Evil in Gundalia is the 3rd chapter of the 1st Bakugan vs Marvel feature length film. This was written by Zachattack31. The next chapter will be up hopefully when he gets to it but hopefully, by next week.


The scene now shifts to blackness, where a groaning is heard and an opening of eyes starts to slowly take shape. The scene now shifts, revealing that Loki is the one waking up and is lying on his back on some dark colored ground. He then sits up, rubs his head and looks around at what he is seeing around him – a dark, desolute surrounding with wreckage of buildings, large vehicles and weapons all over the place. He stands up, looks around and says calmly in wonder in the name of Asgard; where am I and how did I get here. He says to himself while putting his hand on his chin to think is last I hath remember (as it shows flashbacks from his thoughts) is opening a way back home and it went wrong and getting trapped and then (while his voice changes to one of anger and clenching his fist), my brother attacked me while inside and everything went wrong. At that moment, he hears a voice that says hey Loki as he looks around but he doesn’t see anybody. He asks who dares to speak to me in the shadows as the voice says annoyingly I’m right in front of you as Loki looks up and he sees Red Skull right in front of him. Red Skull says this place looks almost like what HYDRA did in the World War against the Allies – I almost feel right at home as meanwhile, Loki is still surprised and shocked at how small Red Skull is and how different he looks since he has turned into a Bakugan (although, that’s unknown to both of them right now). Red Skull then looks at Loki and says what’s with the surprised look as Loki says um, pardon me for asking this but have you shrunk as he points to Red Skull. Red Skull says what are you talking about – I feel fine, like I always have. Loki closes his eyes, sighs and says have you looked in a mirror lately as he conjures up a mirror with his magic and has Skull look in it. Red Skull looks and says well that’s me, so but then, he notices he’s small and looks very different that before. He then does a face fault (with a reflection of the face fault in the mirror) and yells out in terror. He asks what is this, what happened to him – why is he so puny. Loki says I don’t know but at least you look more appealing now than before. Red Skull says watch it but then, a voice says you weren’t the only one affected by this “transformation”, Skull. They both look to the right and they see Graviton, Living Laser, Abomination, Venom and Crimson Dynamo are all in a Bakugan like form a short distance away gathered together and watching the altercation that just took place between Loki and Skull. Loki and Skull walk/float over to the others and Loki asks in amazement what manner of magic is this – certainly not of his doing. Venom says oh really as Living Laser says man, this is so not good for my image as Abomination says speak for yourself, light bulb – for me, this feels weird being so small. Dynamo says they have appeared to change into a small like form that resembles what they appear in real life – he is still analyzing the situation but he did figure that when he does this (as he changes into a ball form), they change into a ball. After Dynamo returns to an open form, Graviton says hold on as he goes/floats over to Loki, how come you didn’t change like we did as Loki puts his hand to his chin and says I was wondering that same thought as well. He then says flamboyantly maybe his heritage as the Prince of Evil and superior magic protected him – too bad you didn’t have it for yourselves. Venom then flies up and says well, we can certainly change that but Graviton says now is not the time to fight amongst ourselves. Loki then says you are correct, Doctor and then says Dynamo, continue with your science on figuring this dilemma out but until then, we must make haste and find out what lies ahead and more importantly, how do we escape this place but then, he hears a voice that says halt, intruders. Loki and the Masters look in the distance and sees 5 armed soldiers (Gundalian soldiers) with spears. One soldier asks his comrade who do you think he is – from Neathia as another soldier says I don’t know – those are the weirdest clothes I’ve ever seen so I don’t think he’s Neathian and those Bakugan – he’s never seen them before either. Loki then sneers and says I heard that and says how dare you say that about me, mortal, I am Loki, Lord of Asgard, Prince of Evil, Conqueror of Worlds! The soldiers are taken back by this and let their spears down as they all ask each other in confusion what is this weird guy talking about. One of them