A Surprise Trip is the 1st chapter of the 1st Bakugan vs Marvel feature length film. This was written by Zachattack31. The next chapter will be up hopefully when he gets to it but hopefully, by next week.


The scene begins in the sky but then, slowly, the screen lowers down until it reaches down to a bright sunny day in New York City (Stark Tower and the Baxter Building  prominent in the background), with all the hustle-bustle and noises of the city. The scene then moves to a certain area of the city where people are walking down a sidewalk and then, it focuses on a couple walking together. But then, they stop and start looking at something in the window of a small store. They are smiling at a piece of jewelry as the lady says that’s really pretty as the guy says it sure is but then the man sees something green and enormous coming towards them from a reflection in the glass. He looks behind him, gets a frightened look on his face and says loudly get out of the way as he pushes the lady and himself out of the way before a huge mass of green smashes into the little store (but not damaging the jewelry they were looking at as it flies into the lady’s hands). The couple then runs in the opposite direction to escape and after the smoke clears, it’s revealed that it’s Abomination who went through the store window. He gets up slowly out of the wreckage, and says ugh as he rubs his head, that one hurt but then, a yell is heard and he looks up and in the middle of the sun, another huge figure is seen flying with fists blazing, revealing himself to be the Incredible Hulk. He smashes Abomination down hard with a slam, causing a crater to appear in the middle of the street and after the smoke clears again, Hulk is seen standing tall and hitting Abomination repeated times while saying this will teach you who’s the strongest. But before he lands a final blow, an invisible force suddenly hits Hulk back and through a series of buildings, finally being stopped by a nearby tank (ironically, a Hulkbuster Tank). As Hulk gets up from the wreckage slowly, he looks up and sees that Graviton is currently floating above him and holding him down with gravity while saying that you are no match for me, monster – not now, not ever as he increases the gravitational force. Hulk gets angry and grabs the gun off the tank and manages to throw it but Grapliton just grabs it with his other hand with gravity and then compresses the tank gun to the size of a basketball and drops it down. He continues putting gravitational pressure on the Hulk and Hulk is almost up on his feet but then, Gravition lets go suddenly and is in pain and it’s seen he is getting stun and hit by invisible enemies. He then falls down to the ground but then, before he can stand up again, he sees Hulk standing over him as Hulk punches him down again and backs away. It’s revealed that the “invisible” enemies were Ant-Man and Wasp shrunk down to insect size as Ant-Man returns to normal while Wasp stays small. Wasp flies over to Hulk and asks if Hulk is okay as Hulk says Hulk okay but he won’t be as he points to Graviton. Ant-Man says this is definitely a problem as Graviton gets up again and prepares to attack but then, Ant-Man transforms into Giant-Man and uppercuts him into the air but Graviton stops himself. He lowers himself back down as Ant-Man returns to normal again as Gravition says for a man of science, he expected more of a challenge. Ant-Man then says Dr. Franklin please, don’t do this – you can stop this now but Gravition says I’m through listening to your blabbering but then, before he can do anything,  the clouds above him swirl around into a circle and lightning strikes everywhere. Graviton looks above and sees Thor flying above, wielding his hammer Mjolnir. Thor then launches himself at Graviton while yelling for Midgard and strikes Grapliton down hard with his hammer, causing Graviton to land hard on the ground and create a massive crash with smoke and debris flying everywhere. After the smoke clears, Graviton is seen down but still conscious as Thor stands above him and says I suggest you stand down, mortal before I do something far worse but then, he gets hit by a black and purple colored blast from behind, knocking Thor down to his knees. As he gets up and turns to look behind him with an avenging look, he sees it’s Loki who fired the blast from his staff as Loki says hello, brother while putting his staff into a straight up holding position. Thor says I should have known you were behind this brother; no matter how many times you attempt to conquer Midgard (as he picks up Mjolnir close by), Asgard or any of the nine realms – you and your followers will never defeat the Avengers as he holds his hammer high and lightning strikes it. Loki, who is watching without flinching as lightning comes seriously close to him, says I doubt that very much brother as three figures appear alongside him – Venom, Red Skull and Crimson Dynamo. Loki says while looking at all three of them it’s time we teach these pathetic heroes what we can accomplish as Venom steps forward and says certainly in a vile voice with his tongue sticking out but before he can move, something red and blue flies through the air in a flash and it hits Venom with a drop kick square in the chest, knocking him back hard. At that moment, Dynamo and Red Skull are taken surprise by other unknown Avengers (with Dynamo and Skull being pushed back behind Loki), leaving Loki by himself. Loki gets a bit scared and says this presents a problem as he hears his name called out, he looks up and sees Thor about to slam his hammer down on him as he uses his staff to defend himself and the screen flashes to another scene.

