Tense Alliance is the 5th chapter of the 1st Bakugan vs Marvel feature length film. This was written by Zachattack31. The next chapter will be up hopefully when he gets to it but hopefully, by next week.


The scene now shifts back to the battlefield, where the Avengers are all together floating in the middle of what honestly used to be a battlefield but is pretty much destroyed with rocks and debris everywhere. As the screen zooms closer in on the Avengers, Iron Man starts complaining and says oh come on and we finally just got back to normal as Wolverine begrudgingly says I guess we’re stuck like this together, bub. Vision then says I did say that it was only temporary as Iron Man says yeah, I know but still – I feel a lot better being that me than this me. Vision is confused as he turns to Wasp and asks what is Iron Man talking about (with Spider-Man saying yeah, it confused me too) as Wasp says I’ll explain it later to the both of you. At that moment, Dan’s voice rings out and he says hey you as the Avengers turn around and they see the Brawlers and their Bakugan right in front of them as they are walking up towards them. Iron Man says oh great, it’s the kids as Dan says stop calling me or us kids – you’re worse than Amazon as the Avengers look at each other and they ask who’s Amazon? The Brawlers are surprised as Marucho asks you never heard of us, the awesome Bakugan Battle Brawlers? The Avengers look at each other again and Wasp says no, we haven’t. Shun says something strange is going on here as Black Panther says you are wise, young ninja as Shun looks surprised and asks how did you know I was a ninja. Panther says he could tell by the way you fight and they way your large comrades fight that they were ninjas. Shun smiles and says that’s impressive but then, Drago flies forward and says I have some questions for you but more importantly, what kind of Bakugan are you and where do you come from? The Avengers look at each other again as Hawkeye so that’s what you guys are called – Bakugan as Hulk says hmph – funny name. Radizen then says who are you calling a funny name, green man as Hulk flies over to Radizen and says Hulk give you warning – you won’t like Hulk when he’s angry, which causes Radizen to get scared and hide behind Marucho while Roxtor laughs in his own language. Marucho then says hey, don’t scare my partner as Hulk says Hulk doesn’t scare anybody – Hulk smashes as Hawkeye comes over and says easy, big guy – you can smash stuff later and honestly, you kind of do seem a bit scary as he backs him up with Hulk saying hmph, whatever. After that, Reptak floats forward and says so you guys aren’t Bakugan – is that what you are trying to tell us? Vision then floats forward and says that is correct, which gives the Brawlers all stunned looks as Dan says dude, that can’t be – you look just like them; well sort of. Drago then asks what planet do you hail from as Wasp flies over and says well Mr. Dragon, which Drago replies please, just call him Drago so Wasp says okay………………..Drago – we’re from Earth too but it’s kind of a bit more complicated than that. Dan says man, this seems more complicated than when he had to deal with Mag Mel a while back. At that moment, Cap then floats forward and says your name is Dan, correct. Dan says yeah and who are you supposed to be as Captain America says his name (which perks the Brawlers interest) and says I apologize for our intrusion in your “brawl” as you apparently called that fight and what is going on but we have quite a story to tell you, if you will believe us. The Brawlers look at each other as Shun says let’s go to our headquarters – we can talk there as Dan says hold on, man (as he puts his hand on Shun’s soldier and Shun looks at Dan)– we have no idea who these guys are; they could be in league with Wiseman for all we know but then, a voice says hey as Dan looks up and sees Spider-Man right in front of his face. Spider-Man says now hold on a second – we sort of helped you guys out against whatever you called those Bakugan things – that should give us at least some credibility, don’t you think. Radizen then says he does have a point as Drago says he can sense good in them (as he looks up to Dan and Dan looks at him) – they can be trusted as Dan begrudgingly says all right, follow us as both groups go together. The Brawlers lead the way with the Avengers behind them; along the way, Ant-Man says they seemed to be honorable heroes like us but Iron Man says they are just kids with giant dragons and creatures from the looks of it but Cap then says don’t judge a book by its cover. Thor says what the Captain says is true, these young warriors may be this Earth’s version of the Avengers in a way as Wasp says that’s so cool with Vision says I concur – it is a reasonable explanation. Iron Man says I guess – we’ll explain more as they all move on to their destination.

