Destiny Brawl - Part 2 - Light in the Dark is the 102nd episode and the 2nd part of the four part series of finale of Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods. It was written by Zachattack31. The 3rd part of the 4 part finale will be released tomorrow at some point in time.


The episode starts near the galaxy's core where Lindsata is literally right in front of it meditating with the orb in her hands while sitting in an Indian sitting position. She is meditating as Spectra asks how is it going as she says I feel very awkward right now; I'm not even sure I can handle the strength of this power. Ren then says you had better get ready because we're about to be in for the fight of our lives. The orb in front of her continues to glow brightly and soon, it floats right into her chest. Lindsata then opens her eyes, rises up and says my Bakugan friends, it’s time as Jinryu says we are all with you as the others agree wholeheartedly. However, Blan Shoult says but don’t put too much strain on yourself – we have never transformed together before as Lindsata says don’t worry – I’ll be careful. She says to Spectra and the others I will need some time because I've never done this before but I will do my best with the others agree. However, Lindsata says to herself I just hope it is enough.

Back at the stare down between Calthor, Tivala and the Brawlers; Calthor's Brawlers and his Bakugan forces are still trying to get into the shield but to no avail as it only allows BakuGods inside. Tivala says Master, our forces can’t get through as Korborn says over a loudspeaker of course they can’t. Calthor looks over and sees Korborn looking on as Calthor says ah, Korborn - we meet again; you certainly have brought your home abode to its finest in terms of defensive capabilities. He continues by saying I see what you are attempting to do; you think by separating me and Tivala from my forces that I’ll be an easy target. Dan says the shield only allows BakuGod genetics inside; we're ready to take you on and defeat you this time. Calthor then laughs hysterically and says you Brawlers are so amusing; I've never had such opponents who boast and blunder like you do - it's almost enjoyable. He shakes his head, sighs and says but you really haven’t learned anything from our previous encounters have you as he says Armageddon Dextra and fires it at the Brawlers. However, Laura says Aphrodite – Aquos as Aphrodite switches to Aquos and Laura says “Aquos Ability Activate – Shine Reflection!” as a water covering appears over the Brawlers and shows Calthor and Tivala. Calthor says it doesn’t matter what attack you do but then, his attacks make a 180 degree turn and comes right back at them. Calthor says in shock what the as he quickly slices it in half but Tivala takes a large brunt of the damage. The illusion disappears and Dan says now, what was it you were saying about us not learning anything. Calthor sneers as Tivala says Master, I am too injured from that attack. Calthor just sneers at her and says useless but then turns to Clay who is by the shield and says Clay; find a way into the shield and take this trash out - I will deal with her later. This shocks Tivala but she says nothing and moves away as far as she can in order to start rehealing her injuries. Calthor says now then; it's just you all and me and my power as he says Doom Destruction Array as he constantly fires blasts of energy all over the place. Everybody dodges at the blasts (even Preyas gets burned on the tail and jumps around hysterically) except for Amazon who is able to absorb the blasts due to his artifically acquired Chaos powers. He says Marucho, let me clobber him for what he did to me as Marucho says "Ability Activate - Chaos Bomber!" as Amazon prepares a water attack with dark energy and fires it back at Calthor. However, Calthor smiles and says release and instantly; he and his Bakugan are separated as they avoid the attack. Amazon says what the; he can do that as well as Calthor says anyone who has mastery of the BakuGod forms can do this without draining too much energy. He then says let's make this a bit more interesting as he says the transformation technique and transforms into this Ultimate Form this time and comes face to face with Amazon. He then kicks Amazon in the head and knocks him away but then, Preyas appears and says you'll pay for that. Marcho says change to Pyrus, Preyas (which he does) as he says "Ability Activate - Fire Pump Fist!" and punches Calthor straight in the jaw, injuring him. He flies back a bit to recover but then, Falco flies right by in his Flight form as Shun says "Ability Activate - Jet Force MK9!" as Falco keeps on hitting Falco at high speeds while taunting him, saying you can't touch this. Calthor gets angry and then grabs Falco's tail in mid flight and spins him around. But while he is spinning, Wildrock appears in Darkus form in front and says guess who as John says "Darkus Ability Activate - Amethyst Burst!" as Wildrock punches up with purple crystal fists and knocks Calthor back yet again; freeing Falco. Falco brushes off his tails and thanks with Wildrock saying no problem as he switches back to Subterra. Calthor rubs his face and gets angry and says I will also give you this; you certainly are more of a challenge now - your use of strategy is certainly working out for you. He then says perhaps I've been too easy as he now transforms back into his Supreme form. Dan says everybody ready - now we're in for a fight as Calthor begins to power up some more from the darkness in the back. Meanwhile, at the shield, Clay is analyzing the patterns which keep on fluctuating to avoid being punctured as he says Master Calthor - I am struggling with this data but we will be inside as soon as possible. Calthor then says if you can't handle a simple thing as this - you are just as useless as Tivala is; which kind of takes all of them by complete shock since he usually doesn't respond that way to them. Calthor turns to the Brawlers but he is shocked to see Dragaon right in front of him. Dan says now Dragaon and says "Double Ability Activate - Meteor Fists plus Magnus Oblivion!" and punches Calthor in several different areas - causing him to retreat a bit but with severe injuries. As Dragaon's fists start steaming up, he blows them and says I have more where that came from you monster. Calthor's eyes are shadowed but then, a flash of purple light appears in them and he gets really furious. However, he smiles evilly (scaring everybody a bit) as he says now, this will be fun.