walks forward and asks what is a Loki. Another soldier then steps forward and asks where is this place called Asgard, which takes Loki and says in a confused tone you have not heard of it, or me? The soldiers say nope, never heard of it or you; which gets Loki angry and says very well, as he sees his staff next to him, you will soon know of me now as he holds out his hand, levitates it and swings it, unleashed a blast of energy at the soldiers, knocking them down to the ground. The soldiers then slowly sit up, brush themselves off as one gets up first and says so, you think you’re so tough (as he takes out a Bakugan and holds it on his fingertips) – let’s see how good you are in a brawl as the other soldiers say yeah and they take out Bakugan as well. Loki looks confused and says what are you mortals blabbering about as Skull says I think we’re about to find out as the lead soldier says prepare yourself and throws a Gate Card down (which gets Loki confused as he looks down and wonders why the ground lit up like a night sky) and throws a Bakugan, revealing it to be a Darkus Damakor. Loki and the Masters look in complete shock as Loki says in all the nine realms except Yodineheim, he has never seen a creature so large aside from Ymir the Frost Giant. The Damakor says what a puny guy with those big horns – big deal, he’ll take him down now as the soldier says “Ability Activate – Dark Slam!” as the Damakor jumps in the air and goes over Loki, preparing to squash him. Loki smiles and says seen that already as he slams the end of his staff on the ground, causing lightning sparks to spread out in six different directions and then out of the ground come pillars of Earth, knocking the Damakor back on his back. After the Damakor lands behind the soldiers with the soldiers looking above as the Damakor flew over them, the soldiers are in amazement as one of them says he was able to do that without a Bakugan – incredible as another says maybe he is a Conqueror of Worlds as he said he was. Loki is confused as he says to himself what are these Bakugan creatures they keep on speaking of as the other soldiers join in and launching their own Bakugan, revealing a Ventus Splight, Pyrus Longfly, Aquos Ramdol and Haos Rickoran. Loki says more large creatures; this is very serious as Red Skull says ah, these things aren’t worth our time Loki as Loki says you are right, they aren’t worth our effort now. He says stand away as I rid ourselves of these creatures forever as he steps forward, swings his staff in a swiping motion, causing a shockwave sized energy blast to hit all the Bakugan, causing them to land in the same place as the Damakor, shocking all the soldiers as the lead soldier says this is impossible for somebody to defeat a Bakugan like this, let alone 5, without using his own – this is no ordinary being. Loki then slices his staff down with authority and then says they are all outmatched and unfamiliar with this style of combat, even for himself – we need to take cover. Loki then looks around for a place to hide and then, he sees a fancy type but somewhat rundown shrine nearby. He then says to the Masters follow him as he starts to fly towards the shrine but the Masters of Evil don’t follow at first as Red Skull says who says we should follow you after you did this to us but then, they look behind them and see the soldier’s Bakugan right behind them with the soldiers in hot pursuit. Red Skull then does a face fault in fright and says right behind you, fearless leader with the others joining in as well. As they all continue flying towards it, the soldiers see where the intruders are heading to as one calls out hey, that’s a restricted area – you can’t go there as they and their Bakugan hurry to follow them. As they gain on Loki and the Masters; suddenly, a series of underground turrets and rocket launchers appear out of the ground and start firing at everybody. Loki says hmph, petty defenses as he and the Masters are able to dodge the blasts and gunfire with ease and grace, while the soldiers and their Bakugan aren’t that lucky, getting pelted by the onslaught and moving them back. While continuing to being pelted with gunfire, a soldier asks another soldier quickly why are these defenses here for some old shrine nobody knows about. While the 2nd soldier sees that Loki and the Masters have made is past the guns and have gone inside the shrine, he says you’re new but he will say that something terrible is in that shrine and if those intruders happen to release what’s in there – we are all in grave danger. The 1st soldier asks while he covers himself from a nearby blast if it is as bad as Barodius was but the 2nd soldier says no, this is much worse.