Meanwhile, the scene shifts to a front view of Volcano Island and then it shifts to inside the volcano, where Wiseman and the Nonets have just arrived. The Nonets fly over to their stand and rest/catch their breath as Betadron says all right Wiseman – I think you owe us an explanation of who and what those Bakugan were and why were they helping the Brawlers out – we want answers, now. Balista says yeah, why didn’t you tell us; this is another one of your secrets you are hiding from us. Wiseman, who is also out of breath and leaning against a nearby wall panting, raises his hand in defense and says take it easy Balista and the rest of you – I don’t know a thing about who these mysterious Bakugan are – I was only unaware of the Battle Brawlers being the only threat to my plans and your revenge. Worton then floats up and says it is rather peculiar – they looked like Bakugan and yet they didn’t act, feel or look like Bakugan in the slightest detail. Spatterix says they were all formidable opponents, especially that green one that took out even you Stronk as Stronk says don’t mention it again – my head is still hurting from his smashing, even when I surrendered. Tremblar then chuckles for a minute as Stronk says what are you smiling about as Tremblar says oh nothing – I find it funny that the green one called you “road-kill” Stronk as Stronk says you want to go at it as Tremblar says fine by me as they start to charge at each other. At that moment, Kodokor holds Stronk back and Mutabrid holds Tremblar back.  Mutabrid says this isn’t the time to be fighting amongst ourselves as Kodokor says yeah, save your frustration for the fight ahead. After the two of them calm down and go back to their respective places, Wiseman then says whatever the situation or the battle ahead may be – our goal is still the same; for myself to defeat the Brawlers once and for all and for you all to get your revenge on Drago. The rest of the Nonets agree as Tremblar suggests they had all better prepare how they will counter these newcomers and Kodokor and Mutabrid and the Nonets get to talking while Wiseman walks silently away towards his secret chamber. While walking, Wiseman says what Worton said was correct as usual – these can’t be Bakugan but in any case, we will defeat them as we always have and will as he then takes a stop and presses the panel that opens the door to his secret chamber. He walks in and closes the door behind him and heads to the area where Gunz Lazar is still embedded in tree roots. He takes his mask off, puts it on a nearby rock that looks like it has a hook on it (like a coat rack). lies in his section and says that he will just get a quick recharge as the roots cover him and he starts to glow while closing his eyes. After a few seconds, the charge stops and he opens his eyes but then, he sees a spear point right at his neck (which shocks him a bit) and looks at sees Loki and Zarknight with Loki holding the spear/staff. Wiseman asks who are you and what do you want with me as Loki smiles and says now, now – that’s no way to treat your guests. Wiseman then closes his eyes, chuckles and says he would be hospitable to you both but as you can see, I’m tied up and being pointed at. Loki says touché, mortal and lowers his spear, which lets Wiseman come out of his section and put his mask back on. After he puts his mask back on, Wiseman looks at Loki and Zarknight and then asks you first with introductions as Loki introduces himself and the Masters and Zarknight and Phansura introduce themselves. Wiseman then says his name but Loki says oh I know who you are already and I also know your little secret that you have been hiding from everyone, even  your somewhat loyal subjects. Wiseman tries to says he doesn’t know what they are talking about but Loki says it’s no use – I am a master of magic and illusions and therefore, he can see past the illusionary disguise that you wear and you are a machine that has diminished in size until needed and your real name is (as he eyes glow for a minute but then return to normal) Coredegon. Wiseman then chuckles and says it looks like I’ve been found out and I suppose you’ll go tell everybody now who I really am. Loki says absolutely not (which concerns Wiseman a bit), what you choose to call yourself is none of my concern but what does concern me is returning to my realm and the Avengers. Wiseman asks confused and asks what are these Avengers as then, Red Skull comes out and says they are our arch-enemies and were turned into these ridiculous Bakugan creatures just like us as the rest of the Masters come out from behind Loki. Loki then sighs and says it’s probably best that I explain that we are not from your universe – we were dragged here by