Destiny Brawl - Part 3 - Comeback is the 103rd episode and the 3rd part of the four part series of finale of Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods. It was written by Zachattack31. The 4th and final part of the 4 part finale will be released tomorrow at some point in time.


The episode begins back in space as the portal is still in the sky after Calthor fired his Supreme Ragnarok Dextra into it. Calthor says I’ve got him but he’s in for a surprise as it fires back out the portal at an even stronger force as it blasts right into Calthor and knocks him back hard. And then, several glowing figures come out of the portal as the portal closes behind them. Everybody has their eyes covered as Dan says is it him; is he back as the figures start to take color and shape. Soon, MechtoTron, Grace Swift, Daedathron, Thorius, Blakai, Neotaro, Maxoric and Atrion make their appearance know. The Brawlers are wondering who the others are as the last figure takes shape slowly and it’s Zakaros in his permanent newly evolved form with a brand new staff that is smoking after reflected the attack back through the portal and a fierce determination in his eyes. Back at Calthor’s landing, Calthor says no, not now – I was so close as Zakaros looks at him and says calmly “I’m back”.

The scene quickly shifts to the Biblicore as Korborn says he has arrived; now we are saved as back in the afterlife, the portal closes as Zarodius says he must have made it in time. Back in space, Zakaros looks over and sees the corruption of the core and holds his hand out, firing a white laser that gets rid of the corruption instantly with both sides seeing the effects. He then sees everybody is beated up a bit and Lindsata especially is hurt. He gets a stern look on his face and looks over to Calthor and asks did you do that to her. Calthor says what if I but then, Zakaros appears right in front of him and punches him back with extreme force that pushes him back so much, he actually breaks the shield upon impact. Everybody is amazed, especially Korborn who says he broke the shield with one punch - he has gotten much stronger than I expected. After that happens and the aftermath shockwave knocks everybody back, he goes over to her. He says are you all right as she says is it really you. He smiles and says yes, it's me as they have a big hug but it's short lived as Calthor appears right away and says too slow but then, somebody kicks him as it's Atrion who smashes him back a bit. Korborn says reactivating the shield as the shield reactivates and traps Calthor back inside but Clay, Shiori, Floria and Jin are inside with Leonwulf who exclaims Master Atrion. Zakaros grabs Lindsata and takes her back over to the safe zone. The Brawlers are all amazed at Zakaros' new appearance as Dan says wow, he looks nothing like when I saw him. At that moment, Dragaon and the rest of Zakaros' Bakugan all exclaim his name and they hurry over as they all and Zakaros have a tender moment as Zakaros says I missed you all as he sheds a small tear. Aquas says I'm glad you came back; we missed you too as Falco says and boy, do you look good in your new look as Panzer says Master is awesome. At that moment, Kachia Gell comes out and says Master, Gell wants to meet Master's Bakugan as Dragaon almost thinks he's been replaced. Zakaros says everybody, this is Kachia Gell - he's a new friend I made while I was in the afterlife. Dragaon says just a friend as Zakaros says Dragaon, don't give me that look as he rubs him on his horn and says I missed you too and boy, do you look great. At that moment, all the Brawlers come around to say hello but then, a voice says have you forgotten we are still in the midst of battle. Everybody turns and sees that Calthor is back and is glowing red with anger and rage as MechtoTron says so that is Calthor - he certainly has anger problems. However, Calthor laughs all of a sudden, rubs his jaw and says so, you arrived back – it won’t matter in the end; I’ll just destroy you again. Zakaros, however, is calm, turns to him and says don’t fool yourself – you know you’ve lost. Calthor is taken back but he quickly says Ragnarok Dextra and fires it. Lindsata weakly says Zakaros, look out – run away but Zakaros doesn’t move as the blast comes closer. Neotaro and Maxoric stand in front as they both say we will protect you, my Lord but Zakaros says stand back – I don’t want you to risk your lives right now. They both do so willingly as the blast comes closer but Zakaros just takes a deep breath and does a screeching roaring echo that amazingly, disperses the blast in one shot. Calthor is in complete shock and says impossible; no one can do that to my most powerful ability. Zakaros says while taking another breath like I said; don’t fool yourself – I’m much stronger than you now and more skilled. Calthor starts to fly backwards as Zakaros continues by saying you have done enough to this galaxy – take this as he says Gem Taurus Cannon as his arm forces a rock crystal cannon arm and fires a blast that pushes Calthor back. However, Calthor recovers quickly but then, Neotaro and Maxoric appear as Neotaro says you will pay with Maxoric finishing