To Register your Bakugan, you gotta read the registration rules.

How To RegistrateEdit

  • The MAX Gs of a new Bakugan is 1000, Not less or higher.
  • The Bakugan MUST have an attribute (Custom Attributes are allowed.)
  • The Bakugan needs to have specific information (like design "Rokonoid is a dinosaur like bakugan with spikes) The more info you have the most likely the Bakugan is registered.
  • (Note you don't need this) Some Bakugan could have a picture if you want.

Ability RulesEdit

  • 6 Abilities Max for start (They need to be legal and not godmod and Gs lowering abilitys can only drop 400 max, and this also applys to G increasing abilities. But it goes up to 600 for Ultimate Abilities)
  • 3 Fusion Abilities Max for start
  • 1 Ultimate Ability Max for start

Gate Card Rules=Edit

  • 2 Gate Cards Max


Balista is a Bakugan owned by Zie, it as an Aquos Bakugan. It has 600 Gs.


Balista is a frilled lizard and is blue, it has sharp claws and webbed feet and sharp eyes.


  • Acid Bubble: decrease 100 gs and nulifys opponents attack.
  • Claw: decreases 100 gs to the opponent and adds 100 gs to Balista
  • Listaboost: adds 300 gs to Balista
  • Double Lista: clones Balista into two and doubles attack power.
  • Bubble Shield: Adds 200 gs to Balista and splits the attack from the opponent.
  • Muk Slap: Decreases 50 Gs from opponent and may make them unable to attack for 1-2 turns.

Fusion AbiltiesEdit

  • Toxic Bubble: Poisons the opponent and decreases their gs by 50 each turn for about 1-5 turns.
  • Tornadolista: Adds 400 Gs to Balista and leaves the opponent dizzy for 1-2 turns, it will cause their attacks to miss.
  • Switchlista: Adds the G power of the opponents attack but decreases the amount the opponent gains, it will reflect their attack back at the Bakugan, but it does not work on ultimate abilities.

Ultimate AbilityEdit

  • Super Balista: Adds 400 Gs to Balista and makes him create 4 clones that attack and subtract 50 gs from the opponent using each clone.

Gate CardsEdit

  • Toxic Gate: Creates a toxic water that boosts 300 Gs to an Aquos bakugan.
  • Spot: Nulifys the opponents ability and transfers 200 gs to users bakugan.

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