complete chance and my comrades, as well as the Avengers that you just fought. Wiseman smiles and says that explains that question as to who interfered in our figh. as Loki says since I do know your true identity and you are concerned with me revealing it, I suggest we have an alliance. Wiseman laughs and says you must be joking – me team up with you,  your small friends and a lizard man, referring to Zarknight. At that point, Zarknight speeds himself up, grabs Wiseman by the throat and runs him up against a rock wall. As Wiseman struggles, he says while choking let………………..go or………..suffer my but before he can finish, Zarknight squeezes him again. Wiseman finally tries using kicks on Zarknight’s midsection but it does nothing, not even phasing him nor does he show any sighs of pain. After Wiseman is surprised at this, Zarknight gets up close to his face and says you know, you should really not insult those who are superior to you both physically and mentally and to be perfectly honest, you being this small makes it much easier for me to squash but before he finishes, Loki says now hold on, General – we still need him as Zarknight sneers but says all right and drops him, causing Wiseman to catch his breath. He stands up and says I can handle the Brawlers on my own – these Avengers of yours will be no different as Loki laughs and says oh I can see that, since it appears you have been defeated numerous times and this recent fight of yours was the latest. Wiseman sneers but recomposes himself and says calmly what do you propose as Loki smiles and waves his hand over a rock, showing a projection at a place where the Brawlers and Avengers are talking. Loki says this is happening as I speak and just like they seem to be joining up, we three should as well. Zarknight then steps forward and says here’s the deal – we help you defeat the Brawlers, as I want as well, and you help us take over Loki’s world. Wiseman says that’s an interesting proposition and yet simple as Loki asks if we have a deal then, Wiseman as he holds his hand out. Wiseman says against his better judgment, he will agree and they shake hands. He then says it’s time I introduce you to my team as he opens the door and they follow Wiseman out and soon, they arrive at where the Nonets are. When the Nonets hear Wiseman coming, Betadron flies up and says Wiseman, we have a theory on how but then, he sees Loki, the Masters and Zarknight behind him. The Nonets all act surprised as they get behind Betadron as Betadron asks what is the meaning of this Wiseman – answer us now. Wiseman says calm down Betadron as he does an introduction pose and says these are our new allies against the Battle Brawlers and the Avengers. The Nonets look at each other as Kodokor asks what are Avengers as Wiseman says those Bakugan that defeated you aren’t Bakugan at all – they are from another world entirely, just like these right here as the Masters come out and say their names as well. Loki then says you must be the infamous Nonet Bakugan I heard those children call you – how ironic you are beaten by mortal children as he walks to the side while Betadron gets angry and flies over to Loki’s face and says if you want to start something, weirdo – let’s get it on but Loki just smiles and then, Red Skull kicks Betadron back. Betadron says stay out of his red head while Skull says you won’t disrespect their leader like that bird-brain, which gets them both at odds. Soon, the Masters and the Nonets are fighting each other but then, Phansura appears and creates a phantom like barrier in his ball form and separates the two sides. Wiseman and Loki both look at this and see Zarknight and Phansura are glowing a dark black and purple color which stops as Zarknight says your leaders made an agreement and I do not care which side or world you are from – you will respect the agreement; whether you like or not and if anyone wants to challenge it – Phansura and I are more than obliged to destroy you all – your choice. The two sides stop and finally get into agreement while Loki says that was most impressive mortal as Zarknight says even though I am a merciless General – I have a small shred of honor with negotiations. Loki says understandable as Loki says now that the three most powerful forces in this and all universes have come together as Wiseman continues, there is nothing stopping us from world domination. As Wiseman and Loki continue talking to each other, meanwhile, Zarknight it just standing there with his arms behind his back and smiling. At that moment, Phansura flies up from behind Zarknight, lands on his shoulder and quietly says did this all go according to your plan. Zarknight quietly says yes but it all depends on how whether he can obtain "it".

