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Bakugan R-Evolutions
Created By Nexus360
Number of Seasons 3
Season 1 Length August 21, 2012 - Ongoing
Number of Episodes 33
Status Livin' like Larry
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Bakugan R-Evolutions is a series created by Nexus360. There are currently three seasons planned, with a second and third series already in the thought process.


Team R-EvolutionsEdit

  • Luke Truman
    • Bakugan: Valkyrie Pyrus
    • Bakugan: Over 2 dozen Pyrus Bakugan
    • Bakugan: Tadoad Aquos (Temporary)
  • Bobby Wilder
  • Marina Gallagher
  • Austin Hicks
  • Lloyd

Team New Battle BrawlersEdit

Credit goes to Valentin 98

  • Valentin
  • Justin
    • Bakugan: Forever Elyte Pyrus
  • Angelica
    • Bakugan: Sprite Ethereas Haos
  • Nick
    • Bakugan: Dreamminger Aquos

Team Dark Burning WavesEdit

Credit goes to Nintendocan, Darkusfan202, and Poshi301

  • Nintendo
    • Bakugan: Ardor Pyrus
  • DF
    • Bakugan: Umbra Darkus
  • Poshi
    • Bakugan: Oceanus Aquos

Other CharactersEdit


Order of DragonsEdit

Dragon EmperorsEdit

Dragon PaladinsEdit

BRAWL (Brawlers and Regulators Allied With the Law)Edit

  • Commandant Marshall Bryce
  • Commander Hunter
  • Commander Jared
    • Bakugan: Chrysalia Haos (Temporary)
    • Bakugan: Axotor Haos (Temporary)
  • Captain Derek
    • Bakugan: Chrysalia Haos
    • Bakugan: Raiden Haos (Given to Aaron)
  • Captain Brett
  • Lieutenant Aaron

Team Ice'n WindyEdit

Credit goes to The Outcast Wolf

Team High TechnicalitiesEdit

  • Cameron Haos
    • Bakugan:
  • Davis Subterra
    • Bakugan:
  • Isaac Ventus
    • Bakugan:


  • Marcus (Incarcerated)
  • Russell (Incarcerated)
  • Vince (Incarcerated)

Other CharactersEdit


Team NexusEdit

Team Swag DistrictEdit

Credit goes to C22helios

Team Stormy GallowsEdit

Credit goes to Icefern

  • Ice
  • Pyro
    • Bakugan: Turbine Dragonoid Subterra
    • Bakugan: Phosphos Pyrus

Team DownpourEdit

  • Matt Aquos
    • Bakugan:
  • Shaun Aquos
    • Bakugan:
  • Adam

Team TouchdownEdit

  • Allen
  • Ryan
    • Bakugan: Armor Robotallion Pyrus
  • Harrison
    • Bakugan: Armor Robotallion Haos

Other CharactersEdit

  • Zack Schneider
  • Kevin Sands
  • Hayley
  • Macy
  • Mr. Emerson
  • Mrs. Truman
  • Announcer
  • Mr. Smith (Deceased)
  • Principal

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