Attribute(s) Pyrus Pyrus
Variations Bling
Visolem Bling
Partner Blue (former)
First Appearance  ???


He is a shiny bakugan, with 2 wings, that are like a kings robe. The wings are dark red with a shiny yellow front. He is red with, yellow stripes and orange eyes. He has a sword, that Blueking4ever has with him. He has two horns on his head, making a crown like head.


  • Shining Bling- Bling opens his wings releasing a very bright shine, that burns the opponent
  • Shining Flames- Flames shine brightly by the use of Bling's eyes and attack the opponent
  • Shining Cutter- Bling holds his sword out and charges towards his opponent with a shining aura
  • Shining Swipes- Bling slashes his opponent with a shining sword that cuts through any opponent with white lines
  • Shining Swordly- Bling uses his sword to slash his opponent
  • Blazebright Slash- Bling slashes the opponent with a bright white, flaming slash that causes flames to spread outwards
  • Blind Consume- Bling creates white flames that consume an opponent

Ultimate Ability:Edit

  • Spinning Sword Striker- Bling puts his sword on his head and spins in a circle format

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