Meanwhile, back at the Venom battle, the red and blue shadowed individual is fighting him one on one and holding Venom at bay. At that moment, something in black flashes by Venom and dodges his attacks but then, the black individual takes out two pieces of purple vibranium and changes it to a double bladed energy scythe and slashes at Venom, injuring him and causing the symbiote to act wildly but as soon as Venom gets back under control, the red and blue individual comes out of the air and fires webs at Venom on his shoulders and throws him over for an overhead, over-air takedown, causing Venom to crash hard down and causing smoke and debris to appear. After the smoke clears, Venom is face down while the two figures shown are Spider-Man and Black Panther. Spider-Man takes a breath, cracks his knuckles and says you know, this really isn’t much of an interview for possibly being a new Avenger as he dodges another one of Venom’s attacks after Venom gets up. Black Panther, after he kicks Venom away, says this was unexpected but life always comes at us with unexpected challenges - let’s consider this fight as an assessment of your abilities and so far, they are quite impressive. Spider-Man says gee, thanks as he throws Venom over his shoulder on the ground again – knocking him out this time as Spider-Man it’s cool hearing it from you, being a king and all but then, something flashes by them and it hits them both at the speed of light and then flies up in the air. The flash is revealed to be the Living Laser, who laughs and says you really shouldn’t be talking while there’s a battle going on but at that moment, a mechanical voice says you really should have eyes behind your head. Living Laser starts get nervous and looks behind him all scared where he sees Iron Man right behind him holding his right palm all charged up. Living Laser says oh snap while Iron Man says boo and fires a repulsor blast at point blank range at Living Laser, causing him to fall hard to the ground. After the smoke clears, Living Laser is down but not out as he gets up and says you’re no match for me Stark and you never will be as he flies against and starts doing crazy moves around Iron Man who just stays there flying and watching. Inside the armor, Stark says JARVIS, lock on to him will you please as JARVIS says already locked on sir. Iron Man says thank you as he then opens up a pinpoint laser array from his armor and tops of his hands and fires, getting Living Laser every time and causing him to fall down in defeat. After the smoke clears and it’s seen the Living Lasers is down and out, Iron Man wipes his hands, says that was too easy as he says JARVIS, place a call to S.H.I.E.L.D. and tell them to but then, before he finishes the sentence, he gets tackled by somebody big and red from behind and gets slammed into the ground.  After the smoke clears, Iron Man is down but then, he sees that it was Crimson Dynamo who tackled him and is standing over him while he says in a Russian accent you really should take your own advice, Iron Man. Iron Man then tries to slowly move as he says demandingly JARVIS, repair the internal damage as JARVIS says repairing – repairs complete in 35 seconds as Dynamo says you are nothing Iron Man and I will finally be the one who destroys you as he prepares to fire his arm cannons and other arsenals. Iron Man says scared for a second JARVIS, now would be a good time to speed things up but then, just before Dynamo fires – his armor starts to malfunction just as Iron Man’s repairs are complete and he fires a double repulsor blast at Dynamo knocking him back and down on his back. Dynamo is still trying to get himself back together but then, a green and yellow being floats out of Dynamo – Vision. Vision says mission complete – disable Crimson Dynamo’s circuitry and save Iron Man’s organic coverings.  