Bakugan Zombies
Bakugan Zombies Poster 1 Full
Created By Valentin 98
Number of Chapters N/A
Release Date October 31, 2012
Status Canceled
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Bakugan Zombies is a Fan Fiction written by Valentin 98. It takes place in an alternate Bakugan reality seemingly very similar to the main one, only this one begins to have its Bakugan and Brawlers turning into the flesh-eating undead - zombies.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Dan Kuso and the rest of the current Battle Brawlers roster - Shun Kazami, Valentin Kazami, and Marucho Marukura - arrive at the center of Bakugan City after each receives a distress call from the city's police force about a cannibalistic Brawler and his equally dangerous Bakugan. Dan recognizes the Brawler as Koji Beetle, an old opponent of his from Bakugan Interspace, and Valentin notes that Koji and his Bakugan might be zombies, due to the facts presented to them. The latter and his Guardian Bakugan, Darkus Leonidas, attempt to take down the seemingly undead Brawler, but are zombified in the process. Can the Battle Brawlers and their Bakugan take down this menace? Also, where did the zombies come from?




  • Cyrus Osono Pyrus
    • Bakugan: Testor Dragonoid Pyrus (deceased)
  • Angelica Osono Haos
    • Bakugan: Sprite Ethereas Haos
  • Jake Kuso Darkus
    • Bakugan: ??? Darkus


  • Alicia Osono Haos
  • Mr. and Mrs. Osono

Ownerless BakuganEdit



  • Valentin Kazami Darkus
    • Bakugan: Astral Leonidas Darkus
  • Dan Kuso Pyrus
    • Bakugan: Celestial Dragonoid Pyrus
  • Marucho Marukura Aquos
    • Bakugan: Infinity Trister Aquos
  • Shun Kazami Ventus
    • Bakugan: Jaakor Ventus
  • Koji Beetle Subterra
    • Bakugan: Luxtor Subterra
    • Bakugan 2: Glotronoid Subterra (deceased)


Ownerless BakuganEdit



Ownerless BakuganEdit

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