As Mike looks at his damaged bey, Nathan looks up and seems to recognize the figure. But before he can say anything Mike bursts forth at that person asking him what his problem is and couldn't he wait until Mike finished his beybattle. The figure tells him that: " I am Nathan's half-brother, Joey, and I am not the same as my brother". Mike says that he couldn't care less if he tried and challenges him to a battle. Joey says that: " I doesn't babysit amateurs or anyone else for that matter". Nathan tells Joey to leave and which Joey is enraged. He uses his bey to attack Spike Eagle and it does this so fast that the people didn't even have time to blink. There is a huge explosion and after that shattered pieces of Spike Eagle fall from the sky like snowflakes.

Mike is shocked that Joey would harm his own brother. He is about to engage Joey with his Leone but Kevin grabs him and pulls him back and says that he wouldn't stand a chance because his bey is already damaged. Joey then walks away calmly as if nothing has happened while Nathan is still finding it difficult to grasp the destruction of his bey. Mike then asks Kevin where Jack went and he replies that he went to get he went to get his big brother Axel. Mike then walks over to Nathan and tells him that everything is going to be fine.

Nathan tells him to take a hike and says that:" I shouldn't have been battling when I knew that big bro knew that I had lost to you". He then takes off with tears forming in his eyes. After some time Axel arrives and asks Mike what happened but Mike is in a state of shock so Kevin tells him everything. Axel then tells Jack and the others that Joey is very dangerous and he has destroyed countless beys which he didn't think were worthy with his bey and thats why Nathan was always trying to be the best until you showed up so that he could save his bey. The only reason you survived was that you are currently the best but I doubt that he won't return to crush you. TO BE CONTINUED......

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