Iron Man says thanks for the help Vision and for the record, it’s I saved your skin. Vision says saving in database, save complete – shall we continue the attack, Iron Man as it shows Crimson Dynamo slowing getting up. Iron Man says sure,  I or rather we, only need a few minutes to finish this as he charges up and he and Vision go back on the attack. Meanwhile, in another area of the battle, Red Skull is jumping around swiftly and firing a Luger at an unknown target while he dodges that person and a red, white and blue shield. He dodges the shield as it comes to him both times with hardly any movement and the shield returns to Captain America, who says this is the end for you Red Skull – time to finish what we started. Red Skull says my dear Captain, you should know it’s never the end for me but then, somebody comes up from behind him, roars and slashes him with three pronged claws but Red Skull just raises his left arm (not even flinching) and blocks the claws with ease, showing he is wearing a metal gauntlet on his arm. He then turns around, says nice try mutant and fires his Luger at the clawed individual in the chest – which causes the person to fall down on his back. Cap yells out worriedly NO! but then, the individual rises up and says don’t worry Cap (as the scene shows his body healing from the gun blast), as he unleashes his claws again, it will take more than a little metal bullet to stop me as he smiles, revealing himself to be Wolverine. Wolverine and Cap both charge at Red Skull and go into hand-to-hand combat but Red Skull is able to hold them both off but then, Cap and Wolverine both hit him together with dual kicks and he goes wheeling back and his head hits against a wall, dazing him. While he is dazed, Wolverine then cracks his neck and says this wasn’t what he intended for our little reunion Cap but Cap says that’s fine Logan, or Wolverine, whatever you are called now. Cap says I’m still amazed you are what they call a mutant as Wolverine says yeah, cool right but fighting alongside you is just like old times, right. Cap smiles and says it certainly is, soldier – let’s get back at it as Wolverine smiles and says you got it, bub and they both charge at Red Skull again, who is back to normal and does the same while saying loudly you were no match for HYDRA, Captain and you are still no match for me. Meanwhile, back at the main battleground, Loki and Thor are going at it in hand-to-hand combat with neither of them giving in. Thor whacks his hammer as Loki protects himself with his staff, causing a stalemate. While struggled, Thor says why do you side with these villainous mortals – this is even more beneath you but Loki smiles and says since doing things on his own wasn’t working out so well – he thought he would change it up a bit as he thrusts himself forward and catches Thor off balance and prepares to skewer him but then, an arrow comes out of nowhere and explodes on Loki, knocking him back. Thor looks behind and on a ledge shows Hawkeye with his bow armed as he fires another series of arrows, which Loki knocks the 1st few back but gets hit by the last ones anyway. Thor flies up in the air as he says thank you for the assistance, brave archer as Hawkeye says don’t mention it – I got a score to settle with Mr. Horns over there as he fires a trick arrow that emits a sound wave, causing Loki to grab his ears as the arrow hits and knocks Loki back a ways to a small holding area. Meanwhile, the rest of the Avengers take down the remaining members of the Masters of Evil and land them all at where Loki was hit to and start to surround them

At that moment, the rest of the Masters of Evil; all injured and beaten crowd around into a defense position with Loki in the middle who slowly gets up as the rest of the Avengers, Wolverine and Spider-Man appear behind Thor and Hawkeye in front of the Masters. Thor says surrender brother as he points Mjonlir at him, you and your Masters of Evil have been defeated and if you come home to Asgard, I will say a good word for you to our father as Cap comes forward and says think about what you are all doing – surrender before more innocents lives are hurt or you will make things much worse for yourselves. Loki sneers and says not on your life brother and Captain as he stands up,  swings his staff in a circular motion and opens a portal with his magic behind the Masters and himself who watch it unfolding. As Loki stands directly in front of the portal, he says sorry Avengers but my comrades and myself will fight you yet another day but then, a crackling of energy is seen behind him. Everybody looks around and are all staring at what is happening as Loki looks behind with a startled expression and wonders what is going on. The portal is distorting itself in shape and color and sparking lightning everywhere, even at Thor’s hammer and Iron Man’s armor while Cap protects the others with his shield. While shielding himself, Thor yells out what manner of sorcery have you done this time Loki but Loki says he doesn’t know and that is not a lie brother – this has never happened before with one of his escape portals. Iron Man says JARVIS, scan