with for using us as they hit him hard and he gets pushed back. Calthor then realizes whom he is fighting against and says Neotaro, Maxoric - what are you doing here; you should be.......fighting......each other as Neotaro says the War is over. Maxoric says Zakaros showed us what you did to manipulate us and now - your War that turned the BakuGods against each other is over. Calthor says then that means as Thorius appears behind him and says you've lost one of your strongest power sources as Calthor looks behind himself nervously. Thorius smiles and says hello again, brother as he also gets hit hard with an attack and gets pushed back. Calthor recovers himself as Neotaro, Maxoric and Thorius regroup with Zakaros' group and he says so, you certainly have gained allies of great power like my brother, that fool Daedathron and more. He then looks at Blakai and asks who is that; are you bringing children with you now to fight Zakaros - how pathetic. However, Blakai says it's been a long time - father and Calthor immediately gets shocked. He says in a stuttering tone what did you say as Blakai says you heard me Father - I'm your son. Calthor says no, it can't be - I don't have one as Blakai says believe it and I'm here to stop you for all the pain you have caused. Calthor says angrily, Zakaros - whatever trick you are playing on me won't work but Zakaros says it isn't a trick and neither is this as he says let's go everybody and activates the chant of transformation into his Supreme form which looks incredible and Zakaros can split his staff into two individual halves this time. Calthor looks up and says oh no; I could be done for. Zakaros says Marnitac, handle the healing; Atrion, you know what you need to do; the rest of you - keep an eye and fight his armed forces while I handle the big guy. Calthor immediately starts to power up as Zakaros charges and these two begin to battle with the universe at stake.

Back at the Brawlers, Dan says wow - you guys certainly are amazing as Drago says yeah, even the Mechtogan are cool. Sky Sprint says so, you are the Brawlers - it's a pleasure considering the stories I heard back in the afterlife. MechtoTron says I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we have bad Bakugan and Brawlers incoming as Clay, Jin, Floria and Shiori are charging forward. Atrion says don't worry; I'm ready for it as he then says Laura, do you still have the BakuStone as Laura says yeah. She digs it out of her pocket and says right here as Calthor notices and wonders what they are up to. Atrion then raises his staff and says boldly come to me my servants as suddenly, four strings of attributed energy come out and attach to Clay, Jin, Shiori and Floria and they all say we obey, Master. They start to fly over as Calthor says while fighting where are you going – you serve me now but they pay him no heed. Calthor says what’s going on; Atrion relinquished his control over them to me before he died but Atrion says you should remember Calthor than the one who revived them is the one who always possesses the master control. Calthor roars out in anger but Zakaros says don't forget us as he says Diamond Whip and whips Calthor across the back, injuring him and continuing their fight. Atrion says now, Laura – hold the stone over their heads as she does so, causing all four of them to glow with a white color. Atrion then swings around and says now, I release you all from my control as he cuts the strings and all four of them feel a bit of pain but faint for a second. Fabia says Jin, are you okay as Nurzak, Fabia, Shun and Mira run over to their respective relatives. Calthor is getting angry but says if I can’t have them – neither shall you as he fires a series of attacks while holding Zakaros off but Leonwulf appears. Leonwulf takes out his sword and says Medusa Blade and turns the attacks into stone, nullifying them. Calthor is furious as Leonwulf says I’m here to protect you Master. Atrion says Leonwulf; we finally meet but under the right circumstances – I’m sorry that we didn’t get to meet for real but let’s fight together. Leonwulf smiles and says I wouldn’t have it any other way. Shiori is the first one to fully awaken as Shun says Mom, are you okay as she holds her head and says Shun, is that really you - you've gotten so big and handsome. He hugs her with tears in his eyes as she starts to remember bit by bit of what has happened as she says oh, my son - I am so sorry for everything. Shun says it's okay - you were under his control but she shakes her head and says for me to attack my own son is unforgiveable. Just then, Osperio leans down and says you didn't really - you were the one who always began to remember first; love is always something of great power. Shiori wipes her eyes and says you're right; thank you my friend as Shun says can you still fight as Shiori says more than you know. Soon, Jin is the next one to wake up as Fabia is leaning over him with tears in her eyes. Jin says Fabia, what happened but then, he gets up and says where is Kazarina - she won't get me this time but Elright says calm down, Commander - the war ended and you've been through a rough time as