Kevin and Joey both step up to the beystadium. Mike then tells Jack to get his bey from Luke's store because he thinks Kevin will need some help. As Jack rushes towards the store, the battle begins and both bladers take up a defensive stance which is understandable for Kevin's bey because it is a defense type. But why has Joey's bey taken a defensive stance. This is the first time that they get to see his bey.

Joey reveals that his bey is Unleashed Kerbecs MW180 MX which is an attack type. Joey says that: " The metal wing 180 spintrack has 6 circular metal wings that increase its beys attack power greatly and experience very low recoil". Mike then realizes that the weight of the wings also produces a strong centrifugal force which further boosts its attack power. But Kevin then asks him why he has taken a defensive stance.

Joey tells him that he is only waiting for his metal extreme performance tip to get a firm grip on the stadium surface and after that the friction will produce even more power which will be able to destroy Kevin's bey in an instant. Mike tells Kevin to attack but Kevin ignores him and says: " Bring it on! ". Joey then uses his beys special move, Furious Burst of Darkness. Kevin stays in his place and uses his own special move, Steel Wing Defense. Both beys clash fiercely as everyone knows that this may very well decide it. TO BE CONTINUED.......

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