's to Helios

Fusion AbilitysEdit

Flame Drive: Subtracts 500 g's from the oppenent

Blaze Quasar: Keeps Helios 300g's ahead of the oppenent

Ultimate AbilitysEdit

Combustion Wave: Adds 1000g's to Helios. Can only be used once all other abilitys are used

Presicion Flare: Prevents the oppenent from activating ablitys

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