Blaziken (FLW) belongs to Dash Cindersmon!
Blaziken (FLW)
Blaziken Artwork
Nickname(s) "The Blaze Pokémon"
"The Formidable Chicken"
Affiliation Face
Gimmick Blaziken
Wrestling Style Powerhouse Brawler
Signature(s) Seismic Toss
Focus Punch
Finisher(s) Blaze Kick
Last Resort
Debut Has not debuted yet
Trainer Dash Cindersmon
Gender Male
Weight 215 lbs
Height 6'3"
Level 83
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Blaziken, the Blaze Pokémon, has great lower body strength. His powerful legs are strong enough to leap over buildings. When facing stiff competition fire burns around its wrists and legs. Opponents can be left charred after dealing with Blaziken's fiery strikes. Blaziken is knowledgeable in martial arts involving punches and kicks. Upon occasions, Blaziken may appear as Mega Blaziken.


Tough, but respectable competition to many, Blaziken is a formidable opponent. An opponent must be careful towards making a costly mistake or the opponent will pay for it. Blaziken is also a resilient competitor.

Relationships: Edit


Ring Entrance:Edit


Entrance Description: Edit



Commonly Used Maneuvers (with desc.):Edit

  • Protect -
  • Headbutt (Headbutt) -
  • Low Sweep (Leg Sweep) -
  • Rock Smash (Club) -
  • Quick Attack (Running Shoulder Block) -
  • Aerial Ace (Leaping Clothesline) -
  • Double Kick - Two kicks to an opponent
  • Mirror Move (Mimic) -
  • Knock Off (Backhand Slap) -
  • Dual Chops (Backhand Chops) -
  • Body Slam (Scoop Slam) -
  • Bounce - Allows Blaziken to attack opponents after leaping with:
    • Punches
    • Kicks
  • Mega Kick (Superkick) -
  • Fire Spin (Spinning Side Slam) -
  • Flame Charge (Turnbuckle Body Avalanche) -
  • Flare Blitz (Running Knee Strike) -
  • Crush Claw (Claw Submission) -
  • Superpower (Gorilla Press Slam) -
  • Brave Bird (Suicide Dive) -
  • Sky Uppercut (European Uppercut) -


  • Seismic Toss (Avalanche Belly-to-Belly Suplex) -
  • Focus Punch (Stalled Running Punch) -


  • Blaze Kick (Roundhouse Kick) -
  • Last Resort (Pop-Up Roundhouse Kick) -


Tag Maneuvers (with desc.): Edit



Personal Life:Edit

Storyline Events:Edit

Singles Match Record:Edit

Date Opponent(s) Match Type Stipulation(s) Referee(s) Result

Tag Team Match Record:Edit

Date Partner(s) Opponent(s) Match Type Stipulations Referee Result

Maneuver Videos:Edit


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