Joey, Kevin and Nathan decide to attack in unison and they charge at Mike who has frozen up in utter disbelief. Jack says that: " Mike needs our help, we need to do something ". Luke says that they can't do anything because neither one of them beyblades. Jack suddenly oulls a bey and a launcher out of his pocket and launches the bey which hits down the attack and knocks Kevin out of the match after which he passes out. Everyone is astonished as no one knew that Jack beybattles.

Jack then decides to explain the reason behind that. He says that when he was young, he used to have a bey and used to beyblade for fun but one day he lost control of his bey due to a sudden spike in power and he destroyed the beypark so everyone told him to leave and never return for fear that this might happen again. After that he promised to himself never to beyblade.

That is also the reason that Jack was a loner before he met Kevin and Mike. Jack then says that: " I made a promise to myself but my friend is more important to me then a stupid promise any day of the week ". Luke notices that Jacks' bey is a Burning Destroyer 115 WF which is a rare bey. Mike then tells Joey and Nathan that they are coming for them. TO BE CONTINUED.......

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