The scene now shifts back to a front view of the Battle Brawlers’ headquarters and then the scene shifts to the Brawlers main conference room, where the Brawlers are on one side of the room and the Avengers are all together on a high bar table on the other side of the room. Dan is leaning against a table with his arms folded and eyes closed with Drago and Reptak floating each on one side of him; Shun is sitting and meditating on the nearby couch while Jaakor, Skytruss and Orbeum are on his shoulders and Marucho is sitting in a chair with Radizen and Roxtor on his lap. A door opens nearby and Mira then walks in (surprising everybody a bit) and says hey guys, I think I found out more about those but before she can finish her sentence, she sees the Avengers on the table and the Brawlers on the other side of the room. She looks both ways for a minute, then gets excited (with sparkly eyes) and runs over to the Avengers, giving the Brawlers a somewhat confused look. After she gets to the table; looks at each of them in different directions & angles and starts asking questions like where do you come from, what kind of Bakugan are you, what are your attributes, what powers do you have (honestly scaring the Avengers a bit with Vision saying this female is very hyperactive – I can detect traces of but Wasp stops him by whispering um Vision – now would not be a good time) but then, Dan says seriously Mira, which gets Mira surprised a bit and looks at Dan in confusion while listening, these guys are saying they aren’t Bakugan. Mira is taken back in confusion as she asks really but (as she looks at them again) they look like Bakugan as Dan says they can’t believe their story themselves but Shun says it’s very convincing as the Brawlers all stand and walk over to them. After they reach the table and stop while the Avengers look up at them; Dan says okay, let me just make sure we all have got this straight – you guys are called the Avengers, you’re from another Earth, you guys are just like us – human or somewhat human and you are so-called superheroes. Iron Man says you got that right kid as Dan says hey, watch who you call a kid as Iron Man says I’m probably 20, maybe even 30 years older than you – I’d say you’re a kid to me as they both get a bit hostile eye to eye but then, Captain America and Drago get in between their respective sides and say calm down, both of you – there is no need for violence as they both realize that they were doing the same thing. After they separate themselves and Dan & Iron Man calm down, Marucho then says I have an idea, maybe we should all introduce ourselves to that we can get to know each other better and maybe, understand more about what’s really going on as Spider-Man jumps up and says that’s an excellent idea man as he introduces himself first with the other Avengers introducing themselves as well, along with a bit about their talents and abilities such as Hulk saying I’m Hulk and I smash with Hawkeye yep – that’s our big guy. Dan says okay then; our turn as he says his name as Drago and Reptak each introduce themselves while Shun introduces himself, Jaakor, Skytruss and Orbeum and Marucho introduces himself, Radizen and Roxtor. Roxtor speaks in his usual language (giving his own introduction) which causes the Avengers to look at each other in confusion but then, Wolverine floats up and gets in Roxtor’s face and says hey bub, speak English – causing Roxtor to get scared and also causing him to hide behind Radizen in fright. Wolverine then says what’s his problem as Spider-Man says um, not to say something bad to you buddy, even though we aren’t exactly the best of friends ourselves, but you are kind of intimidating – even at this small. Wolverine says in a slick voice what can I say – it’s a gift as they both float back to their places. The scene shifts back to Roxtor hiding behind (shaking a bit) Radizen as Radizen says hey, don’t hide behind me you chicken. Roxtor backs away but still behind Radizen as Radizen says sorry about that guys but  you see, Roxtor can’t speak like you or me – I’m the only one that can understand him. At that point, Vision comes forth and says I am fluent in many forms of communication and I could understand it perfectly – he said his name was Roxtor and it was nice to meet you all. The Brawlers are all in amazement as Jaakor asks how are able to do such a thing as Vision says I am a synthezoid – a robot with emotions and I believe I can help you out, friend Roxtor which gets Roxtor a bit confused but he moves closer to Vision. Vision then flies over and fires a red beam from his head and Roxtor, causing him to glow red a bit. After a few seconds, Vision stops the beam and asks how do you feel, Roxtor as Roxtor then says that was felt kind of funny but didn’t hurt but then, he notices the Brawlers are all in shock, especially Mira. He then asks what why are you guys looking at me like that but then, he realizes he is now speaking in perfect English! Roxtor gets excited, floats around and says thank you so much Mr. Robot as Vision says you are very welcome; I’ve given you the ability to speak like everybody