Destiny Brawl - Part 4 - A Brawler's End is the 104th episode and the 4th part of the 4 part series finale of Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods. It was written by Zachattack31. This is also the final episode of the BakuGods series.


The episode starts back in space as the Brawlers and their allies are in complete shock as they see how huge and bright Zakaros has become. On the other side, Calthor is in shock and has a scared look as he says it’s over – I’m finished now. Back on the side of the afterlife, the afterlife actually starts to resonate a bit as Pyraxx asks what is going on. Tsurambo just smiles and says it is the end of this fight; Zakaros has becoming what many BakuGods have dreamed of – he has attained his MasterGod form. He continues by saying while it is untrained, the amount of power he has will be impossible for anyone, even Calthor to defeat. Wistorn says I never expected anything less as Carta says I certainly hope he can handle such power. Back in space, Lindsata says it’s so majestic while Tivala says it really was true – Master Atrion, you were right all along. Atrion says now that Zakaros has unlocked it, it’s time to finish this as up at Zakaros’ large face he opens his eyes fiercely with determination.

Back at the fight, Calthor begins to retreat back slowly as Dan yells up and says Zakaros, you look awesome. Zakaros slowing looks over himself and says in a booming voice I feel very different now but thanks to you all – I managed to unlock this form. Zakaros then turns to Calthor who is in shock but loudly says repeatedly no, no, no, no, no, NO – I’m the MasterGod; I was chosen – you have taken it from me. Zakaros says in a booming voice Calthor, you are hereby charged with numerous crimes against millions of people from many races. As Calthor listens with a sign of fright and anger, Zakaros continues by saying you have also destroyed several peaceful worlds and are responsible for the destruction of the entire BakuGod race through the use of the Great War. He finishes with the price for all these atrocities you have brought up the innocent – the penalty is your total destruction. He aims his staff right at Calthor, (which happens to reach Calthor’s position but is short a few inches from his face) and says do you have any final words before you are destroyed. Calthor then smiles and laughs hysterically as Zakaros raises one eyebrow and Ren says he’s gone insane. Calthor then stops and says in a serious tone I have nothing to say, nor do I regret anything I have done and I will achieve my goals – even if I have to go through you. He then raises his staff and says Dark Supreme Ragnarok Dextra and fires it at Zakaros. However, Zakaros swings his staff and knocks the blast towards the darkened galaxy, exploding shortly afterwards. Calthor is still shocked that Zakaros can blow his most devastating attack so easily but Zakaros says sternly so be it – you have made your choice. He then says but I won’t be the only one destroying you as he raises his staff and it glows, sending multiple beams of light to each individual of the allied forces. Soon, each person has a light in front of them and appears a special hexagonal shaped card. Zakaros says take them and say the ability with me as everybody grabs it and holds it up. Zakaros then says (along with everybody else) “Master Ability Activate – Brawl Master Dragon!” as Zakaros roars loudly, projecting a dragon image around him. He then unleashes the dragon image forward at Calthor at high speed. Everybody’s cards release a beam of energy that gives the blast even more strength. Mira is reading the numbers as she says it’s infinite power but it’s different. Professor Clay it’s more than different – what was done with Dragonoid Destroyer was not infinite power but this is true strength from the will of others. Calthor then says I may be alone but I’m not powerless as he fires a Ragnarok Dextra at the Brawl Master Dragon. However, the unified attack just blows right by it. Calthor says no, I can’t be destroyed as he tries to escape but then, binds of light appear on his wrists and ankles – conjured by Zakaros. Zakaros says you will not escape from your crimes this time as Calthor says even I’m hit, I will still survive. The Master Force Dragon then attacks him and he is enveloped in the blast’s energy. He cries out in pain as everybody watches with Zakaros saying he will be eliminated shortly – he cannot survive an attack of this magnitude. As he cries out, his body starts to disintegrate as Well Galow says Master, I …..have failed….you as he disappears entirely. Calthor calls out Galow’s name as then, Volca says we have tried our best Master – we beg…..forgiveness as Volca disappears as well. Calthor says Volca, no as Dmill and Anacon disappear as well. The last one is Hammer Cannon as Cannon looks from his part of Calthor’s body,  he says Master; we shall meet again – in this time or the next as he goes as well. Calthor’s Supreme form then disappears, revealing his regular form as his body starts to disappear finally leading up to only his face being left. Calthor then yells loudly in excruciating pain as he is disintegrating quickly Zakaros, we will meet again and I will make sure you are destroyed. He then looks at the Brawlers and says and as for you Battle Brawlers – you have earned my undying wrath and fury and you will not survive when I return. Zakaros then roars back you shall never return to his life or the afterlife – NOW BEGONE! as the blast gets stronger and blows through Calthor as he screams one last time and is gone as several dark particles disappear and the sky is blank. Dan says did we win as Zakaros looks down and gives a thumbs up while saying it is done, Calthor will never harm or destroy anything again as in the afterlife, Tsurambo says it's over as everybody in the afterlife cheers with Sid saying he did with style as Masquerade says of course he did.

