The special moves collide head on as both bladers struggle to pour in more energy into their beys. The clash is so powerful that the shockwave sends Mike flying backwards and hitting the wall. Kevin says: " You're not gonna last once I unleash my full power" . Mike and Joey are equally shocked and in utter disbelief that Kevin is still holding back his true strength. Kevin was in reality just bluffing but Joey didn't see through it. The split second that Joey let his guard down, Kevin used 100% of his beys power but he had underestimated Joey.

Joey countered by using another special move in succession to the first. Joey says: " Here is my true power, special move, Unleashed Beast Strike". There is a huge flash of light that blinds everyone. When everyone looks at the stadium both beys are nowhere to be seen. When they look around they see that both beys are spinning but outside of the stadium so that means its a tie.

Joey remarks that: " Impressive, you're not as utterly lame as I had thought but no matter, I want you to join me". Mike immediately refuses saying that why would any person in their right mind join Joey. But the latter suggests to the former that Kevin has a mouth and he can speak for himself. Kevin says outright that he will join Joey while Mike is shaken by this development. Joey and Kevin then leave while Mike stands there baffled by what has just happened. TO BE CONTINUED......

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