Visolem Bling
Attribute(s) Pyrus Pyrus
Variations Bling
Visolem Bling
Partner Arric
First Appearance Defaming Fogs: Episode 29


A dragonoid encased in gem (a.k.a ruby) armor. His wings are upside-down, making a "V" shape on each side. His horns have extended in size, also making a "V".


Violent, cold and calculated; refers to himself as they Shine Master.


  • Blinding Intensity- Visolem Bling’s whole body glows white
  • Dazing Strike- Visolem Bling punches the opponent with a white, ruby fist

Ultimate Abilities:Edit

  • Diced Servings- Visolem Bling stabs the opponent with his sword; his sword breaks into millions of tiny, two millimeter gem shards, and cut the opponent

Sacred Abilities:Edit

  • Doomention- Visolem Bling’s eyes glow white, making the opponent enter a new dimension, surrounded by millions of two millimeter gem shards. Bling attacks the opponent, with his attacks altered in the opponent’s mind

Tag Abilities:Edit

Ultimate Tag Abilities:Edit

Sacred Tag Abilities:Edit

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