Meanwhile, back in space as the essence of Calthor disperses, Zakaros goes back into a calm state and says it is done – Calthor is finished. Dan says in amazement we won….we really WON! as everybody starts cheering. Marucho says we finally beat him but then Fabia says but, look at what we have lost to gain this victory. Everybody looks where she is and they see how black the galaxy is and how it’s filled with rubble and debris from the planets Calthor destroyed and all the forces they lost. Fabia says sadly there is nothing left – what will we do as she starts to cry a bit. Jin then comes up and puts his hand on Fabia’s shoulder and says don’t worry Fabia – we can rebuild it. Fabia says there aren’t many of us left; how can we survive as Jin says you’re the Queen of Neathia and we still have people left and even though it may take a while; there still are some things we can do to rebuild. Nurzak says I agree with Dan saying I just wish I still had my parents and our other friends. At that moment, Zakaros booms out no; this will not suffice after all you have suffered. Spectra says what do you plan to do as Zakaros raises his staff and says I restore to you all that was lost……and more as his staff starts to shine brightly. He fires some bright light shockwaves as suddenly, in the blackness of the galaxy, lights begin to appear and starts reemerge. Everybody is in amazement as the galaxy begins to reenergize itself and soon, the galaxy is whole as in the Spirit Lake - the MasterGods of the past feel the power as one exclaims this power feels different as Lacetornia says it is being used for the right reasons. Back in space, Zakaros then says now, your homes as the rubble from the planets start to come together and the planets begins to reform themselves and soon, they are back to normal as well. As Zakaros looks at Gundalia, however, he stops and says tell me something, Prime Minister, why does your planet look so barren and dark. Nurzak says we live underground – we never have had trees or grass like other planets and we sort of got used to that way of life. Zakaros asks can I make some minor adjustments with your permission, which gets Ren somewhat excited, as Nurzak says you may. Zakaros then waves his staff towards Gundalia and soon, grass and planets start to sprout on Gundalia’s surface while the sun finally shines on the planet for the first time in their history. Dan says wow, I got to get me one of those staffs as Zakaros then says the planets are restored and soon, it’s people will be restored as well. He then opens a portal to the afterlife and says I restore you all to your worlds as back in the afterlife – all the Gundalians, Neathians, Vestals, New Vestroia Bakugan, Mechtogan and Humans start to glow and get whisked away into the portal and out, causing an amazing lightshow that the Brawlers and their allies observe as they see some of their friends and family flying by. Each light makes its way to its home planet as in a few moments, all the populations are restored back to the way there were before Calthor’s takeover. Dan and the others are amazed as Dan says everything is back to normal as Fabia hugs Jin, Shiori and Shun embrace and the others celebrate in their own various ways for their victory. Even the Bakugan are celebrating with Preyas doing an Elvis impression and saying thank you, thank you very much. Just then, Zakaros’s glowing body that disperses and he turns back into his regular form, exhausted as Lindsata grabs him in open arms while falling a bit. Lindsata says rest easy; you’ve done a great deal of work as Zakaros says I'll have to get used to that but it’s good that the threat is over and the two of us can move forward. Blakai then jumps and says all right; party time as he hugs them together with Atrion coming alongside and putting his hand on Zakaros' shoulder. He says you did a good job as Zakaros grabs his hand in agreement and says thanks; but we could have not done it without you. Just then, Clay, Jin, Shiori and Floria come to Atrion and they have a short stare down. Clay says um, Atrion right as Atrion nods his head and says I wanted to thank you for reviving me - it may have not been for the right intentions but I can finally correct the mistakes I've caused. Jin says I never got to say goodbye to my friends and family when I was killed in battle so I thank you as well. Shiori says I'm also grateful; I can finally see how much my son has grown up since I fell asleep. Floria is the last to talk as she says I'm grateful as well but I don't think I can ever forgive my father - he's the reason I died from my conflict in the War. Atrion says your thanks is appreciated and I must apologize for what I did to you all but Floria, the first step towards fixing things is forgiveness. He continues by saying even though I did horrible things - I was forgiven and I finally corrected the things I did like with you and joining with the good guys. Floria doesn't look too impressed but says maybe you're right as then, a portal opens up unexpectedly and everybody wonders what is going to happen as some shadowed figures appear from the opening.