else as long as I am here but when I must return to my own Earth, you will return to normal as well but Roxtor says that’s okay – he’s fine with it. Shun then says that was a very generous thing for you to do as Mira says she is grateful as well – it will be much easier to talk to him, even if it is only for a while. Radizen then says oh boy, here we go as Roxtor says hey, bird-brain (which takes Radizen back a bit as Roxtor gets in Radizen’s face close) – now that I can talk normally; don’t think your wisecracks will get me down cause I’ll take you on with Radizen saying in fright um, whatever you say old buddy, old friend, old pal. Roxtor says good and then flies away and acting his all happy self. Marucho then says now then, we really should get down to it and says a good place to start is how you got here in the first place and more importantly, why you got turned into Bakugan. Ant-Man then steps forward says we were fighting our adversaries the Masters of Evil when Hawkeye butts in and says and winning; Ant-Man continues by telling that Loki, their leader and our friend Thor’s brother, opened a portal to escape but something when horribly wrong. It changed and sucked us in and when we tried to fight against it, the portal shocked us and we became what you see now. Marucho then adjusts his glasses and says assuming you fell through what we call a Dimensional Portal here, you must have undergone some type of transformation as a result of coming here, like a side effect to a disease. Mira then says this is incredible, possibly a breakthrough – she has many questions as Vision says I will answer your questions since my memory banks recorded the event up till the point I was shut down if Iron Man permits me to. Iron Man says gladly Vision but don’t reveal our secrets and identities okay as Vision says affirmative and they both go off to the side to talk. Back at the main discussion, Dan asks so where are these so called Masters of Evil that you were fighting against on your Earth as Wasp we have no idea but when we find them, she’s going to sting them hard as Skytruss whispers to Orbeum that she’s a feisty one with Wasp saying I heard that, causing Skytruss and Orbeum to say she’s good. Black Panther then says if logic persists, if this transformation happened to them – then it would be that the Masters of Evil are the same as well as Spider-Man then says so basically, we still are on an even playing field; even at this small. Thor says nay, his brother Loki didn’t appear to be affected by what we experienced – I believe he is still his usual self. Wolverine then says annoyingly great, Loki stays normal and we can’t beat him; I hate this even more. At that moment, Mira and Vision come back as Mira says what your friend told and showed me is amazing but until we can figure out how to send you back, we have to figure out how you battle as Bakugan. Mira then says we should examine you and find out what you guys can do as she takes a hand scanner out and it does a scan of each of the Avengers as their information starts to display. The Brawlers and the Avengers get close to the display as Mira punches some numbers in on a keyboard and the Avengers profiles come up. Dan says whoa dude – you guys have some cool powers and attributes. Spider-Man then floats up to his profile and sees a Ventus symbol and asks what does that mean as Shun says your attribute is wind or as we call it here Ventus and it’s the attribute I battle with. Wolverine then flies up and sees an Aquos symbol and says I guess this means water right as he asks Marucho. Marucho smiles and yep, you got it as Radizen says happily it’s the best attribute of all but Wolverine then says I hate water. Radizen immediately gets down as Mira says hold on as she looks at some data and a new screen appears with Wolverine in his regular form but in a black stealth suit. Mira then says it appears you can change into the Subterra attribute via attribute changing. Captain America then asks what attribute changing is as Drago then says basically, with certain species of Bakugan, they can change their respective element into another element – it’s a pretty rare skill. Wolverine then says nice – I was using my stealth suit for recon on my own personal mission; guess it got built in. Iron Man then floats up and says so, anything special on me – not that I need to brag or anything as  Dan says you kind of are, dude. Mira then brings up his screen and immediately gets surprised and says wow, this is incredible. Dan asks Mira what does she see as Iron Man says yeah, what it is as Mira says according to your data – it appears you can attribute change as well but into any of the six elements. Everybody is shocked, especially Drago since he says that’s impossible – only an Ultimate Bakugan can do such a feat and especially not someone who isn’t technically a Bakugan. Mira then says hold on – this is different. Marucho asks what do you mean as Thor says yes dear maiden, do tell as Mira says according to the data, Iron Man doesn’t change into a specific attribute but rather, he changes to a different suit of armor as