Gender Male
G-Power 3500
Attribute Subterra
Role Offense
Variations Bedge
Bakugan's Partner Dan Dacne
Protagonist or Antagonist Protagonist

Description: A bakugan that stands on his two feet. He has a hedgehog's spiked back and a bear's look. His claws are sharp and he has fish for fighting.

Personality: Always attacking; opposite of Dan Dacne. He hates messing around and loves challenges.

History: Saved the bear cubs of the world! Killed many bakugans too.

Gane OverEdit

Events: Edit


  • Seafood Special - Bedge squeezes his fish, releasing a sticky liquid substances at the opponent
  • Seafood Bloatbag - Bedge expands his fish
  • Powered Slam - Bedge lifts his opponent into the air and slams the opponent down
  • Sea-A-Gull Liftoff - Bedge throws his opponent high into the sky
  • Earth Breaker - Bedge punches his opponent with an orange fist

Special Abilities:Edit

Finishing Abilities:Edit

Keyboard Controls:Edit

Keyboard Controls Physical Moveset
Q Varying punches
A Head punches
Z Body punches
W Double-hand club
S Varying punches
X Head punches
E Gut punches
D Bear hug
C Block
Shift Abilities
Ctrl Special Abilities
Shift + Ctrl Finishing Abilities
Space Jump
Right Arrows Right Movement
Left Arrows Left movement
Upward Arrows Forwards Movement
Downward Arrows Backwards movement

Ability Controls (Keyboard):Edit

Keyboard Controls Abilities
Q Seafood Special
A Seafood Bloatbag
Z {{{Ability3}}}
W {{{Ability4}}}
S {{{Ability5}}}
X {{{Ability6}}}
E {{{Ability7}}}
D {{{Ability8}}}
C {{{Ability9}}}

Special Ability Controls (Keyboard):Edit

Keyboard Controls Special Abilities
Q {{{Sp Ability1}}}
A {{{Sp Ability2}}}
Z {{{Sp Ability3}}}
W {{{Sp Ability4}}}
S {{{Sp Ability5}}}
X {{{Sp Ability6}}}

Finishing Ability Controls (Keyboard):Edit

Keyboard Controls Finishing Abilities
Q {{{Fn Ability1}}}
A {{{Fn Ability2}}}
Z {{{Fn Ability3}}}

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