This story has been canceled as of July 2013

Beyblade: Neo Clash is a upcoming fanon story involving Beyblade, it features the Cosmic Blader Aiko Hoshiko and his friends who live in "Neo Bey City", on a quest to stop a upcoming evil, and preparing for a big tournament.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Aiko Hoshiko: The main protagonist in the series, wielding the cosmic dragon, Stardust Dragaia DF.
  • Kaze Hayai: A childhood friend of Aiko, he is a friendly rival of Aiko's, he owns Typhoon Zephyros SS.
  • Roy Kaizer: A new member who joins Aiko and Co, a fierce Blader who delivers vicious attacks to his opponents. He owns Savage Sharken MV.
  • Rio Shinto: The only female member who joins Aiko and friends, she fights with her bey Slash Viger HC.
  • Lloyd Kurosuke: The mysterious Blader who arrives later in the series, he is a rival to Aiko and owns Eclipse Blackwing RW.


  • ???: He owns Demolition Balrog SW

Neo Bey SystemEdit

The system is similar to the Metal System, borrowing elements from it, it also is similar to the Original System from the Original Beyblade series.

  • Spirit Symbol: A diamond shaped face similar to the Bit Protector in terms of design.
  • Hyper Ring: Similar to the energy ring, this ring allows the Blader to put the Beyblade on the launcher.
  • Metal Barrier: A flat circle (though not the same on certain beys) like wheel made of metal that helps the Beyblade attack in battle.
  • Bottom Disk: A disk like piece that goes under the Metal Barrier, it is similar to the Crystal Wheels from the Shogun Steel system.
  • Cyclone Gear: A similar like piece that looks like a 4D Bottom, some of them can change into defense or balance tips or just is one tip.

Product ListEdit

  • BBN-1: Stardust Dragaia DF (Dragon Fang)
  • BBN-2: Typhoon Zephyros SS (Swift Sword)
  • BBN-3: Savage Sharken MV (Metal Vice)
  • BBN-4: Protector Goliath IW (Iron Wall)
  • BBN-5: Dual Pyzard DS (Double Strike)
  • BBN-6: Slash Viger HC (Hyper Claw)
  • BBN-7: Eclipse Blackwing RW (Razor Wing)

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