she then brings up 5 new screens that show Iron Man’s Extremis, Stealth, Silver Centurion, War Machine and Hulkbuster Armors (currently unknown to the Brawlers). Iron Man then looks and says yeah, those are some of my armors back at the armory as Dan says man, those things look hardcore as Marucho gets wide-eyed and says those are awesome – even his own company Marukura Corp hasn’t developed anything this advanced. At that moment, Hulk then gets mad and hits Iron Man back as Iron Man says Hulk, what did you do that for as everybody watches this take place. Hulk then says you lied to Hulk – you said you destroyed Hulk armor as Iron Man says hold on – let me explain; I had to keep it around for guys like Abomination and the Red Hulk; there’s more than one of you remember. Hulk then settles down but before he floats back, he says don’t use that on me when we battle, got it as Iron Man says you got it, buddy. After Hulk moves away, Iron Man looks at the screen and says how can my armor schematics be in this form – it makes no sense but then, a voice says artificial intelligence restored – designation JARVIS. Everybody starts looking all over the place for the weird voice as Iron Man says oh hey JARVIS – you’re back online as JARVIS says yes sir and I don’t think I will be leaving again. Dan says whoa – who’s in there as Iron Man says oh don’t worry – it’s my artificial intelligence JARVIS; say hi JARVIS as JARVIS says hello – nice to meet you. Everybody is kind of surprised and a bit creeped out but Marucho gets excited and says cool; too bad our artificial intelligences are either bad or messed up. Cap then asks what do you mean by that Marucho as Dan says it’s probably better we don’t go into it – long story. Thor says it is probably for the best we do not about it as JARVIS then says Mr. Stark but quickly, Iron Man says JARVIS, we have to keep the secret identity thing in check here – stick with professionalism if you please as JARVIS very well, Iron Man. JARVIS then says during the battle between the Avengers and the Masters of Evil, he was making some last second adjustments to some of the Iron Man armors but before he could send the schematics to Stark Tower, he was switched off and he has analyzed that the schematics integrated with his current armor and somewhat “miniaturized” form. Iron Man says cool, I’m starting to like this Earth already – anytime I need a new armor, I have to fly back to the armory and put it on. Ant-Man then says okay Mira – what abilities do I have as Mira says let’s see and pulls his screen over and sees well, it says you can but before she finishes – she gets wide-eyed and says this is amazing. Drago then asks what do you see Mira as Mira says based on the data, it appears you can shrink to a miniature size and you can grow to the size of a giant. Shun says that’s amazing but Mira says that’s not all – according to the data in our terms, Ant-Man can grow to the size of a Mechtogan – even bigger than Dragonoid Destroyer. The Brawlers are in amazement as Wasp then breaks the silence and asks um, what’s a Mechtogan let alone a Destroyer – that sounds really bad. The Brawlers finally recover their composure as Dan says no, they aren’t all bad as Drago says perhaps we should tell you what Mechtogan are in general. Thor says that sounds like a fine idea as Mira brings up some past scenes with Mechtogan on the screen for the Avengers to see, who are in amazement as Drago says basically, Mechtogan are spawned from Bakugan and there are three types: Mechtogan, Mechtogan Titan and Mechtogan Destroyer. Dan says we have one named Dragonoid Destroyer who fights with us as Shun and Marucho says we just have Mechtogan but they are awesome. Iron Man says they appear to be machines as Radizen says yeah, they do look like that don’t they as Jaakor says but unlike mindless machines – they have a heart and soul as Ant-Man says that’s incredible. Thor says indeed but then, he notices the four Nomad Mechtogan and asks what are those villainous Mechtogan – they do not appear to be that of a friendly nature as Dan says no way while Reptak says they are the worst of the worst. Iron Man then says what’s so bad about them as Dan says you know that guy called Wiseman you guys beat. The Avengers say yes we do as Shun says those are his Mechtogan that he controls. Mira says their names are Coredegon, Slycerak, Exostriker and Mandibor and when the form, they form another Mechtogan Destroyer named Mechtavius Destroyer. Shun says they want to defeat and exterminate all the Bakugan and we’ve been fighting them, along with Wiseman and the Nonets ever since. Spider Man says wow, even Loki isn't that bad with Thor saying I concur, Loki wants to conquer, not eliminate. Cap then says whatever the case, we can help each other while we find a way to get back to our home and regular forms. Mira says give me a little bit; I may know some people that can help as Dan says but in the meantime, let's get something to eat and pass stories. Wolverine says eh, I'm down with that bub as Radizen says awesome, sleepover! as Roxtor says don't get any ideas as everybody heads off.

