Preview and Opening Credits is the 2nd chapter of the 1st Bakugan vs Marvel feature length film. This was written by Zachattack31. The next chapter will be up hopefully when he gets to it but hopefully, by next week.


The beginning of the film takes place as a black screen but while the narration is heard, it shows space, galaxies and different worlds that coincide with certain parts of the narration, as well as scenes demonstrating parts of the narration description and at the end, it shows the Brawlers and the Avengers joined together with each of their Earth’s behind them and joining together.

In our vast universe, there exists a multitude of worlds. Each world appears to be the same as the next world - with life, death, good, evil; a perfect balance and with each world possessing their own unique characteristics from all others. But one thing that should never happen is for two completely different worlds to collide on each other, for if that were to ever happen,  it could spell the end of the universe as we all know it. But in some unexpected cases, it cannot be helped and when two different worlds meet, it can cause more sinister evil intentions or even greater good. This is one of those tales of two worlds colliding but with the same honorable goals of protecting those who can't protect themselves and defeat those who wish to cause harm to others. A story of two unlikely but very powerful groups to ever team together to defeat evil at its highest point. This is the tale of the mighty Battle Brawlers and the heroic Avengers'.

Opening Music and CreditsEdit

“Opening theme (track 20 of Thor 2011 film soundtrack) and credits play at the beginning with images of each Bakugan and Marvel character playing with their respective voice actors.”

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