Bakugan 5 is the unofficial fifth season of Bakugan Battle Brawlers, it takes place a few years after the brawlers defeated Mechtavius Destroyer. Instead of it focusing on that overused Dan Kuso we now have a new brawler "Pyrus Protag" who uses Searing Dragonoid. The story is literally a rip-off of Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V but the world building they did really makes it work you know?


We go to a world without the battle brawlers, battle gear, mechtogan, that stupid kid from the first episode of Bakugan that battled Dan. 

The world is separated into "six dimensions"

  • Standard Dimension: The dimension where the new characters live, it is an alternate version of Earth (or Bakugan City)
  • Original Dimension: The dimension where the battle brawlers and all the events of seasons 1-4 took place. The antagonist is located here, he has assembled brawlers to seal away people and Bakugan from other dimensions.
  • Vestal Dimension: The dimension where Vestal lies, all the characters are still there but years have passed since NV/MS
  • Neathia Dimension: The attack on Neathia nearly destroyed the planet, not many Neathians live there anymore besides a few survivors.
  • Gundalia Dimension: Was attacked a few times, soldiers repelled the attack but the planet is under lockdown it seems.
  • New Vestroia: A world where Bakugan live.

Arc 1: The Stranger from Another WorldEdit

The Darkus Dragon brawler appears, so does Sho. The shocking revelation is revealed, it's time to save the dimensions. Ventus Dragon Brawler beats Darkus guy. Protagonist "absorbs" Darkus Brawler. Now the Darkus guy is a part of the protagonist (and uses his Darkus Rebellion Dragonoid!)

Arc 2: Arrival at VestalEdit

Gang arrives at Vestal, meets older Baron. Mira got sealed away, Spectra is furious, Ace is a famous brawling champion. We'll see the protagonist against Ace and the best character Spectra (who he loses to the first time)

Meanwhile another person is trying to take over Vestal... Zenoheld returns?!?!?!

Arc 3: Destroyed Planet NeathiaEdit

Half of the gang ends up in Neathia, it is a destroyed planet. Haos dragon user appears.

Arc 4: Neighbor Planet GundaliaEdit

The others arrived at Gundalia, Subterra dragon user appears alongside Fabia????

Arc 5: Fate of WorldsEdit

We head to the last destination, the original dimension. We meet Shun and Marucho and some other brawlers to infiltrate the "Bakugan Academy" and defeat the antagonist. The revelation reveals that the protagonist and the other dragon brawlers are connected - they are one person "Draco" who used all six attribute dragons.

Eventually it's just the Pyrus and Aquos dragon users left. Aquos is beat, Pyrus absorbs him. The true antagonist, Draco returns (but using the protag as a host)

The previous season and new season brawlers fight the new threat until someone (nope, not Dan) saves the day!

Arc 6: The Dimension StitchesEdit

Protag must fix problems in each dimension, we see a battle against Shun and his OG Bakugan (Skyress, Ingram, Taylean, and Jaakor) and the last battle is against the protags rival.


The Dragon Brawlers & The Six GirlsEdit

  • Pyrus Protag: The protagonist, he uses Searing Dragonoid, lives in the Standard Dimension (earth 2)
  • Darkus Dragon User: A mysterious brawler, who is the first one to appear, he uses Rebellion Dragonoid. He is from the original earth where the battle brawlers are located.
  • Aquos Dragon User: He's a cruel vicious brawler working for "The doctor" and uses Aquos Viper Dragonoid. He was an orphan on New Vestroia strangely, living with the Bakugan and his guardian Viper Dragonoid (which explains his vicious nature i guess?)
  • Haos Dragon User: A Neathian who despises humans, he appears in the Neathia Arc and battles Pyrus Protag. He uses Photon Dragonoid
  • Subterra Dragon User: A Gundalian who uses Magma Dragonoid.
  • Ventus Dragon User: Another guy from Vestal, he is pretty cocky and he is the "comedic relief". He uses Gale Dragonoid

