The rules for Bakugan Roleplaying... ye.

The BasicsEdit

Well, players can use basic commands like attack and defend or dodge, using these commands may sometimes avoid getting hit by an ability, or maybe getting hit by a weakened attack when defending.

The stadium choice is choosed randomly by the Referee, players shouldn't complain about it.

The BattleEdit

Mechtogans, Traps, and Zeno (a type of gear used in battle) are only allowed in SPECIAL BATTLES (as in battles with special rules) If both players agree they are able to use it.

Players shouldn't rush in the battle (using abilities constantly) doing that will make the player (or opponent) recieve a warning and will not be able to fight for atleast 1 minute.

Battles are NOT based on strength, sometimes people are lucky in the battle to win, and even just basic attacks could make the opponent lose.

Ability RulesEdit

Each Ability can ONLY be used three times in battle (there can be NO ability that enables the player to be able to use the ability more than three times)

Abilities can't be used constantly without the opponent getting a chance to attack, doing that will temperarly disable the player from battling for about 1 minute.

End ResultsEdit

Whoever wins recieves 250 BakuPoints, but the loser recieves 100. However, in tag matches it is 300 BakuPoints for the winners and 150 BakuPoints for the losers. If in a Free For All, it is 50 points per player defeated (Ex: This is a 4 player Free For All, Mike won it and got 200 BakuPoints, while Lisa, the person in last place got 50 points.)

Players cannot complain about if they win or lose, this is supossed to be fun.

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