Back at the main battle, Leonwulf is battling against.Calthor's army singlehandedly and quite honestly, is doing very well. A swarm of bee like Bakugan coming flying over with their stingers armed by Leonwulf says Sword Saw as his sword blade starts to rotate like a chainsaw and he firsts slices their stingers off and then, themselves. But then, another swarm of enemies appears as Leonwulf activates Second Shot, restoring the Sword Saw ability and taking them down as well. But then, he gets a communication from Korborn saying Leonwulf, come in Leonwulf. Leonwulf says what is it as he continues to slice down enemies as Korborn says Calthor's Brawlers are attempting to break through the shield barrier - I need you to hold them off for the Brawlers to make the attempt at finished Calthor off. Leonwulf says I'm on my way as he slices down another enemy and then, looks around for the shield. He then notices them nearby and activates Heilheim Boost and flies straight for Clay, Jin, Floria and Shiori. At the shield. Dradikor says hurry it up Clay - we got to get in there. Clay says I don't know how to get this shield frequency to stay still. Jin says perhaps you need to settle down and think this more clearly as Floria says news flash - we are in the middle of a battle; there is no settling down in combat. Shiori doesn't say anything as she just watches the battle and more specifically, at Shun, who seems to be affecting her memory. Osperio then looks over in the distance and sees Leonwulf charging in at high speed as she says Master, an enemy approaches and I don't think it's a copy. Everybody looks over and Clay says it's that wolf Bakugan as on the other side of the shield, Tivala hears this and is a bit surprised. While flying, Leonwulf says time for a little trick of my own as back at the shield, Clay says "Ability Activate - Five Split Barrage!" as Dradikor splits into his five pieces and fires a laser barrage. Leonwulf says I'll just dodge them but then, Jin says "Ability Activate - Scroll Art - Symbol Curse!" as Samuraxx fires a symbol on Leonwulf as the lasers then all hit Leonwulf at the same place, appearing to defeat him. Floria says like I thought; he's a joke but then, the image of Leonwulf disappears like a shroud of mist. They all say what the as then, Leonwulf appears behind Samuraxx ready to strike. Samuraxx looks behind him to try and brace the attack but before he or Jin can counterattack, Leonwulf says Wolfen Cut and strikes Samuraxx hard. He then takes out some daggers and says Dagger Darts, throwing multiple daggers at Dradikor's pieces, immobilizing him for a moment. The rest of the group back away from the shield as Leonwulf crosses his arms across his chest and stands in front of the shield; saying I won't let you pass. Shiori asks but did you avoid Dradikor and Samuraxx's attacks as Grapliton says yeah, unless you had your copy wolf do that for you. Leonwulf says I did no such thing; I used an ability unique to me called Mist Cloak which either makes a smoke duplicate of me or makes me immune to attacks for a short time. Jin says I must say, you played us pretty well but do you honestly believe that you can take all four of us by yourself. Leonwulf doesn't say anything for a moment with his eyes closed and taking a deep breath and says to be fair and just with you; I don't think I can. All four of them are taking by surprise as Leonwulf says but, in order to protect my Master (as he unsheaths one sword), protect this galaxy, (as he unsheaths a second sword) and to protect the Brawlers as he unsheaths a double bladed sword - I will do my best to stop you as he takes the double bladed sword in one hand and a single sword in the other. Clay sarcastically replies how to you expect to fight us with three swords when you only have two hands as Leonwulf says sometimes, secrets can be beneficial as he unwraps a furry yet slender wolf tail from around his waist, shocking everybody. He throws the remaining sword in the air and says Sword Style - Three Form Beast as the tail takes the sword and he takes an offensive position.  Floria says big words for a little doggie; let's take him as they all charge. Leonwulf prepares himself as Clay activates Magmas Cannon, Jin activates Scroll Art - Juggernaut Axe, Floria activates Spike Roller and Shiori activates Shear Storm. All four attacks come straight at Leonwulf but all he says (as he hears his flute tune playing) Sword Sound Rip as he bangs his swords together, causing sound vibrations to appear and then, spins like a top and fires the sound blasts at them, dispersing all four attacks and knocking all four of the group back. As they recover, Leonwulf stops spinning and says you may be strong Brawlers but I have fought far worse and far more powerful - you do not stand a chance against me based on skill and ability. Floria says well then, let's just try sheer firepower as all four of them bring out their BakuArmor systems and prepare to strike back. Leonwulf then gets ready to charge as he says Tri Sword Boom as he rushes forward and prepares to engage in battle again.

