Jack soon arrives along with Luke but finds that Mike isn't there anymore. They then agree to split up and find Mike. They check all around but have no success and they decide to search tommorow. Meanwhile Mike is at an abandoned beypark on the outskirts of town. There he is thinking to himself how Kevin could do this and he begins to cry at the loss of his close friend. Suddenly a bey comes flying at him which he manages to avoid.

The bey then flies up to its owner who is none other than Nathan. Mike says: " Nate what are you doing here? I searched all over town for you. What happened? ". Nathan then tells him that after he lost he came here to live in loneliness. Nathan tells him that he found an old bey here lying in the stadium. The bey was almost ancient and he has been training ever since to master it.

Mike then says: " You could have told me that you were going here and that you had a crazy brother ". Mike then tells him what has happened since his disappearence. Nathan then says that he and Mike are like brothers and to prove that he will go with Mike to defeat Joey and end his tyrannical actions and to make Kevin realize that what he has done is wrong and if he doesn't realize this then he too must be defeated. So they both set out for Ultra City. TO BE CONTINUED.......

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