Aranaut says Master Jin, do you remember anything at all. Jin shakes his head and wonders what happened as he also starts to remember - even when he died. Jin says I died but then, I did all of this to you as Serena says Jin please - don't think too hard on yourself. Jin however says but I as Samuraxx says a warrior doesn't hesitate - you need to fix the mistakes you've done and let us fight together. Jin suddenly gets his confidence back and says you're right; it's time we make him pay. Floria is next as she wakes up and sees that she is cradled in Nurzak's arms with John looking over. She says Father, I missed you but then, she remembers everything and gets up quickly and they stare down. She says a bit angrily you, you let me die in that battle as Nurzak says stuttering yes, yes I did and I'm so sorry that I did such a foolish thing. Floria then says I remember everything now - how can I forgive you as John says can we deal with this when Calthor is gone as Floria says I guess you're my little brother right. John says I guess so as she rubs his hair and says okay, I'll fight with you as Grapliton says it will be interesting to fight on the same side, Wildrock with Wildrock agreeing wholeheartedly. And finally, Clay is the last one to wake up as Mira says oh Father, it's so good to see you as she gives him a big hug. Clay says Mira, Keith - what happened as Spectra takes his mask off and says it's okay; you're safe. Clay says last I remember; I was on the Alternative and then, he remembers everything. He grabs his head in shock and despair and exclaims what I have done; the things I've done. Mira says it's okay Dad - we can work it out after we beat this as Clay says all this time; I've used my mind for evil - how can anybody forgive me as Keith says I did some bad things as well and yet, I was forgiven by my friends - perhaps you can be too. Clay gets up, adjusts his classes and says will you let me fight with you as Mira says you should rest now - you've had a terrible ordeal but Clay says I'll rest when I finally do some good for once. Mira smiles as Keith puts his mask back on and says okay, let's fight together. Atrion then says things are good now as then, Tivala appears and says Master Atrion; is that really you as Atrion says Tivala; you're hurt. Tivala says it is nothing Master - I am ready to serve you. Calthor yells out and says Tivala, if you betray me - you will regret it but Tivala says I serve my only Master; as a mortal would say - I quit. Calthor gets angry and says now I'll get rid of you all as Zakaros says no you won't as he says Dive Rush and uses a water based attack to launch Calthor away from the fight and off to the side. Dan says all right everybody - Zakaros has Calthor; let's get the rest as they all stand strong and charge forward.

Meanwhile, Zakaros and Calthor are hammering away at each other as they counter blow for blow and kick for kick. Calthor say Screech Howl but Zakaros says Leo's Roar and the sounds explode everywhere, even damaging Calthor's forces repeatedly. Calthor tries to taunt him saying I destroyed you once when you were so nieve and now, you're in your Supreme Form again. He continues by saying you know that unless you have protection from the effects; you will die again right. But Zakaros just continues looking at him sternly and says be quiet and fight as he says Elemental Dextra and fires it, knocking Calthor back. Zakaros then says Restore Light and then, says Elemental Dextra again and fires it but before it can hit, Calthor splits himself up like before to avoid the blast. Calthor says hah, you'll never be experience with this as I am as he transforms back and fires Armageddon Dextra at Zakaros. But Zakaros says you think too small as he says split and he also splits apart. Calthor is shocked as he says what; how - there's no way he could have mastered that so easily. Zakaros says I have to play along and make him think I mastered it as he takes the orb out given to him by Submarik and says Release to Panzer, Falco and Leoness as the orb explodes and causes flashes of yellow, green and brown to appear as three streams of light appear and give Panzer, Falco and Leoness new powers but then, a 4th strand of dark energy goes to Munikis and he gets affected as well. Calthor wonders what is happening but then, Zakaros says the chant of transformation and suddenly, he's in his Ultimate Trap Form and begins firing on Calthor. Calthor backs away and says what's that - that's not his regular Ultimate Form but Zakaros activates Carlsnaut Volley and unleashes several attacks on him. As the light disperses, Falco, Leoness, Panzer and Munikis appear to have evolved again with new forms. Calthor says great, like anything else can go wrong my way. Falco says all right; I like this - I'm now Lashow Falco as then, he sees a bunch of Calthor's Bakugan forces coming; probably attracted to the bright lights. Falco says time to see what these new powers can do as he takes out a whip from his wing and says Feather Lasher as he constantly starts whipping the Bakugan into submission. However, another group prepares to attack behind Falco (who does a face fault in fright) but