Blucanotia is a Reality!
Species Blucanotian
Equipment Dark Steel Equipment
Weaponry Futuristic Rifles
Normal Style Hybrid style of range and melee
Normal Fighting Style Warrior like mentality, never stops at attacking.
Abilities Blood Magic, Weaker for soldiers, Stronger for Generals/Leader.
Powersource Blucanotal
Status Stable


A planet that was once pure blue and green, but after being taken over by Bludclot and rebels everything turned to a dark red. The ground is rough, dark red soil, and all bodies of water are bright red. The blood magic of Blucanotians is much weaker than their leaders' blood magic. Blucanotians are nicknamed "blood benders."


  • Helmet - Dark, steel head armor.
  • Chestplate - Dark, steel chest and back armor.
  • Shoulderplates - Dark, steel shoulder armor -
  • Gloves - Dark, steel hand armor.
  • Armored Leggings - Dark, steel leg armor.
  • Cape - Only worn by leaders, their capes are dark red.
  • Armored Boots - Dark, steel feet armor.


  • Swords
  • Futuristic Rifles


Blood Magic

Characters from reality's nameEdit

  • Bludclot - Once a human abducted from Earth via a spaceship, he was the prince of Blucanotia. He would learn blood magic from rebels and shadow manipulation from the Apostles of Darkness. Bludclot would take over Blucanotia by killing the father who adopted him, the king.


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