Back at the portal, the shadowed figures are revealed to be Tsurambo, Wistorn, Carta, the Attribute Masters, Zarodius, Sid, Torin, Lync, Volt, Hydron and Masquerade. Ren says Sid, is that you as Rubanoid says it can't be - he's gone but Sid smiles that familiar smile and says long time no see Ren. Ren and the others in his group all go over to talk and say hi. Torin then walks out and Elright says is that Torin as Jin says yes, it is. Torin says hello, Commander and Captain - you look mighty well as they start talking. Spectra however, is shocked when he sees Lync, Volt and Hydron together and thinks they are here to get him. However, Mylene and Shadow come over as Mylene says Hydron - is that you as Hydron says nice to see you again and don't worry; I'm not bad anymore. Lync laughs and says yeah, neither am I with Volt saying it's good to some familiar faces again as Gus shows up on Vulcan, also surprised, as they get into talking. And finally, Masquerade appears which shocks all the Brawlers and especially Alice. Hydranoid is the most confused as he says wait, he's there but you're here - what's going on. Masquerade walks up to Dan and says you've done mighty well over the years as Dan is wondering how the heck are you here. Masquerade explains that figuratively speaking; he died but Atrion gave him his own body as Mahisas pops out and says he's quite the Brawler and he's told me some very impressive stories. Hydranoid says hey, how could replace me as Masquerade says you're Alice's Bakugan now and besides, Mahisas and I just have a temporary partnership with Mahisas saying yeah right. Alice says um, meeting you face to face is kind of surreal - I don't know what to say. Masquerade puts his hand on his shoulder and  says there is nothing to say; you've done good work - keep it up. Alice smiles and says thanks, Masquerade but wonders to herself geez, that was weird to say. Meanwhile, Nurzak and Zarodius are talking as Zarodius says you have done good work leading the Gundalian people towards the right side as Nurzak says thank you, Emperor. Zarodius says please, don't call me after that title - there are no more Emperors in Gundalia, only Prime Ministers as he smiles with Nurzak saying thank you very much. Back at the BakuGods area, Tsurambo is rehealing Zakaros as Zakaros says thank you very much as Tsurambo says no, thank you - you have done something that many couldn't and corrected my mistakes. Dive Fujoe says you have also exceeded my expectations but now, I must return to where I belong; I expect you to come back to further your training properly. Zakaros sighs and says don't worry; I'll be back as Fujoe flies back into the portal. As he flies in, he actually sees people are still celebrating and it looks like the land is very, very slowly coming back to normal as he smiles and says things are looking up as he flies back to the Forest Mistlands. Back in space, MechtoTron, Grace Swift and Sky Sprint head back as Zakaros says thank you for all your help as MechtoTron says thank you for giving out people alive - visit us any time, Tsurambo says listen everybody as everybody turns their attention to him as he says because I don't have full power to keep the portal open - everybody who came with me as to head back to the afterlife before they are gone. Sid says well, that's my cue - see you guys later as Ren smiles and says it was good to see you as Sid heads back in. Torin then does so after Elright gives him a medal for all he's done, Lync, Volt and Hydron head back in on good terms, Masquerade says we should have another Brawl sometime Dan - I want to see how much better you've gotten. Dan does a nose flick and says you got it as they shake hands and he goes back in. Zarodius then leaves next as Wistorn and Carta go next after saying goodbye to their respective people. As everybody gathers around, Zakaros then says Tsurmabo, what happens to the afterlife now as Tsurambo says it will start to restore itself but it will take many years, maybe even decades to do so - the afterlife needs people to take charge in restoring the place. Before Zakaros can say anything, Tsurambo holds up a hand and says don't ask me - I think I've had enough of leadership and honestly, I enjoy retirement. Zakaros says all right but first as he turns to Daedathron, Neotaro and Maxoric as he says before I do this; you are the leaders of your respective factions - would you like me to restore the BakuGods and our home. All three are taken back but they all look at each other, nod in agreement as Neotaro says Master Zakaros; your offer is more than we can ask as Maxoric finishes with but I think we will respectively decline. Zakaros is surprised as Daedathron says even though we are good now; we have still done many horrible things and I think I speak for all three of us when we need to fix our mistakes first. Zakaros says I understand but you'll need a leader in order to unify the people and get things moving as he turns to Atrion. He then says Atrion; will you be my advocate in the afterlife for handling it's restoration as Atrion bows on one knee and says I would be honored, my friend. Zakaros touches him with his staff and says it is done as Daedathron, Neotaro, Maxoric and Marnitac say their goodbyes and they fly off into the portal. But then, Tivala approaches quietly and says um...Master Zakaros, can I make a special request. Zakaros says what is it Tivala and you don't need to be so formal; I'm not like that. Tivala says I request that I go with Atrion into the afterlife; which takes everybody by surprise, even Zakaros. Zakaros says why would you ask this; you still have a life to live but Tivala says I no longer have a desire or purpose to be here - I just want to be with Master Atrion from now on. Atrion is taken back as he finally realizes that Tivala cares for him in many ways than just loyalty .Zakaros says if that is what you want, I can grant it but your life force must go somewhere as she says can you give it to the boy. Blakai is taken back and says me; you would do that for me as Tivala finally smiles and says yes, I would. Zakaros says are you okay with this Blakai as Blakai says sure, I would love to see the world now and what it has as Dan says we can show him the ropes. Zakaros says very well and he does a ritual that transfers Tivala's life force over to Blakai, making Blakai a real living person. Tivala says thank you, Zakaros - I will never forget this as she and Atrion leave into the portal to being restoration. Then, Zakaros goes over to Baraxx and says Baraxx - it's your turn. Baraxx says what is it as Zakaros brings out his former Bakugan and the key to unlock his powers again. Zakaros says these are your Bakugan - they have been kept safe for you:

  • Pyrus Flareturion
  • Ventus Valkyrai
  • Aquos Slashfin
  • Haos Shineglide
  • Subterra Rockmite
  • Darkus Gidarkon

Zakaros gives him the key and says if you want, I can restore all that you lost from him. Baraxx takes the key and thinks about it but then, he breaks it in two. He says don't get me wrong Zakaros but I don't want to go back to being the same person I was; I think my exile did more for me than my old life. He says if you could wipe the memories of my Bakugan and give them to Brawlers on Earth who will use them accordingly. Zakaros takes the Bakugan back and says I will do it my friend as Baraxx says I had better get back; I also want to help as he jumps back in. Tsurambo is the last to leave as he says you and the Brawlers have accomplished over your time and now, evil is gone for now. Enjoy the time you have and remember, you are all heroes as this era ends and a new one will soon dawn. Tsurambo then leaves and the portal closes for what could be the last time. Just then, Zakaros' stomach grumbles as everybody laughs as he says let's get to Earth - I could use some pizza.

The scene now shifts back to Dan’s house in Bayview as Miyoko says hurry it up Dan – you’re going to be late for your match today. Dan says I know, I can’t miss the opportunity for this one as he grabs his bike at the door and rides out. As he rides, Dan narrates by saying it may seem like a typical day again but a lot of things have changed over the past few months since we saved the universe…….again. As flashbacks begin, he narrates and says Zakaros has done a lot to restore peaceful relations with the planets and what his people caused but decided to remain a bit neutral in terms of the world matters. But at least he is keeping Korborn busy as he has opened up the Bibliocore to everybody in our galaxy. It’s a great place of learning, wisdom and understanding Zakaros said and he created gateways to allow everybody access to the place and Korborn is thrilled to be helping people learn. And yes, Zakaros finally returned the Book of Wistorn - I'm glad Korborn allowed his overdue fees to be rescinded - I was not so lucky (as it shows a scene of Dan forgetting to return an item on time) Meanwhile, on Gundalia, all the Gundalians are getting used to their new lives in the sunlight as Ren always wanted. A lot are still used to living underground but slowly, they are coming out and starting on a new frontier. However, some things aren’t so peaceful and somewhat heartbreaking – Floria couldn’t bear to face what she he had done to her father and her fellow comrades, nor could she forgive him for what he did to her so she ran away with Grapliton to a far place on Gundalia from sight but promised to come back when she felt confident enough to let go of her failures. However, she gave her location to John and they regularly visit so it's some nice sibling bonding and I hear that she may go back sooner than expected. But on a happier note on Neathia, Fabia and Jin patched up their relationship and actually got married soon after – guess who got to be Jin’s best man. Afterwards, Captain Elright offered to step down and Jin would take over the Neathian military again but Jin decided he had enough of war and besides, it was Elright who led them through the War – not himself. He would stay on as an advisor and as his first advisement – he recommended that Laura be given a promotion within the Castle Knights. Elright did so and now, Laura leads her own battalion of Castle Knights as a lieutenant and she’s proud of it. Vestal is doing great as well but not so much for Keith and Mira. Professor Clay was put on trial for the crimes he committed as both a member of the Vexos and for Calthor’s group and was offered a plea but he chose to pay for his crimes and now, is in jail for what could be the rest of his life. However, he still helps the Vestal scientists and famous people when they come to him but he has had enough of discoveries and inventions – he wants to pay for what’s he done. Keith and Mira still visit him every day and I think they are bonding pretty well right now and I even heard, he may get out for good behavior in a short time. Mylene and Shadow were also sentenced but they got community service - working with Baron's delivery series (I can only imagine how that's going). On New Vestroia, the Mechtogan have learned And here on good old Earth, Shiori and Shun are spending a