a voice says Third Eye Mane as the Bakugan freeze with paralysis. The scene now shifts to Leoness who is sporting a hidden third eye on his forehead as he says I'm now Ogre Leoness and you won't harm my comrade. Falco wipes his head and says thanks Leoness as Zakaros says telepathically hold off his forces for right now until I can recharge to Supreme form. All his Bakugan all right as then, a force of Mechtogan appear before Panzer - who had now shades of blue on one side and green on the other side but no new changes. Panzer says I don't feel different but then, a voice says say water power. Panzer says who talking to Panzer as then, the Mechtogan strike. Panzer says I trust scary voice and says Water Power and glows blue and suddenly, he changes shape. Suddenly, he's a completely new Bakugan with shiny blue metal armor and rocket launchers as he says Co Tanker. The attacks just bounce right off and back at the Mechtogan, destroying them. Panzer says ooh, shiny but then, he gets blown around by some Ventus Bakugan as another voice says say Wind Power. Panzer says Wind Power....oh......dizzy but then, he transforms into a sleek battleship looking Bakugan with green armorings and says Ken Panzer. He manages to reposition himself with propulsion and says Gatling Bomber and fires it at the Bakugan, defeating them. He then repositions himself straight up and changes back to Gran Panzer while saying awesome - I feel ultra powerful as a bunch of Bakugan begin to come towards him. He then says time to use water, wind and earth together as he glows and says "Fusion Ability Activate - Tri Element Barrage!" as all three of his sides fire blasts and they take out a large majority of the Bakugan and Mechtogan in sight. He smokes from the blasts and says ah, Panzer feel good. Just then, a large blast of Bakugan attacks come forward to attack Zakaros' Bakugan but then, a voice says Shadow Glass as a large mirror of darkness appears from the ground and reflects the attacks back at Calthor's forces. Dragaon says what the as then, out of a shadow portal comes Munikis with a brand new look as he says don't worry - Zeta Munikis is here to save the day (sounding a lot like a superhero). At that moment, Zakaros says telepathically - all right, regroup as he takes a hit but puts his arms across his chest and defends from the blast. As they both stare down again, Calthor breathes heavily and says you certainly have gotten stronger as he splits into his regular form while Zakaros says you certainly aren't backing down either as he breaks his form. Calthor says maybe, we are more alike than you think as Zakaros says if that's the case - you wouldn't have destroyed a universe as he holds up Kachia Gell and Calthor asks what, another Bakugan to throw at me. He says come on, I'll let you have a shot at hitting me then as Zakaros smiles and says be careful what you wish for as he then takes out DraThron in ball form. Calthor immediately gets scared and says no, you can't have but Zakaros then throws them at high speed and they hit Calthor in the chest, knocking him back. DraThron then immediately opens up and takes shape and says I have arrived as Kachia Gell also appears and says Gell smash little bad man. Zakaros then says the chant of transformation and goes into his Supreme form again as Calthor looks at the three giants before him. He then transforms back into his Supreme Form and says the numbers mean nothing - I will destroy you all as they charge at each other yet again.

The scene now shifts back to the Brawlers and their new friends as they really starting to get control of the fight and are just dominating Calthor's forces this time. Dan rides on Drago says we're rolling now Drago as they fly by an enemy as he says "Ability Activate - Pyrus Claw Blade!" as Drago has a blade come out of his arm and he slashes the enemy down. Across the way, the MechtoTron, Grace Swift and Sky Sprint are fighting the artificial Mechtogan and doing quite well. MechtoTron says Attribute Change - Haos as he changes and fires Haos laser blasts at enemies. As Clay flies alongside to see if he can help out, MechtoTron says I'm amazed you were able to create my brethen like this as Clay says I should have done it with good intentions but I didn't do so. MechtoTron then says some things can't be helped as he punches another one but then, Infinitor appears and says watch out and blocks an attack from another Mechtogan. MechtoTron says you are one of us as Infinitor says I am a MechtoFusion Mechtogan and it is a pleasure to meet you as he, Grace Swift and Sky Sprint notice the other MechtoFusion Mechtogan and are happy that they aren't forgotten. Back at another part, Thorius is fighting against an unusually large group and says I think it's time we have some fun as En Glide says oh boy, time to go Ultimate as suddenly, Thorius says the chant of transformation and he turns into Ultimate Thorius which surprises everybody, even Zakaros near by. Thorius looks much younger like he is supposed to but stronger as he says now, time for a little Mime Sight as he uses his ability to basically hypnotize the Bakugan and then, he says Sparrow Speed