Heroes on Another Earth is the 4th chapter of the 1st Bakugan vs Marvel feature length film. This was written by Zachattack31. The next chapter will be up hopefully when he gets to it but hopefully, by next week.


The scene now shifts to a close up of Iron Man’s face and the sky above him with the clouds floating on and two birds flying in the air while chirping. Then, Iron Man starts to wake up, sits up and looks up at the sky. He groans and says boy, that was sure a nice dream; for a second, it seemed so real but his head really hurts. He tries getting up and walking but he is having some trouble. Inside his armor, he looks confused and says he really needs to get his chest-piece fixed so he finally stands and says JARVIS, run a diagnostic but nothing happens or is heard. He says um, JARVIS – you there buddy but nothing answers. Iron Man says he can’t be broken but then, he notices how tall things are like grass and trees. He says wow, we must be back at Hank’s study or someplace nearby but as he tries to block out the sun, he notices his arm isn’t going up. He then says what the heck but then, he sees he is the small one and he looks very different. He then turns and sees a small pool of water on the ground and tries walking over there but he falls over a number of times. He then shrugs it off and says either I’m still dizzy or I shrunk as he pulls himself and sees that he is completely different than what he used to look like – he is a Bakugan (although, he doesn’t really know it yet). He then lets out a scream and backs away all scared and says no, this has to be a dream – yeah, that’s it; it’s just a dream; don’t worry Tony, soon you’ll wake back up in Stark Tower and everything will be all right. At that moment, a voice says well if this is your dream, then how come I’m in it as Iron Man looks up suddenly and sees Hawkeye on the top of a metal bench in the same type of form he’s in, although it looks very different than his own. Iron Man then says yeah, this isn’t a dream because if it were – you wouldn’t be in it as Hawkeye says I’m touched – thanks buddy. Iron Man then jumps but then, he finds out he can float around. Iron Man says how about that, my repulsors are still working but Hawkeye says don’t count on it – I figured it out faster than you already; whatever these crazy forms of ours are, we can float in them like balloons. Iron Man sighs and just floats up to where Hawkeye is and lands next to him, watching the scenery. Iron Man says so Clint, figured out where we are or what we are more importantly as Hawkeye says hey don’t ask me – I haven’t a clue either but he did see something interesting. He says when he came to, there were a lot more people walking past here and they had these weird creatures on their shoulders that looked very similar to what we look like now. However, as Iron Man says there’s always a catch, as Hawkeye continues by saying some of these things look really bizarre: some looked like walruses, dragons, fish, birds, bugs, snakes and they were weirdly colored – I didn’t get a name of what they were though. Iron Man says that can probably wait, the only thing right now that’s important is getting back to normal and back home – this form is really cramping me as at that point, a voice says Iron Man – I have done a scan of the whole area and they both look up, showing Vision and the other Avengers floating down together and landing on the same place. They are all in these small/Bakugan forms and most of them are confused and curious. Ant-Man says it appears we have been reconfigured in some way that not only shrinks us but changes our outward appearance. Wasp says okay Hank – why don’t you just grow larger with your little particles and then help us out but Ant-Man says Janet, I already tried that but for some reason, it appears all their powers, as well as his own, are either removed or restricted while in these forms. Vision then says for some odd reason, his density abilities and mechanical abilities are still functional but they are not at full power at this time so he cannot provide much assistance. Thor says this is very disconcerting as Spider-Man says no kidding, I may be a insect in general but I never thought I’d be this small. Wolverine says this is not what he’s supposed to look like; he’s lean, mean and a fighting machine – not some puny wimp as Hulk laughs and says looks like it to me. Wolverine says you want to go down right here and now bub as they lock heads but Captain America gets in the middle and says this is not the time to be fighting amongst ourselves as Thor then steps forward and says I am sorry, my friends – if I had not attacked Loki in the rainbow tunnel; none of this would have happened and he intends to correct this wrong he has caused. Cap says it’s not your fault Thor and it’s not even Loki’s fault they are here – it’s just some things come unexpectedly; he learned that many years ago. Spider-Man then asks so what’s the plan, Iron Man as Iron Man says first things first, they need to find out where they are or even if they are on a planet. Vision the floats over and says he analyzed the unique structure of the planet where they are positioned – we are on the planet Earth. Everybody is surprised and start to get excited as Iron Man says ah, then there’s nothing to worry about – we’re probably one on of those alternate worlds that we’ve gotten sent to before; all we got to do