Nathan tells Joey that he will end this quick and he orders his Heat Libra to attack Jack who he thinks isn't much of a blader but Mike comes in the way and takes the attack. Jack says: " Thanks for the save partner but I can handle them both at once with this ". He calls out his special move, Burning Sword Of Destruction which is about to slam into Heat Libra but Joey's Unleashed Kerbecs takes the move full on with its special move, Full Unleashed Darkness Beast and when the dust settles, both beys are still spinning but Kerbecs rotation speed has slowed way down.

Joey is astonished at how at how his strongest special move couldn't finish off Jack's Destroyer but he wound up taking so much damage from that clash. Mike says: " Right on Jack, lets wrap things up ". He then uses his special move Burst Typhoon Tempest and Jack once again executes Burning Sword Of Destruction while Joey uses Full Unleashed Darkness Beast and Nathan uses his own special move, Heat Wave Slash.

All the special moves clash and a light emerges which shines all across the city as every citizen wonders what is happening. As the light begins to fade, Jack looks around and sees that only one bey is left spinning and it is none other than Burst Leone. Mike is overjoyed while Kevin wakes up and sees the result. Nathan and Joey go and pick up their beys and stare at them while Luke, Mike and Jack celebrate their victory. TO BE CONTINUED........

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