He says we must press on at all costs as he fires a blast from his spear, destroying one turret as he orders everybody to charge and strike, which they all do. Meanwhile, inside the shrine, Loki and the Masters are taking a short breather as Venom say finally, they are out of the war zone but Graviton says this is only a temporary retreat – we need to find another way out of here quickly before we become targets for whatever those creatures are. Loki says agreed as he orders Living Laser to scout the area out as Laser says okay and he tries to go fast again but for some reason, he can’t (as a sound in the background of a screeching to a halt is done by Laser). He says what gives dude as he looks at himself and trying to move fast; he doesn’t understand it – it’s like his powers are locked in this ridiculous little ball form as Red Skull shrugs and says in annoyance fine, I’ll take a look and he floats off and is gone from their sight. After a few minutes, he comes floating back as Loki asks what did you find out, Skull. Skull says from what he found, it appears there is no way out of this place safely that he can see but he did find something quite unusual – follow me as Loki and the other Masters follow him. As they are walking, Living Laser says so what do you think this so called shrine was built for anyway, it sure is a creepy looking place. Loki then says in a sinister tone this isn’t a shrine – it’s a burial site. The Masters are surprised at this fact as Abomination says what you makes you the expert as Loki says with a smile call it – intuition. At that moment, Red Skull says we’re here as everybody stops and look in amazement as they see a large, ornate coffin in the middle of the largest room of the shrine with the walls, floors and lights ornately decorated with statues and murals of famous Gundalians and scenes of Gundalian history all around the room. They get closer to the coffin, which is foggy inside minus the shadowy figure of somebody inside and a small ball floating next to his right hand. Abomination gets close and knocks on the glass, which he then screeches, backs away says oh, that’s cold while Graviton gets closer and says whoever this individual is – he appears to be frozen. Venom then says wow, like we didn’t know that already (annoying Graviton a bit) but then, Loki puts his staff down, leaning it against a nearby pillar, takes his hand and wipes the top of it off, revealing a sleeping face behind the glass – a Gundalian with a black pointed beard; long, black hair with three long braids in the back tied with golden metal in an ornate pattern and a long , lightning-bolt like scar along the right side of his face.  Abomination says that guy’s weird – he even looks weirder than me as Red Skull says be quiet you oaf; he could be listening to everything we are saying. Graviton says unlikely and at that moment, Dynamo floats over next to Graviton and says to everybody he just ran a bio-scan on whoever this is and it appears he is suffering from a deadly disease and it appears the only way to save his life was to freeze him. Loki then asks if your science figured out if it’s curable as Red Skull then asks what are you planning to do with this “thing” as all the other Masters ask the same thing, not wanting to be left out. Loki says if there is a possibility of healing this individual, he would be an invaluable source of knowledge on where they are and how they can possible get home. Dynamo says the medical scan also showed that it appears to be some form of what we know of as leukemia and it is in a treatable stage. Loki says very well, not that I needed to know that since I can heal any mortal disease with my magical prowess as he holds his hand up, which starts to glow while the Masters open the coffin lid, causing a lot of cold air and mist to come out, covering the surrounding floor. After the air clears and only the Gundalian remains, Loki puts his hand on the Gundalian’s chest and he starts to glow a dark gold color, which causes the Gundalian to thaw out slowly and gain some color back in his face. At that moment, a crash comes from a wall in the main hall and rock and debris fly everywhere. The Masters step forward and says we have company but Loki says he only needs a few more seconds but at that point; the soldiers come into the shrine with their Bakugan behind them outside. The lead soldier says hey you, get away from that casket immediately or be prepared to be destroyed, even if you are a Conqueror of Worlds as you so claim. Loki’s hand then stops glowing as he looks at the soldiers with an evil sneer (scaring them a bit) as he says listen well mortals, while picking his staff up and walking forward, – if you even so think you can take down a God (as he takes a fighting position), you had better prepare for what you say next because it will be the last words you ever hath speak in this world. The soldiers look at each other but stay steadfast as the lead soldier yells out for Gundalia and they all charge at Loki and the Masters. As they watch, Red Skull asks if this is the end and if he must perish not by the hand of Captain America or the Avengers, he will never back down against these fools as Loki says well said and they get ready to defend themselves (in only the way they can). Meanwhile, going on behind them, the scene shifts to the lightly floating Bakugan in the coffin in front of the Gundalian’s hand and suddenly, the hand grabs it with a strong authority. The scene shifts to the soldiers’ almost within range of Loki and the Masters but before