is find Stark Tower and get this whole thing fixed. As he flies up (thinking he knows the way to the Tower), Vision says he has some disturbing data to tell him – there is no Stark Tower here. Iron Man immediately stops, floats back over and says you got to be kidding me as Vision continues by saying that there is not even an area labeled New York City, which surprises everybody as Wasp says seriously, an alternate Earth without a New York City – that’s……wrong as Spider-Man says yeah, you can’t have a Manhattan with the Spidey guy. Black Panther then asks if we are on an alternate Earth that has no New York or even Wakanda, perhaps there are no Avengers or counterparts of us on here as well. Vision says he has not been able to detect any superhuman or anything regarding information from our Earth as Iron Man says if we are on a completely different Earth – then where the heck are we. Vision then says he did find out that they are in a town known as Bayview and according to the geographic data of the location, it appears on our Earth – this city would be located in southwestern United States, mostly likely in southern California. Wasp then says it sures feels like California with all the sun around here. Suddenly, a loud crashing is heard as Cap says what was that as Black Panther darts up to a high tree branch with his speed and looks in the distance. He then sees something which shocks him, featuring a close up as he says by the gods as Hawkeye says hey T’Challa, what do you see up there buddy. Panther comes down and says he has just witnessed a battle raging and it had a giant dragon and some other enormous creatures involved. Wasp then laughs for a minute but says you’re not kidding, are you as Panther looks at her sternly and says I don’t kid – see for yourself. Everybody then floats up and they see the battle themselves as the battle shows Drago fighting the Nonets (the Avengers have no knowledge of who these things are at this time). Thor says these creatures are massive and powerful as Cap says if these creatures are evil, they will hurt many innocent people. Iron Man then says okay; even if this isn’t our Earth – we have a duty to protect the people here as he says Avengers, Assemble as they all take a pose in their Bakugan forms. They then fly over a ways, dodging some falling debris and smoke along the way until they reach the nearby battlefield.

After they arrive at the battlefield, they land on the roof of a nearby small building with a whole view of the surrounding battle. The battle that everybody saw is actually a Bakugan Brawl taking place between the Battle Brawlers and Wiseman, the current main antgaonist at the time. The Avengers are wondering what is really going on here and why aren’t those kids down there running away. The scene now shifts to the Bakugan Brawl taking place between the Battle Brawlers and the Nonets under Wiseman. The scene shifts to Dan Kuso, who says you aren’t going to destroy anything this time, Wiseman as Wiseman nearby with his arms folded on his chest smiles and says you’re welcome to try, Kuso; let’s fight as Dan says okay and tells Drago to attack, which he does. As the battle rages on, the Avengers are watching and Wasp says Hank, these things are even bigger than you up close when they grow. Iron Man looks down and says it looks those kids down there are controlling those creatures as Cap finishes with while that grey masked individual controls the others. At that moment, Dan says “Ability Activate – Dragon Astral!” and Drago attacks one of the Nonets (Stronk) as Spatterix says you won’t be getting me this time Drago as Wiseman says “Ability Activate – Mortal Howler!” as Spatterix attacks and knocks Drago back but then, a white and yellow flash is seen as it strikes back at Spatterix, revealing itself to be Reptak. Reptak lands as Dan says great job Reptak while Reptak himself says thanks Dan but then, he looks at Wiseman and wonders to himself how much more will he have to try before he breaks through to you Gunz as it shows a close up of Wiseman smiling. At that moment, Dan says Reptak behind you as Reptak breaks out of his trance, looks behind him and suddenly gets hit in the face by Kodokor with his Battle Smasher ability. After Reptak rubs his head, Kodokor stands above him laughing and says Reptak, you certainly woke up on the wrong side of the bed as Reptak says maybe but I’m putting you to sleep right now as Dan says “Ability Activate – Harvey Cannon!” as Reptak’s cannon comes from behind him and fires right at Kodokor, hitting and knocking him back. After Kodokor gets his composure, he sees Reptak running towards him as Reptak says now that I’m awake now – let’s get to business as he charges. On the building, Spider-Man says whoa, nice shot as Thor says indeed, that white warrior is certainly clever and powerful as Cap says true but he also fights with honor; a noble quality as they continue to watch. Meanwhile, on the other side of the battlefield, Mutabrid and Worton are battling against Jaakor, Skytruss and Orbeum. Mutabrid says today, Jaakor – I finish you as Jaakor says you are welcome to try but like always, you are the student – I am the master as Shun says lets go and says “Ability Activate – Supreme Jet Shot!” as Jaakor charges up and fires, hitting Mutabrid straight in the chest but before Jaakor can celebrate, he gets hit multiple times from behind. Shun acts in surprise