Nathan and Mike return to town and visit Jack and Luke for help finding Joey and Kevin. Mike firsts reclaims his bey from Luke and says: " Its time to see if this bey believes in me like I believe in it ". They then ask about Joey's whereabouts but Jack says that he saw Joey and Kevin near North Street and then they all head towards their and start searching the proximity of the area when suddenly Nathan calls out to the others saying that he has found Joey and Kevin in an alleyway. They all meet up and Mike says: " Its time for you to feel my spirit, Kevin ".

He challenges them to a beybattle which they gladly accept which Jack find puzzling seeing as how Joey isn't the type of person to fight a tag team beybattle. Nevertheless the battle starts with all the bladers saying Let It Rip simultaneously. Mike goes straight forward and aims for Kevin saying that: " Kevin is mine and Joey is all yours because family members should resolve their own disputes ".

When no one expected it, Nathan's bey attacks Mike's Leone and smashes it into the wall. Mike is confused but Jey explains to him that after he crushed Nathan and had Kevin join his side, he went to Nathan to offer him a truce in which if he helped him pull off this stunt, Joey would let him become the Bey King alongside Kevin and himself. Mike looks at the others worried as he knows that even he might not be able to take on three bladers and especially ones of their calibur. TO BE CONTINUED......

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