Blackout is Winx's Darkus Infinity Helios and Suraizero's brother.


Blackout's exoskeleton protects him and makes it hard for the opponent to severely injure him. His attacks are more powerful than any other Helios. He often makes the whole area dark before striking the opponent with a unexpected, intense blow.


Blackout is very serious, often shows no emotion. He is smart, planning before making an attack or decision. He is very protective and caring towards his little sister, Suraizero.



Suraizero is Blackout little sister. They have the usual sibling relationship, they hate but love each other. Blackout will often protect Suraizero is dire situations.


Blackout considers Winx the best brawler he ever had.


Blackout doesn't really like Dryoid, often calling him "fake" since he is a Mechanical Bakugan.


Blackout and Kagayaku are pretty good friends, even through Kagayaku cheated on his sister. 

Ability CardsEdit

  • Umbra Claw: Transfers 500 Gs from the opponent to Blackout.
  • Blackout Lightning: Adds 500 Gs to Blackout.
  • Blackout Storm: Transfers 300 Gs to from the opponent to Blackout and subtracts 100 Gs for every ability the opponent used before this ability.
  • Shadow Volly: Adds 600 Gs to Blackout.
  • Shadow Blazer (Shadow Flare Blazer): Transfers 600 Gs from the opponent to Blackout.
  • Dark Surge (Shadow Surge): Nullifies the opponent's ability and subtracts 500 Gs.
  • Dark Storm (Shadow Storm): Transfers 600 Gs from the opponent to Blackout.
  • Shadow Bullet: Nullifies the opponent's ability.
  • Dark Eclipse: Transfers 600 Gs from the opponent to Blackout and the opponent cannot use another ability until Blackout has activated another ability.
  • Umbra Boost: Adds Gs to Blackout equal to his base power. (Can only be used if Blackout is below 500 Gs)
  • Shadow Boom:
  • Dark Night
  • Shadow Radiation: Subtracts 500 Gs from the Bakugan.
  • Nighty Smog: Nullifies the opponents' ability and subtracts 400 Gs. If the Bakugan attribute is not Darkus, an extra 200 Gs will be subtracted. 
  • Eclipse Increase: Doubles or triples the effect of Blackout's abilities.
  • Dark Sly: All Bakugan on the field return to their base power level. If the opponent is Darkus or Pyrus, then the Bakugan loses 400 Gs.
  • Sneaky Shadow: Blackout and the opponent exchange Gs, then, the Bakugan with the lowest Gs loses 400 Gs.
  • Umbra Assault: The opponent loses 300 Gs. If the Bakugan is not Darkus, they loses an an additional 400 Gs.
  • Shadow Calling: Suraizero is added to the battle and both Gs are combined. Then, both Blackout and Suraizero gain 500 Gs while the opponent loses 400 Gs.

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