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Aki: He is a rookie brawler who is friendly to Pyrus Protag, he uses Haos Akisune
  • Sho: An agent from the Original Dimension who visits Earth
  • Mayrus: A big looking dude, he uses a golem Bakugan.
  • Rin: A Aquos user who analyzes battles, uses Aquos Apophis.
  • Percy: A comedic relief character, he is a Darkus brawler and uses circus like pokemon.
  • Lloyd: A brawler who uses all attributes, he uses warrior like Bakugan (attribute knights) and is definitely one of the strongest brawlers in the series. He is the son of "The Doctor"

Legacy CharactersEdit

  • Ace Grit: A very strong brawler who uses Lancer Percival. He MAY be an antagonist OR be a famous brawler in Vestal
  • Baron Leltoy: Has gotten a bit stronger than his NV version, he has a slight redesign and uses Sparkling Nemus. He is the caretaker to his family after his parents died (they actually were just turned into cards)
  • Mira Fermin: No role, she was carded and Spectra is pissed.
  • Spectra Phantom: HE HAS RETURNED. With his new Pyrus Ragnarok Helios who is barely mechanical anymore he battles the protagonist and destroys him. He later battles the protagonist again in a tournament arc and loses after a long battle.
  • Rafe: He appears alongside Paige in the Neathia episodes with his new Paladin Wolfurio.
  • Paige: He appears alongside Rafe in the Neathia episodes with her new Crush Boulderon
  • Fabia Sheen: The queen of Neathia, she fled from Neathia in exile because the evil force wanted to capture her. Rafe believes she is still out there (which she is). She uses Valkyrie Aranaut. She gets carded by the Aquos Dragon user.
  • Ren Krawler: Tasked with guarding Gundalia while it is under lockdown from the evil threat. He uses Midnight Linehalt.
  • Lena Isis: Gundalian resistance member. Uses Deadly Phosphos
  • Jesse Glenn: Gundalian resistance member. Uses Sonic Plitheon
  • Zenet Surrow: Gundalian resistance member. Uses Solar Contestir
  • Mason Brown: Gundalian resistance member. Uses Exceed Avior


  • Neathia and Gundalia are one arc, but split in several storylines.
  • Neathia storyline has protagonist, Sho, Percy, and Mayrus in the destroyed Neathia. Most of the Neathians were carded but they find a scared mom and kids. They meet Rafe and Paige who question them.
  • The Haos Dragon User appears in the beginning of the Neathia storyline, he attacks some evil soldiers and cards them. He battles Percy and Mayrus and loses. He battles the protagonist but the battle has no outcome.
  • A cloaked figure (EITHER ACE GRIT OR A COMPLETELY NEW HAOS VILLAIN) battles protagonist and the battle is a draw.
  • Meanwhile Rin (aquos attribute girl) gets stuck in Gundalia for some reason. A evil soldiers appears and tries to capture her but Fabia appears and saves her.
  • Fabia brings Rin to the hideout, she meets Lena, Jesse, Zenet, Mason, and Ren and explains Gundalia is under lockdown. Soldiers come to attack but they are defeated by a Subterra Dragon who is owned by the Subterra Dragon user, another member of the resistance.
  • The evil soldiers report that Rin is located in Gundalia, they appear and its the resistance against the evil forces.
  • BACK AT NEATHIA, two female soldiers of the evil team attack Rafe and Paige. They lose the battle but Protagonist and Sho prevent them from carding and initate another battle, the protagonist and sho win.
  • Ace Grit or New Haos Villain battle Protagonist again and lose. That person joins the good side and so does the female soldiers after realizing the error in their ways.
  • Haos Dragon user joins the good side and saves the gang from a massive attack of the evil troops.
  • The neathia arc ends but Paige gets a message saying Gundalia needs her help.
  • The Aquos Dragon user appears again, intending to capture Rin. Jesse, Zenet, and Lena do a 3v1 against the Aquos Dragon User and they all lose and get carded because they underestimated that kids power.
  • As the Aquos Dragon User approaches Rin, Subterra Dragon User declares a duel, the battle ends with the Aquos absorbing the Subterra Dragon user. Protagonist and the others arrive to see this event to take place, protagonist is shocked to see this (because the Darkus Dragon User is inside the protagonists body)
  • The evil team retreats and Rin is not captured due to the big fight

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