they manage to attack, a barrage of black lightning comes out of nowhere and shocks the soldiers mercilessly and making them feel tremendous pain. Loki and the Masters are shocked at what’s going on but then, they look behind them and they see who’s firing the lightning:  a tall, imposing figure with his right knee up above him, his robes flowing and his hand out shooting lightning with his eyes closed - it is the same person from the casket. The screen zooms in on his hand and face and at that point, the lightning stops; he lowers his hand and opens his eyes, revealing a perfectly good golden eye but the other eye on his scarred side is all black with a red pupil in the middle but the slits of a Gundalian’s reptilian eyes in both pupils. The scene shifts back to the soldiers who slowly get up and look up and upon seeing the imposing Gundalian behind Loki and the Masters, they get scared as the lead soldier says all of you, fall back now and never look back. The soldiers and their Bakugan try to object, saying whoever he is, they can take him but the lead soldier says you don’t want to deal with this soldier for an opponent at all – retreat now and they start to run away. Their Bakugan say we will cover you while you escape but then, the scene shifts to the Gundalian’s face, who smiles and raises his hand with his Bakugan in it, causing a dark glow to appear around his hand. He then snaps his fingers, which causes the Bakugan to spin lightly in the air but then, he wields his fist and as soon as the Bakugan is in range, he punches the Bakugan hard while saying Bakugan Brawl! – which launches it right past the Bakugan and even the soldiers, as it bounces off a destroyed turret, landing nearby. It then opens up and reveals a six-armed, phantom like Bakugan with a dragon like face. The other Bakugan get scared now as the Gundalian says in deep but extremely sinister voice now, Darkus Phansura, destroy this incompetent fools for attacking their General as the Bakugan, now known as Phansura, says in a sinister voice as well absolutely and flies straight at them. The Bakugan try to fight back and fire blasts at him but their attacks go right through him. As Phansura says that is pathetic, even for Gundalian soldier Bakugan as the other Bakugan get scared while the Gundalian says “Ability Activate – Stone Destroyer!” as Phansura then turns transparent and flies through each Bakugan and backs away. The soldier Bakugan say they didn’t feel a thing but then, they see they are slowing turning to stone and they can’t do anything about it. The soldiers call out to them but it’s pointless as all their Bakugan fully turn into stone statutes. The Gundalian then says sinisterly it  is over as he pulls a card out of his sleeve and slowly raising above his head says “Ability Activate – Nightmare Valitor!” as Phansura flies high in the air, unveils his six arms and each one charges a dark energy and then, he fires them at each of the Bakugan, defeating them instantly. The soldiers go to grab them and run away before they get caught as meanwhile, Loki and the Masters have watched this whole battle take place and are in amazement at the sheer power of what this mysterious person just did. Then, they look behind them and see the Gundalian has jumped down to the floor and is slowly walking forward and goes right past them. But then, he stops in front of Loki and the Masters and asks with a strong voice if they are the ones who cured him. Red Skull says listen you, for your information we are but then, Loki brushes him away and says yes, we are. The Gundalian raises an eyebrow and says interesting;  wait here – I’ll be back as he continues walking towards the soldiers. The scene shifts back to the Gundalian soldiers running away but the leader soldier is behind the others to check to see if his Bakugan is all right but then, a large shadow overtakes him and he gets scared. He looks behind him and sees the Gundalian right behind him and he tries to run away but the Gundalian plants his foot on his back, causing him to fall face first into the ground. He then turns him over and picks him up by the neck. The soldier struggles to escape but quickly gives up and says please, don’t hurt me as Phansura lands right behind the Gundalian and says oh but we would surely like to. The Gundalian says soldier; first, you will tell me why you attacked your esteemed General and his Bakugan and second, why aren’t you fighting the Neathians in the name of our glorious Emperor Barodius. The soldier, while trying to breathe, says the War is over (which causes the Gundalian to raise his right eyebrow high in interest) –  we were winning but then, the Neathians brought the fearsome Bakugan Battle Brawlers from Earth (which perks the Gundalian’s interest and Loki’s right behind him as well) and together, they defeated the Twelve Orders and the Emperor. The soldier says now, there is peace amongst both our planets and a new government was established here by Nurzak as our first Prime Minster and we serve him now, not you anymore as the Gundalian’s grip tightens. The Gundalian sneers and says while closing his eyes a lot has changed but my mission is the same – serve my Emperor and friend’s dream. He then drops the soldier, who gasps and coughs for breath, and the Gundalian points at the soldier (who gets scared being pointed at) and says listen well; this is the last shred of mercy I will ever show to my own people – go and tell that fool Nurzak and all the people of Gundalia that General Zarknight has returned with a vengeance.

