Mike says that he doesn't care who he is but what he did to Nathan was wrong because although he and Nathan may be rivals, they were also as close as blood brothers. Axel tells him that his emotions are blinding him. Mike says:"Emotions are what drive you forward in beyblade and the world". Mike asks the guys wether they are with him or not. Kevin and Jack both say yes but Axel says that he will not because it would just be pointless. Axel then leaves. Mike and Kevin go to Nathan's house while Jack goes to Kevin's cousin, Luke, who is a great bey mechanic.

Mike finds out that Nathan isn't home so Kevin suggests that they go meet up with Jack. They meet Jack and Luke and Mike asks Luke if he would repair his bey. Luke says that it may take him a while so they should visit him tommorow. Meanwhile, Mike, Kevin and Jack split up to try and find Nathan. While they searched, Joey continues observing them from the rooftop of a building. During the search, they have no success and no leads at all.

Tommorow they visit Luke who tells them that:" Mike's fusion wheel had been badly cracked so I had to change it to a new one which I believe will make your beyblade stronger". Mike is overjoyed and asks to see it but before he Luke could comply with his request, Jack asks him if his bey has been upgraded yet because it has been almost a week. Mike is confused as he didn't know that Jack was getting his bey upgraded but Kevin tells him that Mike can't be the best forever, not anymore because he has had enough of being the third best after Mike and Nathan. TO BE CONTINUED......

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