and wipes them out. As they explode behind him, he says let's get some more. Nearby, Atrion is also in his Ultimate Form fighting to protect the wounded and innocent as Tivala watches on and says I wish I could assist Master Atrion but I'm too weak, Korborn then walks up and says no, you aren't as he hands her the orb she used to transform herself into an Ultimate Form. She is shocked and asks would you really trust me that easily as Korborn says trust is warranted when you betray a man like Calthor and show loyalty for someone like Atrion. Tivala blushes for a bit and says it's not just loyalty to be honest but thank you as she takes the orb. Korborn says good luck as she transforms into her Ultimate Form as well with Petrakor saying you know, I missed this with Crocosaur saying yeah, feels good in my roots. Tivala then hurries up to join up with Atrion who is struggling but then, he hears Tivala say Shine Dextra and it blasts the enemies away. She then comes up to him and says I'm ready to fight Master Atrion as Atrion says Tivala, just call me Atrion - I don't like it when I'm called Master. Tivala says of as Atrion says all right - let's fight together as they charge forward as well. Neotaro, Maxoric, Daedathron and Marnitac are fighting really well in sync as they constantly destroy and defeat enemies with their skills and Bakugan respectively. The scene now shifts back to Calthor and Zakaros' fight as Calthor is now on the defense with Gell and DraThron on his back and Zakaros holding him down up front. He then looks over and sees how his forces are all being defeated, the Brawlers are gaining the advantage, his most loyal followers have defected and on top of that - he is almost about to be defeated. Calthor then says loudly with glowing eyes of darkness and rage I'm tired of this - I’m going to finish this now as he pushes Zakaros. Gell and DraThron back (releasing Zakaros from his Supreme Form) towards the Brawlers, backs away himself and starts to absorb more and more darkness behind him, slowing getter bigger and bigger while yelling with rage. As everybody regroups in order to get ready for what's coming, Zakaros says heroically we’ll see about that as he says to himself I don’t know if I can access the Master form but I have to try. He then holds his staff up and says the chant for the Master transformation and it works a bit. But suddenly, it stops and wonders what happened but then, he says to himself I guess I can’t get it. Calthor laughs hysterically and says I knew it; even with your new powers and strength – you are not the true MasterGod. Fujoe says I feared this; his training was not yet complete. Zakaros says I can’t believe it; how do I win now as he prepares to attack again as Zakaros tries again. But just as he holds up his staff, Dan grabs a hold of it and says we can do this together - we're a team after all. Zakaros looks amazed as then - Shun, Marucho, Spectra, John and Laura also grab the staff as well. Dan says you're a Brawler like us and the Brawlers are a team that work together as the others also stand touch the Brawlers so they can help as well. Zakaros starts to glow a bit as he says thank you my friends as he raises the staff up with Dan and the others helping as well. The staff starts to glow brightly with the Attribute Symbols glowing on it as the Bakugan also start to glow as well with their respective colors. Calthor then finishes and says "Dark Supreme Ability Activate - Supreme Master Ragnarok Dextra!" and fires a huge blast of energy that even is bigger than DraThron. However, Zakaros then realizes his staff as finished and says "BakuGod Zakaros - Master Transformation Now!" as the attack hit them but then disperses instantly as the resulting light shines all over the battlefield and everybody is blown away as they await to see what happens next.

The scene shifts back to the bright light as Dan and the others back away as the light gets bigger and brighter with Preyas saying ladies and gentlemen, we may have a problem but Aquas says I don't think so. Back on the Interceptor, everybody on board is blinded as Marion asks what’s happening over there as Gus says hopefully, a miracle. At that moment, Calthor wonders what’s going on as a shockwave of bright light comes towards his forces and in a split second, all of Calthor’s Bakugan and Mechtogan are obliterated into dust. Calthor is shocked as he is also knocked back and find that the light is slowing burning him without hurting. He then looks and sees a huge figure appearing from the light – even bigger than the galaxy’s core itself. He has a golden glow around him, a very ornate staff and a robe of many colors and attributes never seen before. Dan looks behind him and sees he is behind a closed eye as it opens and Dan says whoa, I’m so small to that. The screen then zooms out as the images reveals Zakaros in his full MasterGod form as back in the afterlife, everybody can see this through an image Tsurambo conjured up as Carta exclaims what’s that Wistorn says it’s a sign of hope  - this battle will end soon and all will be restored. (End of episode).

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