In the small town of Ultra City, a boy goes to the nearby beypark to blade with his friends. This boy is Mike, a 16 year old boy with a pale skin tone and black hair. He is his the best blader in his remote town and strives to improve everyday by battling with his friends, Kevin and Jack. He enters the beypark and meets his friends. A blader named Nathan then appears out of nowhere with his bey in his hand. Nathan then challenges him to a beybattle vowing to get revenge for the last time he lost and became the second ranked blader from being first which was a close match but was able to win due to an unexpected power surge out of himself. They say the legendary chant: " 3, 2, 1, Let It Rip ". The battle starts and both bladers start to rip up the dish. They immediately clash head on and there is a huge explosion which sends dust up tinto the air.

Nathan's bey is pushed back due it being a stamina type against the attack type, Stream Leone 150 EC. Nathan's bey, Spike Eagle 110 RG, then retreats and uses the stadium slope to fly into the air from where he delivers a smash attack but Mike says: " I saw this coming ", and closely dodges the attack. The collision of Eagle with the stadium causes the centre of the stadium to be smashed into a small crater. Nathan's bey is a little off balance from the attack and Mike sees this as an opportunity to strike so he calls his beyblade to use its awesome special move, Shooting Burst Beam. The move hits head on and thinks that he has taken the match but he finds that the other beyblade is nowhere to be seen. looks inside the decimated stadium and sees that Nathan's bey has been almost submerged in the ground except for its face bolt and energy ring. Mike exclaims that Nathan was very clever using the stadium to cover most of his bey so that the area exposed to the special move was minimal.

Nathan then boasts that: " I am not the same Nathan, I have used your anticipations against you. Just as he was talking, his bey burst out from under the ground. In retaliation to this, Mike makes his bey move back so that he can see Nathan's attacks coming but Nathan says that he has no intnetion of attacking because his superior stamina will let him win anyway. Mike contemplates and thinks to himself: " I have to get more power". He then has his bey circle the beystadium to build up speed but a mysterious bey comes out of nowhere and knocks his bey out of the stadium and down to a sleep out. Nathan and Mike stare at who this could be. TO BE CONTINUED.......

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