and says what the but then, he sees Worton above him and using his Dawn Tentacle ability. Jaakor falls on one knee as Skytruss and Orbeum come over and ask if he is all right. Jaakor says he is fine as Worton flies near Wiseman in his meditating position as he saves he has already predicted this battle’s outcome – he is victorious. Skytruss and Orbeum then step forward in front of Jaakor as Skytruss says Master Shun, we need to protect Sensei while he recovers as Orbeum says let’s fight back as Shun says okay Skytruss, Orbeum as Shun says “United Ability Activate – Ninja Art – Stealth Smoke Bomb!” as Skytruss says oh yeah, I love this ability as Orbeum says you bet as they suddenly disappear. Worton looks around as Wiseman wonders what’s going on as a shroud of smoke suddenly appears all over the battlefield, even around Shun (who has his arms crossed and smiles when disappearing) and Jaakor, making them disappear. Wiseman looks around but then, he sees a small shine under Worton and he says Professor, quick – under you as Worton looks down but it’s too late as the shine was revealing several ninja bombs that go off, right under Worton – injuring him. After he falls next to Mutabrid, the smoke clears and Shun, Jaakor, Skytruss and Orbeum are all seen together and Jaakor is back to normal. Jaakor says good work, my students but we still have a brawl to finish as they both say yeah and they charge as Mutabrid and Worton are slowing getting up. Up on the building ledge, Captain America says those four know the true importance of teamwork as Panther says indeed, their moves and tactics combined stealth and strength as one, similar to how I fight myself, with Wolverine saying yeah, they kicked butt  is what you meant to say. Meanwhile, on the nearest part of the battlefield to where the Avengers are, Tremblar is busy shooting blasts at Radizen, who is mockingly dodging each blast in rather interesting poses as Radizen laughs and says who couldn’t even hit an apple off of my head (as he pretends to point to an apple on his head) but then, he hears a voice that says good thing I won’t have to. Radizen gets a really frightened fact and slowly looks behind him, as he sees Balista with his arm raised. Radizen says uh-oh as Wiseman says “Ability Activate – River Rush Slash!” as Balista slashes down and this Radizen squarely on the back while Balista says skewered bird. Radizen flips awkwardly towards Marucho, while the Avengers watching are thinking that is one weird bird as Hulk says being cocky does not help with fights as Vision says that is correct, my friend Hulk as Radizen slowly sits up and rubs his head. He says boy, that one stung like a stingray but then, he looks up and sees Tremblar and Balista charging him, which makes him shriek in fright but then, there’s a rumbling under the ground and out pops Roxtor, who (while charging the two Nonets) says the superhero theme in his own language and strikes them both down in the midsection, knocking them back. Roxtor then goes over to check on Radizen, who happened to be right under Roxtor and he fell even farther back. Radizen says annoyingly hey what did you do that for as Roxtor tries to say he is sorry but Radizen says just next time, watch where you are digging as he says okay, let’s get back to beating these guys as Roxtor joins as well but his expression shows he is sad, which Vision notices and says why is that insect sad as Wolverine says he probably got his feelings hurt – softie as Marucho then says “Double Ability Activate – Luster Drain plus Power Granite!” as both Radizen and Roxtor charge their attacks and run straights towards the still getting up Tremblar and Balista. Meanwhile, back at Dan and Drago’s battle, Drago and Reptak have just defeated Stronk, Spatterix and Kodokor but they haven’t returned to ball form. After they clean it up by putting them all in a pile, Dan says great work guys as Drago and Reptak both say thanks but then, Drago says wait a minute – something’s not right. Dan says what is it buddy as Drago asks Wiseman where’s Betadron. Dan says oh yeah, we haven’t seen him but Wiseman chuckles and says Dan, Dan, Dan – you should keep your eyes open as he points up. Everybody looks up and then, they see Betadron flying in a dive all the way down to Drago while yelling out as he tackles Drago in the chest and straight into the ground. Reptak tries to cover himself as he calls out to Drago to see if he’s okay. At that moment, Betadron flies out of the smoke and knocks Reptak back with his tail in a roundhouse kick style, causing Reptak to fly into a rock slab and getting knocked down hard but not out. On the building, Thor says that was not an honorable way to attack your adversary as Hawkeye says blondie, since when do the bad guys fight with honor as the scene shifts back to the brawl at hand. Betadron says that was easy as he uses his hand to brush some debris off his shoulder and says now for the main course as Drago is slowing getting up while saying Betadron, you won’t win as Betadron says today is finally our day for revenge as at that moment, Betadron punches Drago in the stomach and does a roundhouse kick on him, knocking Drago down yet again. As Drago tries to stand, Betadron puts his foot down on Drago’s chest, causing Drago to feel some pain) and says while applying pressure to Drago don’t you see Drago, I’m stronger than you – I’m the strongest one there is!