lot of time together as Shiori gets used to being back and doing motherly things again. My Mom is actually trying to get her to do that creepy yoga thing but luckily, she's not into that stuff. And at Marukura Corp, Marucho brought ANDRUS on as a partner to help him develop, test and market new technology and from what I hear - ANDRUS loves being with Marucho as a friend and helper. As for Interspace, it's back up and running and actually, it's even better than before. I'm still brawling but I'm thinking of retiring soon and helping out other Brawlers to reach the top. Oh yeah, you're probably wondering about Zakaros and family - well, Marucho bought them a nice house here in Bayview and they are getting used to life here on Earth. Lindsata has taken the name Lindsey and Blakai has taken the name Kai Black and things are going well. Just then, Dan arrives at Interspace and says in fact, the big battle I have today is with Zakaros and I can't wait as he goes into the system and arrives in a brand new and more futuristic Interspace. Everybody says high to him as he arrives at the Food Court where Shun, Marucho and all the Brawlers of the past and present are waiting to see the big battle. Just then, Zakaros, Lindsata and Blakai arrive in their human forms with their new clothes on as Lindsata says Zakaros dear, this food called ice cream is just delicious as Zakaros says trust me; you haven't seen anything yet. Blakai then says Zakaros, the Brawlers are over there as all three of them walk over with Dan waiting. Zakaros says well Dan - ready to finally Brawl without the world at stake as Dan does a nose flick and says you betcha. But then, Drago flies over and says Zakaros, I have a favor to ask as he whispers something but Zakaros smiles and says no problem, after the brawl. At that arena, Dan and Zakaros take their positions as the announcer says and for the main event; we have the number #1 brawler Dan Kuso against the new and yet powerful Zak Aros as everybody cheers and the Brawlers especially. On Zakaros side, Dragaon says I'm ready to fight but Munikis says no, I want to but Falco says no, he obviously wants me but Zakaros says guys, guys - this is going to be an all Pyrus fight. When we don't have a televised Brawl - it will be a free for all. Dragaon says all right as then, Gell comes out and says why not use Gell Master - Gell smash little dragon as Zakaros says how about tomorrow Gell with Gell saying Gell like Master's solution and hides in his pocket. Zakaros then says all right Dan - let's see if Dragaon and I can break that winning streak of yours as Dan says no way buddy - Supreme Drago and I are not stopping as they both throw their Bakugan. Drago says good luck Dragaon as Dragaon says you too and punches his fist in his pal. All the Brawlers watch with anticipation as Dan and Zakaros, brawlers from two different generations, hold up their cards and says Bakugan Brawl!

The scene now shifts back to Dan’s house as Miyoko says Dan, it’s time for bed dear – you have a big day ahead of you tomorrow. Dan yells from upstairs I know Mom – I’m in bed. As he turns the light off, he says Drago – see you tomorrow pal. Drago says you too as Dan falls asleep but soon, he starts snoring especially loud. Drago says ugh, he really has to outgrow that habit but, as he says slyly, but then again. He then reaches under his little bed and pulls out a pair of futuristic looking earmuffs and puts them on his head. Instantly, he notices that he doesn’t hear a thing as he says Zakaros is a genius as he snuggles into his little bed. As he looks up in the stars and sees the events and people of the past and present, Drago says Dan and I have been on a great journey together with our friends as in space, he sees all he has done in the past over time. He then says I look forward to our next adventure as the screen zooms out on Dan’s house and into the starry sky. (End of series)

Hello, this is Zachattack31. I just want to thank the fans that I had for sticking with me for this wonderful series. Even though it took a lot of time to write (almost two years I believe) –I enjoyed every second of it and I’m glad you did. Now, don’t leave and go read other stories yet because the sequel to Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods will be coming soon titled Bakugan: The New Brawling Era. Stay tuned for updates '!!

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