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Nuzamaki90) Ability Activate! Over Limited! ( Ovorier's blades, on her arms, grow bigger with a white color )

Redakaibakulover) What was that for? Ability Activate! Torrential Blast! ( Torrent Hydros fires a blast, that explodes into flooding waters )

Nuzamaki90) Ability Activate! Spin Cycle! ( Ovorier spins around, slashing her opponent )

( Ovorier slashes the ball of water in-half )

Ovorier) HA!

( A hole appears in the ground )

Redakaibakulover) Looks like the ground had a little too much water.

Nuzamaki90) I know, right! Ability Activate! Extreme Slash! ( Ovorier disappears and reappears next to her opponent, for a huge slash )

Redakaibakulover) Where'd she go?

Torrent Hydros) BLAH! ( Fires another ball of water above his head )

( The ball of water explodes and it starts to rain )

Redakaibakulover) Ability Activate! Torrential Flooding! ( Torrent Hydros fires 2 or more blast of water at his opponent )

Torrent Hydros) I see her! ( Fires two blast of water at Ovorier )

Ovorier) Ow... That hurt!

( Torrent Hydros gets slashed )


Torrent Hydros) Why you!

Ovorier) BRAT!

Torrent Hydros) Yes, you... ( interruption )

Ovorier) are a brat!

Torrent Hydros) I know I am...

( Meanwhile at Valentin 98 vs. Titaniumgirl )

Valentin 98) Ability Activate! Slaptor Rapto! ( Raptoroid uses his two large arm-like daggers for a huge attack )

( Raptoroid jumps into the air )

Titaniumgirl) Ability Activate! Turbined Winds! ( Turbine Airdrac makes huge winds using her two wings )

Raptoroid) OH CRAP!

( The winds push Raptoroid backwards )

Valentin 98) Ability Activate! Raptalate! ( Raptoroid attacks his opponent crazily )

( Raptoroid slashes the winds and falls to the ground )

Raptoroid) I'm back on the ground! YES!

Turbine Airdrac) Finally! A wise opponent... This will be good!

Valentin 98) Ability Activate! Raptor Rage! ( Raptoroid charges into his opponent and slashes them )

( Raptoroid charges into Turbine Airdrac )

( Turbine Airdrac puts her two spikes into Raptoroid's daggers )

Turbine Airdrac) Maybe not... They're dumb!

Raptoroid) Yeah right!

( Raptoroid jumps into the air, carrying Turbine Airdrac, with him )

Raptoroid) Bye Bye!

( Raptoroid turns to the ground and slams Airdrac and him into the ground )

( Both Raptoroid and Airdrac go into their ball forms and back to their master )

( Meanwhile in Kyleronco's brawl )

Kyleronco) Ability Activate! Cyclonic Activity! ( Terror Wolfie makes winds that create a tornado )

Evil Wolf) Ability Activate! Carbon Copy! ( Carbon Wolfie copies his opponent's move )

( Carbon Wolfie uses Cyclonic Activity )


Kyleronco) These winds are INTENSE!

Evil Wolf) I've seen better! Ability Activity! Carbon Corkscrew! ( Carbon Wolfie spins in a drill like motion with a dark green aura )

Kyleronco) Ability Activate! X Defender! ( Terror Wolfie puts his two blades together, into an X position )

( Carbon Wolfie and Cyclone Wolfie's moves collide and the power is still equally matched )

Evil Wolf) Come on! ( Kicks the net Wolfgang is trapped in )

Wolfgang) OW!

( Evil Wolf continues to beat Wolfgang down, while Carbon Wolfie keeps Kyleronco and anyone on the good side away )

Wolfgang) STOP! IT HURTS!

Redakaibakulover) STOP! We didn't come here to kill Wolfgang!


Redakaibakulover) Then I'll come and stop you!

( Redakaibakulover and Torrent Hydros leave their brawl, in the middle of it )

( Evil Wolf gives a smurk )

Redakaibakulover) NOW STOP!


( Evil Wolf continues to stomp on Wolfgang )

Evil Wolf) ABILITY ACTIVATE! CARBON LASER! ( Carbon Wolfie fires a laser at his opponent )

( The laser crashes into Redakaibakulover and Torrent Hydros )

Kyleronco) Did he just betray him!

( The smoke clears and a huge mark is left in the ground, but Redakaibakulover and Torrent Hydros aren't there )

Wolfgang) YOU... YOU... YOU KILLED HIM!

Spirit's Talk! Wolfgang to

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