Luke then tells Kevin that he has upgraded his bey to a Explosive Pegasus 155 WM. Kevin says: "Epic, thanks a lot cousin". Mike is impatient so he says that if they are done with their arrangement then maybe they could give him his bey back. Luke tells him to slow down to which Mike says: " Thats exactly what you are, slow". Luke says that he wont even bother with someone as stubborn as Mike and he hands him his bey which is now a Burst Leone 150 EC. Mike says that he can't wait to test it out.

Mike launches the bey inside the store itself and it flies everywhere knocking off pictures hanging on the wall, Luke's beyblade parts and tools along with his pizza that he had just ordered. Kevin and Jack grab Mike's legs and drag him out of the store saying that: " What was that all about?". They take him to the beypark so that he could test his bey there. Mike pulls out his launcher and gets ready to pull out his bey but they hear a voice and it is none other than Joey walking into the beypark.

He says: "That I was worried that you might become a threat for my dominance over the sport of beyblading but seeing your little display back at the store you're only a threat for yourself and those around you. Mike says that he will make him eat those words. Joey says that the only thing that Mike will eat is dirt once he hits the ground after losing to him. They get ready to battle but Mike can't find his bey and he remembers that he left it in the shop when he was dragged out of there. Kevin hears this and steps up to face Joey even though Mike and Jack tell him not to do so. TO BE CONTINUED.......

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