After time has passed, the scene shifts back to the nighttime at the Brawlers’ headquarters, where the Brawlers and Avengers are all sleeping in their own unusual ways. The screen now shifts on Captain America, who is watching everybody as he says to himself it’s good that we are among allies but then, he sees something in the darkness float out a nearby door. He says in amazement what was that as he floats out the door while meanwhile, Radizen is tossing and turning and falls on his head but is still snoring. However, on the other side of the room, Drago saw the whole thing and wonders what this Captain is doing and he had better make sure Reptak is okay and he flies off as well. Meanwhile, the scene shifts back to Cap following the shadow up a flight of stairs. He then makes it up to the door but then, he hides behind it and wonders what’s going on as the shadow lands on the ledge and looks at the moon, as the light shines down revealing Reptak. Cap is taken back and says he shouldn’t be intruding on his privacy and prepares to leave but then, he stops when he overhears what Reptak is saying. The scene shifts back to Reptak, who is says up at the moon Gunz, I don’t know why you changed to Wiseman and I’ve tried everything but nothing seems to be working as he sighs. He wonders if there is any hope in continuing as a voice says there is always hope. Reptak is startled as he looks behind scared as he sees Captain America behind him as Cap says at ease, soldier and forgive me for spying on you – I thought you were an enemy in the shadows. Reptak says he does give that impression doesn’t he as Cap sits down in front of Reptak while meanwhile, Drago is looking from a distance, still concerned. Meanwhile, back at the ledge, Cap says so, your former partner is the grey suited Wiseman as Reptak sadly says yes and we worked hard together. He says I don’t know why he changed or why he went with the Nonets but he doesn’t want to give up on him. He then says Captain (as Captain American says call me Cap, Reptak), have you ever had a partner whom you lost and are trying to bring back. Cap says you have no idea as Reptak (as Drago in the distance) are taken back. Cap says I once had a partner – his name was Bucky: Bucky Barnes. He continues by saying that we were the best of friends and we worked perfectly together until that day. Reptak asks what happened as Cap says we were fighting the Red Skull, one of our old adversaries and one of the Avengers enemies now, and in the process of trying to stop a missile from destroying the US armed forces in a war, Bucky sacrificed himself to save me and he died. Reptak says that’s sad as Cap says I may not have a chance to get my partner back but at least you have a chance to get your partner back and you shouldn’t give up on him. Reptak says you think so as a voice says Cap is right as they both look at see Drago flying above them. Drago then lands as Reptak says boy, all I wanted was a little privacy as Drago says I was checking on Cap here in case but there is no need. Drago says Cap, I’m truly sorry about your parter but Reptak (as he looks at Reptak again), you shouldn’t give up – not now and not ever. Reptak then looks away but says you know, you’re both right – I shouldn’t have these thoughts in my head, thank you both as he flies away. After he goes, Cap says um, Drago right as Drago looks at him and says yes. Cap says I didn’t mean to sneak on your friend like that but as Drago interrupts and says there is no need for an explanation – I know you were only concerned for all of us and what you said was inspiring; in a way – we are very much alike. Cap says thank you as Drago says it’s getting late – we have a big day ahead of us as Cap says good idea as they both head back down the stairs to get some shuteye with the moon shining brightly in the background.

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