At that moment, back at the location where the Avengers are watching this unfold, everybody on the Avengers minus Hulk say uh-oh together and they slowly look behind them, seeing that Hulk is behind them and getting angrier by the second. Hawkeye floats over and says okay big guy – settle down; he probably didn’t mean it like that plus we’re not from around here but Hulk says angrily Hulk……………………..strongest there is! as he tries to charge but he can’t as he suddenly falls off the edge of the building where they are and lands at the end of a small tree branch on a nearby tree near the building. After he settles down, he realizes the tree is going to launch him and he says oh crap and the branch launches him right past the Avengers. Vision says that is an illogical but effective way of propelling one’s self as Wasp says uh, Vision - I don’t he intended for that to happen. Meanwhile, the Hulk is seen flying at a fast speed as he rolls himself up into a ball and is spinning, which he says Hulk…………….dizzy. He then flies right by Dan’s face (within a few inches), which Dan notices as Hulk lands on the field, surprising everybody on the battlefield (with the screen showing the surprised expressions of both the Bakugan and the Brawlers/Wiseman). Dan says hold on, what’s that Bakugan as the Brawlers look behind them for the Brawler who threw that but there’s nobody there. Shun says that’s weird with Marucho says no kidding but what Bakugan do you think it is. Wiseman then says hey Brawlers – is this another one of your tricks as Dan says hold on man – we don’t know what this is either. At that point, Hulk shakes himself and he opens up in his ball form, shining a bright green pillar of light into the sky (causing many bystanders to watch at this phenomenon) and an explosion on the battlefield, causing everybody to shield themselves and keep themselves balanced as well. While the pillar continues to spew forth energy; Drago, while shielding himself, says in amazement what is this power, I’ve never felt anything so strong, as Wiseman says this has to be a trick but then, a roar is heard and a shadow is seen in the pillar that jumps in the air. The pillar of light goes away as everybody wonders what the heck was that and where did that Bakugan go as they start looking in different directions but not seeing anything. At that moment, Wiseman hears something, looks up and a startled face appears on him as he yells out to Betadron to get out of the way immediately. Betadron looks at Wiseman with annoyance and asks what, why but then, he hears the same sound and looks up as he sees something in the middle of the bright sun coming down fast. He puts his hand over his eyes so he can see what’s coming and he sees the green figure from the pillar coming straight towards him and goes what is that as now, the scene shifts to Hulk, who is flying down in a rage and lands right on top of Betadron with a huge slam, breaking the ground around him and causing smoke and debris to fly and appear everywhere. Everybody shields themselves from the surrounding effects as the smoke clears,  it reveals that Hulk is standing within feet of Betadron whose lying down and not moving (with the surrounding impact area turning into a crater) as everybody is in complete shock at what just happened as Dan says dude, that’s some power. The scene shifts back to Hulk getting angrier by the second as Betadron slowly tries to get up but is in some extreme pain and asks what kind of creature are you. Hulk merely gets angry, slabs his fist into his palm and says loudly you’re about to find out that Hulk is the strongest one there is as he charges his fists and attacks Betadron with fist slams again in repeated succession. Meanwhile, back at the building, the Avengers are still puzzled at how Hulk turned back to normal when they are still stuck like this. Then, Ant-Man says of course, he should have seen it before as Iron Man says Hank, want to fill us all in. Ant-Man says it appears these large creatures battling right now are the same ball like creatures we saw earlier and when they are released in a certain proximity, they return to their true forms like how Hulk launched himself, landed on the battlefield and was “released” in a manner of speaking; it explains how he’s his usual self again – smashing and all. Hawkeye laughs and says yeah, he missed that but so basically, that means if we fire ourselves into that battlefield, we’ll return to normal and something tells me we had better do it soon because knowing the Hulk, the city will probably be gone soon. Vision then says that is correct on all counts Hawkeye but there is what you humans call a “catch”; he has determined that we can only return to your true forms for a limited time. Iron Man says it’s better than nothing, right guys (as everybody agrees with him) as Cap says then, we might as well figure out what to do while they continue watching what is unfolding – we should only reveal ourselves if needed and that might be sooner than later as they continue to watch the battle unfold.

