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Meanwhile at C22's house...

C22) ZZZ...zzz...ZZZ...zzz

Lady Heat) ZZZ...zzz...ZZZ...zzz

Outside C22's house...

FS Helios) I WILL NOT LOSE! *Punches tree* NEVER AGAIN! *Punches tree again* NOT AS LONG AS MY BUFFNESS SHINES! *Punches tree for a third time*

( The tree falls down )

( A mysterious bakugan jumps out of the falling tree )

???) ...

FS Helios) FOR C22! *Punches another trees*

???) ...*Approaches broken tree* ...

FS Helios) FOR MY GIRLFRIEND...Uh...LADY HEAT! *Punches tree*

( The second tree falls down )

( The mysterious bakugan grows angry and picks the tree up )

FS Helios) I feel better now...Buffness ru-*Gets smacked by tree*

( FS Helios crashes into a wall )

( The mysterious bakugan throws the tree )

( The tree heads towards FS Helios )

FS Helios) I'll just set that huge, skinny tree on fir-And I can't! DX *Jumps out of the wall outline*

( The tree crashes into the wall and breaks )

FS Helios) O_O That could have been me...*Tries to get up*

( ??? lands on FS Helios )



???) BULKY!

FS Helios) BUFFY!

???) BULKY! *Jumps into the air*

FS Helios) BUFFY! *Gets up and uppercuts ??? quickly*

( ??? falls to the ground )

FS Helios) *Walks and bends down towards ???* JUST WHO ARE YOU!

???) BULKY!

FS Helios) Okay...

Bulky) *Punches FS Helios* BULKY!

( FS Helios backs from the punch and pulls Bulky up )

Bulky) BULKY! *Grabs FS Helios*

FS Helios) BUFFY! *Grabs Bulky*

Bulky) BULKY! *Throws FS Helios*

( FS Helios flies towards the wall )

( FS Helios jumps off the wall )

( Bulky grabs FS Helios and starts punching him with crazy speed )


???) Buratro enough...

( Buratro slams FS Helios onto the ground )

???) Buratro time to go *Disappears*

C22) FS HELIOS! *Runs towards FS Helios*

Buratro) BULK WINS! *Disappears*

At Wolf's house...

( Serenity puts a blanket over a sleeping Wolf )

Serenity) I'm sorry...*Kisses Wolf's cheek*

( Serenity walks over to the swing and sits down )

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