There were four Bakugan Brawlers partying at a hospital.

There names were Bakugan Brawler Nexus, Bakugan Brawler Darkusfan, Bakugan Brawler Nintendocan and last but not least Bakugan Brawler Poshi.

Nexus: Hey doctor is it okay if we stay here for let's see a week.

Doctor: Yes Nexus Sir and you can throw your bakugan at the sticky wall.

Nexus: the sticky wall?

Doctor: Yes the sticky wall

Nexus: okay that sounds fun!

Nexus: Hey guys the doctor said we can stay here for a week. We can even throw our bakugan at walls which is called the sticky wall.

Nintendocan, Darkusfan, Poshi: Horray!

  • everyone throws their bakugan at the sticky wall*

Poshi: Hmm I wonder what's for Dinner? [1]

Nintendocan: I want a turkey cooked on the sticky wall!

Darkusfan: And i want spaghetti cooked on the sticky wall.

Nexus: okay. Poshi can you ask for turkey and spaghetti cooked on the sticky wall.

Poshi: Sure thing Nexieo.

Nexus: wait why are you calling me Nexieo?

Poshi: i feel like it. Anyways doctor get us a turkey and spaghetti cooked on the sticky wall!

Doctor: The sticky wall? we cant cook stuff on the sticky wall especially not in the hospital.

Poshi: =| Cook it on the sticky wall doctor!

Doctor: okay okay

Nurse: doctor come quick we have a patient who has a broken their right arm and right leg and the patient is a righty!

Doctor: OH NO! I'm coming!

Poshi: Guess were gonna have Dinner late.

Nexus: I'm gonna throw the doctor at the sticky wall before he gets to the patient.

Poshi: kay

  • Nexus throws the doctor at the sticky wall*


Now the patient will be better in 10 weeks. All because of Nexus. :O

Wolf: Hi! I'm gonna throw my self to the sticky wall it's fun i've done it before.

Everyone: XD

And now what wolf said Nexus, Poshi/ Val, Darkusfan, and Nintendocan, Threw therselves to the sticky wall!

Nexus: It is fun!

Darkusfan Yeah it is

Nintendocan: It's Awesome!

Poshi: Ha ha ha ha ha it's so fun!

  • then they all get off*

Val: I'm not Poshi I'm Val!

Everyone: :O

Darkusfan: Then where is Poshi?

Poshi: I'm right over here!

Poshi: I want to try the Sticky wall!

  • trys the sticky wall*

Poshi: Awesome

Val: Ikr

Wolf: Ikr

Nintendocan: Okay i think having a Bakugan Brawl while the doctor is with the patient it will get time over with quickly.

Darkusfan: Okay then bring out your bakugan. Go Rets Remy!

Nintendocan: Go Rowy Butowy!

Poshi: Go Pretty Tarmes!

Nexus: Go Harmless Tarmles!

Val: Go Jenna McTardey!

Wolf: go Riley Tempser!

Then they just battled and battled and battled till the doctor was done with his patient and everyone won a battle once.

Poshi: Okay now can we have dinner slow of helping patients doctor.

Doctor: Sure i don't mind you calling me that.

Then they just ate dinner like a caveman.

                                  The End


  • [1] = Legend of Zelda

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