Meanwhile, back at the battle, Betadron tries dodging the Hulk’s punches on his back but he continues taking blows from Hulk while saying he has never felt this amount of raw strength before – even Drago isn’t this powerful. Wiseman, who is watching, thinks to himself that whatever this thing is – it’s a whole lot of trouble that what he was expecting. Hulk then hits Betadron again and then, he raises his arms and yells out Hulk Smash! and slams on the ground and Betadron, releasing a shockwave that knocks everybody down, even Wiseman; who looks in disgust and says Nonets, get rid of this Bakugan. Hulk looks confused and asks what’s a Bakugan but then smiles and says Hulk is the strongest there is – bring it as he slams his palms together, releasing a shockwave of air, sending them all backwards as everybody is shocked at that with Marucho saying this guy is taking on all the Nonets by himself, even Drago can’t do that as Shun is silent but thinking to himself what this Bakugan or creature is. The Nonets then slowly start to get up as Spatterix says this guy is really strong as Stronk says no kidding, he’s even stronger than me and I’m the strongest in physical strength. Wiseman says it doesn’t matter you fools – charge him again & again, until you get it done right as they all get up and head straight for the Hulk, who is just smiling and says back for more. Meanwhile, back on the building ledge, the Avengers are watching this all happen as Hawkeye says whenever Hulk gets angry, not a good thing anywhere – even on other Earths, don’t you think so guys as everybody agrees all together. Iron Man says they need to get involved now – even the Hulk can handle all those giant things again as Thor says as a wise, old mortal from Midgard once said – follow the leader as he jumps first on the same tree branch Hulk was launched on and gets himself ready. Looking on from above at what Thor just did, Captain America says excellent idea Thor as everybody gets on a part of the tree branch. Wasp says okay, let’s jet as Vision holds the leaves down and says calculating trajectory (showing inside his circuitry of a launching/firing system) – firing as he changes his density and the branch with all the Avengers flings them straight toward the battle. They all fly right past the Brawlers in a flash, which makes everybody turn around with Dan saying all right – who is throwing these Bakugan but no answer. Shun says Dan, I don’t think anybody is throwing, whoever these Bakugan are as the Avengers all open up in bright pillars of different colored light. Wiseman sounds now what as out of one of them appears Captain America’s shield flying towards him, which he just moves his head to dodge but the shield then hits a series of walls and hits Wiseman in the back of the head, causing him to stagger as the shield returns to Captain America. He holds up his shield in the air and says Avengers, Assemble as the rest of the Avengers appear in the positions behind him. Meanwhile, the Brawlers and their Bakugan are in amazement as Dan says whoa, this is getting pretty weird – have you seen these Bakugan before, Drago. Drago says no but for some reason, they don’t appear to be like Bakugan. Iron Man then flies down to the Brawlers level, lands and then says hey kid, let me ask you something – are those the bad guys as he points to Wiseman and the Nonets. Dan says in a sort of offended tone who are you calling kid, tin can and yeah as he says sarcastically, yes, those are the bad guys – what are you going to do about it. Iron Man says thanks kid and oh nothing, we’ll just defeat them for you as he flies off, getting Dan even more wiled up as he says while flying straight at the Nonets; Avengers, take them down as they all charge. Wiseman says Nonets, I don’t know who these Bakugan are but take them down anyway and they all charge as well. Thor flies in the air spinning in the air as he yells for Midgard and flies towards Kodokor, who says bring it on – I can handle anything you throw at me but as soon as Thor’s hammer hits Kodokor’s chest – lightning strikes from it and it shocks Kodokor, burning him to a crisp. He falls and returns to ball form, which startles Wiseman by saying he shouldn’t have just been defeated with one attack. Meanwhile, Hulk and Betadron are still going at it with Hulk clearing having an advantage as he slams him down on the head. Betadron falls hard on the ground, breaking what’s underneath him but before he can get him, he is slammed again by