Brutantus is a Speporan!
Nickname(s) Bruta
Gender Male
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Affiliation Hero
Villain (for Pacentus)
Style Offensive
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A 6' muscular, light-green skinned Speporan. He has dark green eyes and hair. Brutantus is Pacentus' bully at Speporan Academy. His attitude is typical of a Speporan by not caring much for his own species. When angry, Brutantus gains more muscle and becomes faster.

Description of Armor:Edit

Description of Weapon:Edit

  • Large Hammer - A dark gray hammer, that creates windy blasts with every swing.



Brutantus is a Speporan who wants all attention towards him. What he says goes with his whole group or else. If anyone does something he doesn't agree with, Brutantus is more than likely to take care of that Speporan. He doesn't care much about his own species.


  • Super-Speed
  • Enhanced Strength


  • Gut Punch -
  • One-Handed Shove -
  • Ground Hammer Smash -
  • Side Hammer Smash -
  • Hammer Uppercut -

Special Attacks:Edit

  • Windy Hammer Smash -

Strongest Special Attack:Edit


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