The soldier says stutteringly uh, yes sir and runs away at a very fast speed with dust flying right behind him. After he goes, the scene shifts to Phansura behind Zarknight, as Phansura says you shouldn’t have let that traitor go but the Gundalian, now known as Zarknight, says like he said – the last shred of mercy I will ever show here as he says your job is finished for now; return, Phansura and he does while saying yes, my Lord. The Bakugan then returns to ball form and Zarknight grabs him in mid air and after he lands, he walks straight towards Loki. While walking towards them, the Masters tell Loki to be on his guard – we don’t know if he will befriend us or attack us as Loki says don’t worry (as he grips his staff and it lights up a small bit), I’m am prepared for any confrontation. Zarknight then stops in front of him and takes a knee in front of him in a bowing position, which surprises them all. Loki asks what is the meaning of this as Zarknight says his name and the name of his Bakugan to Loki and the Masters. Loki is intrigued as he and the other Masters introduce themselves as well, with Phansura saying hmph, weird names. Zarknight says sternly quiet (which Phansura does) and continues by saying according to the customs of the Gundalian Royal Code; if an outsider helps a Gundalian on the verge of their demise, he is to serve that individual until the debt is repaid in full. He says you cured his near death condition so he is in Loki’s debt until the debt is repaid. Loki smiles and while thinking to himself he was right all along - this person may be useful in not only what’s happening here but what I need to know about ruling this world. Loki then says arise and explains that my comrades and I are from another world entirely (which intrigues Zarknight) – we were dragged in by some powerful dimensional force and landed here so would you be so generous as to answer some questions for us. Zarknight rises and says he would be honored to do so and asks what would they like to know. Loki says first off, what are these creatures you people call Bakugan, where are they and more importantly, what are you? Zarknight says very well (as flashback explanations start to occur while he talks), in this universe, since you are obviously from another, there are fascinating creatures called Bakugan – they have a fascinating history but he doubts they want to hear it now with Abomination saying he likes this guy already – he gets to the point. Zarknight continues and says that they are extremely large creatures with immense elemental powers depending on the element they use but while they are on different worlds, they have this form like Phansura’s and your friends do called a ball form. He says the only way that Bakugan can return to their original forms is to either go to their original home or be used in battle, like those Bakugan I ultimately decimated just now. As for where you are; you are on the planet of Gundalia as Crimson Dynamo says there is no such planet recording in his internal databanks while Red Skull says of course not, you idiot – we are in another universe so you might as well record it. Dynamo says hmm…..a very wise suggestion as Graviton says please continue, General as Zarknight says I am or, rather was, the greatest Gundalian General in all of my people’s history – second only to my close friend and Emperor – Barodius. We are, or were, fighting against another race called the Neathians and winning but unfortunately, he came down with a sickness that could not be cured (as Dynamo says to himself these aliens certainly don’t know medicine that well) and the only way to save my very existence was to be frozen until such a cure could be found and you have just done that so I am grateful for your assistance. Red Skull then gets in front of his face and says where will you go now since you won’t be coming with us but then, Phansura knocks him out of the way (and making him spin) and says you will never appear in front of my Master’s face, strange one as Skull balances himself, gets in Phansura’s face and says make me ghost head. Phansura laughs and says I have no problem doing that; you may be from another world but you have no idea what I’m capable of as Red Skull says bring it but then, the Masters of Evil separate both sides from fighting each other. Phansura says while be backed away I don’t need you pathetic creatures to restrain me as he fires a force from him that knocks the Masters back from him. The Masters then try to gang up on him but then, Loki’s staff appears in between them with Zarknight on the other side. Abomination says hey, what gives boss as Living Laser says we should show this Gundalian whatever he is and his little ghost friend what we mean as Venom laughs and says I’m more than happy to strike first but Loki says enough, all of you. Everybody stops as Loki says right now, we will be teaming up with the esteemed General Zarknight, doing a courteous and flamboyant hand gesture, and his Bakugan Phansura in order to get home and destroy the Avengers as Zarknight says our goals are one in the same since I want to destroy the ones who defeated my Emperor. Loki then says it appears we have some work to do but they should head to this universe’s Earth first because not only should they find a way home there but they might find their own adversaries as well – the Avengers and his brother Thor as he asks Zarknight if he knows of a way to do this. Zarknight says he does – we will need to travel via Dimensional Portal as he says Phansura, open a portal for us. Phansura says you wish as he opens a Dimensional Portal in front of everybody, causing Loki and the Masters to back away a bit due to their last experience with portals. Zarknight, while the portal is behind him and he glows a bit, says do not worry – portals do not act up here like yours did so it’s perfectly safe as he jumps in first. Loki and the Masters stay there for a second as Laser says you can’t be serious about trusting that guy so easily as Venom says he agrees, we should take him out now. Red Skull says be quiet you two – we need help in navigating this world safely and effectively or does returning not matter to any of you. They both go silent as Loki says thank you for keeping them in line, Skull as he says while he despises following someone other than himself, this agreement is only temporary as they all jump in and the portal closes behind them. At that point, more soldiers, Bakugan and Ren Krawler arrive at the site. Ren says search the area immediately and make sure these mysterious beings are captured and Zarknight is imprisoned. At that point, a Volt Elezoid lands and says Commander Ren, I have seen all – there is no sign of these individuals as Ren says they can’t have gone far but then, he gets a message from headquarters that tells Ren a Dimensional Portal headed towards Earth was just closed before they arrived. Ren gets a worried look and says this is not good at all as he gets on top of Linehalt and says back to the Comm Center – he needs to warn the Brawlers immediately. Linehalt says okay as they fly away with Ren saying to himself he hopes it’s not too late while the scene shifts back to the Dimensional Portal with Loki, the Masters and Zarknight flying. Loki says to himself finally, they will enact their revenge on the Avengers in a good old fashioned way as Zarknight smiles evilly from them as they continue floating on.

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