this…..thing…… right now as JARVIS says unknown dimensional disturbance - cannot comprehend. Ant-Man then says it appears to be a portal traveling across dimensions or worlds but Thor says there are only the nine realms and this isn’t one of their portals home which gets everybody concerned. The portal then changes to a differently colored portal (a Dimensional Portal) and everything stops. Spider-Man then says wow, that was weird but suddenly, a huge suction of wind comes from the portal and is sucking everything inside of it from debris to trees. The Masters of Evil are trying to hold on but each of them gets sucked in while the Avengers hold their ground pretty well. Loki is the last to hold on as he is holding on to a light pole as he calls out for Thor, brother – help me. Thor immediately runs over and grabs Loki’s hand and tries to fly out by spinning Mjolnir but only just after he launches, another huge suction of wind sucks them both in. Iron Man says Avengers, back away now but Wasp asks we can’t leave Thor behind but Panther says we can’t help him if we get sucked in as well. They start to back away but then, another huge suction of wind appears and one by one, it sucks the Avengers in. Iron Man is the last to go in and tries to fly out but JARVIS says gravitational pull increasing as the repulsors finally give out and he falls in and the portal closes behind him. Everybody in the area comes out and look around at the devastation and what just happened to their heroes and the villains. A young boy asks Daddy, what was that glowing circle. A man says I don’t know what’s going on but the Avengers and Masters of Evil are gone. At that moment, a helicopter flies over, revealing to be a S.H.I.E.L.D. copter as a voice over a loudspeaker says this area is being quarantined by S.H.I.EL.D. personnel, everybody move away now as directly above that is the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. The voice is from Maria Hill (who is in the side cockpit) as she says we have work to do, if we are to find out what happened to them and why as soldiers start zip-lining from the helicopter with guns armed and ready. Meanwhile, back inside the portal, the Masters of Evil and the Avengers are all floating in the Dimensional Portal as they can’t move very well. Iron Man, after shaking his head and loosening himself up says JARVIS, analyze this immediately but JARVIS isn’t working (only giving static) as Cap says now this is what we used to call in my day “science fiction” while Ant-Man says that he scanned the walls with his helmet – they are very delicate and doesn’t believe they can handle excess energy – which means we can’t fire any blasts or hit the walls with anything with Vision says Dr. Pym’s analysis is correct. The rest of the Avengers agree to what he is saying; however, Thor is too far away to hear what Ant-Man said as he is closer to the Masters than the Avengers. He then raises up, sees and yells at Loki in the distance that he has caused this sorcery and he will finish this contest for good as he charges up Mjonlir. Lightning strikes everywhere as everybody tells Thor to stop with his hammer but it’s too late as the Dimensional Tunnel becomes unstable and starts shaking and firing it’s own blasts of multi-colored energy at everybody. The lightning from the tunnel hits everybody on both sides and they all start feeling pain as their bodies start to shrink and change into completely different forms. Red Skull asks what is happening to them as Loki feels the pain as well but nothing seems to be affecting him like the others as the Masters fly down farther than the Avengers. Thor yells out wait but even he is overcome by pain while saying I shouldn’t be feeling such pain as Iron Man says JARVIS, if you are working – figure out what is happening to us. JARVIS, having a static like voice and stuttering, says body…..compositions………changing, paranormal……………. Fluctuations…………. occurring, complete……….system……………..failure in 3…………..2…………1 and the voice goes out. Iron Man says no, this can’t be happening as everybody is shocked again. Iron Man’s eyes slowly fall asleep as he tries to stay awake by saying no but he and the other Avengers fall unconscious as they continue floating down the portal while there is another bright flash of light and the Avengers and Masters are all gone.

(The intro to the film and credits now plays after the screen goes dark - soundtrack Thor Kills the Destroyer)

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