Hulk who is punching him mercilessly. While punching him, Hulk says he’s the strongest there is – not you bird man but then, Drago comes from behind and tries to be Hulk in a full nelson. Drago says while he and Betadron are enemies, he can’t let you destroy him like this but Hulk says I have no quarrel with you little dragon – now get off Hulk as he does a backwards slam on Drago, which causes him to break the hold and Hulk then slams his palms together, creating a shockwave to push Drago back. Dan then runs over and says Drago, you okay pal as Drago says don’t worry – I’m okay but these things; they aren’t Bakugan. Jaakor comes forward and says how can that be – they appeared in ball form and opened like us as well but Drago shakes his head and says no, they aren’t Bakugan – that much I’m sure of. Radizen then says uh, okay but what do we do about these weird guys as Reptak then says I don’t there is much we can do as the battle rages on

But in only a few short moments, the Avengers have taken down each one of the Nonets, only leaving Stronk in front of the pile of his friends behind him, who are all down and out. Stronk, while trying to act somewhat brave, is very scared as the Avengers all crowd around him when Hulk slams his fist into his palm and says ah, road kill. Stronk puts his hands to his face, flinches and says please don’t hurt me – I surrender. At that moment, he and the other Nonets return to their ball forms and return to Wiseman, while Wasp says hey, I wasn’t finished with you yet. Wiseman grabs them with authority and says I don’t know who you think you are or even what you are but if you are friends or enemies of the Battle Brawlers but you just made an enemy today as Vision suddenly appears from under the floor right behind Wiseman. Vision says you have nowhere to escape – the logical choice is to surrender. Wiseman smiles and says sorry, not my style as he snaps his fingers and disappears chuckling before Vision can capture him using his phasing abilities. Spider-Man says yeah, where’d he go as Ant-Man says it looked he transported himself somewhere. Iron Man says we can worry about that guy later; whatever these Bakugan creatures are, they certainly are tough as Thor says aye, even tougher than the Frost Giants of Yodenheim. At that moment, they start to glow as Ant-Man says what’s happening as they return to their Bakugan ball forms. Meanwhile, on a nearby building ledge, Loki, Zarknight and the Masters were watching the battle that took place and the Brawlers and Avengers leaving together. Loki says so, this is the type of power that Bakugan possess – it’s nothing like anything he has ever seen in all the nine realms. Zarknight says those Nonet Bakugan are certainly powerful but they are not as powerful as that Dragonoid – no wonder his friend and ruler Barodius was defeated by him and his partner. Red Skull then says it appears the Avengers had the same problems we had – turning into these Bakugan creatures and these stupid ball forms with the other Masters agreeing. Loki says you can endure it a short time more but now, he needs to do something as he holds out his right hand it starts glowing a deep black. Zarknight asks what Loki is doing as Loki says he is getting the location of that Wiseman character – he thinks they should come to an agreement with him quickly for he possesses much more power than he is letting on. Zarknight sneers and asks how would you know that as Loki smiles and says slyly call it past experiences in my world as his hand glows golden and says he has it. He then waves his hand in a painting like motion, revealing Volcano Island inside the magic aura. Loki says that’s where this Wiseman character is and we should head there immediately. Zarknight says as you wish and orders Phansura to open another portal to this Volcano Island as Phansura says as you wish and does so. They both fly through as Zarknight says one question, Loki – what did you exactly mean by him having more power that he is letting on. Loki says he is hiding behind a disguise – he is a much larger individual but he has compressed his true power into that pathetic mortal form – in any case, he is someone I want to recruit or join – whatever the case. Zarknight sighs and says if that is what you wish but from what he saw, he doesn’t appear to be the negotiating type. Loki says it won’t matter if he is or isn’t – he hasn’t seen what a God can do as they continue flying on.

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