Meanwhile, the scene shifts back t othe core as Lindsata starts to take shape. It's extremely painful for her as War Cry says don't press yourself too hard, Mistress. Spectra then says are you all right Lindsata as Lindsata says I'll be fine but you might want to stand back when I go big as she says the chant of transformation with determination. Suddenly, she is enveloped in white light and isn't heard again for a moment. Back at the main fight, Calthor is having his hands full dealing with every single Brawler - even in his Supreme Form. He dodges an attack by Laura and Runo but then, Julio comes in and says "Ability Activate - Gamma Ray!" which blinds Calthor for a brief moment. But, in that moment, Boulderon slashes Calthor with his BakuNano Slingpike. Calthor backs away but as soon as he does, Fourtress and Sirenoid appear and they attack, causing a distraction but as soon as he goes to focus on them - he gets struck with multiple attacks and gets blown away. Marucho says all right, we got him on the run as Dan says I don't think so; this seems a bit too easy right now. Suddenly, Calthor appears behind him and grabs him with him saying now, I know you are the real one and you can see how frustrated he is. However, Dan just turns around and says now you see me; now you don't as he disappears and on Drago's shoulder. Dan says hey, these new duds are certainly handy for quick escapes as Preyas says hey, I'm the one who supposed to pull the Houdinis around here. Calthor says I don't have time for this as he says Pulse Wave and causes a shockwave to knock everybody back hard. He then flies straight towards the galaxy's core, thinking they left it unprotected. However, he then hears a voice say "Ability Activate - Shadow Buster!" as a blast of dark energy appears and hits Calthor squarely in the shoulder, causing him to go back in the main fray of the fight. He then looks over and sees that Spectra's team is at the core and he sees something else nearby that's shining but can't discern it clearly as it seems to disappear from sight. He then says I have to stop this now but Drago then appears in his Gold attributed form as Dan says "Ability Activate - Gold Horn Tail!" as Drago's tail strikes at Calthor, knocking him back hard. As he recovers, Hammer Cannon says what's wrong Master - why are you being so easy on them as Calthor says just stick with the plan; don't question your Master. He then takes his hand and shocks the part where Hammer Cannon is, injuring both of them as Cannon says I'm sorry for questioning your judgment Master. Calthor says now then, time to deal with these fools as the scene shifts back to the galaxy's core where Spectra and his team is still on the defensive. Spectra says that was close as Helios says but we got him. But just then, a voice says on the contrary - I have you as they all turn around and they see Calthor right behind them in his regular form. Ren says but how, we just hit you back there as Calthor says what you hit was a trick I learned from you as he says Lightning Collar as he fires lightning from his body and it shocks everybody and their Bakugan, taking them out while the heroes at the main fight don't know what's happening apparently. Calthor then turns to the galaxy's core and puts his hand to it as we now zoom out and see that the core is slowly turning dark from the bottom up. Meanwhile, in the afterlife, people notice the ground is shaking, trees are dying and the plain is becoming dark and gloomy. They start panicing as Zarodius says oh no; this is not good - hasn't Zakaros arrived yet. In the Spirit Lake, the spirits of all those who live in the galaxy's core are starting to become effected a bit while avoiding the spread of the darkness. Back at the core, Calthor is corrupting the core as he says perfect; my copy is doing quite well holding them off but then, a voice weakly says Master. Calthor stops what he is doing and sees Tivala has floated over and followed him there. She says I am mostly healed from my injuries Master - I'm ready to serve but you can clearly tell that she hasn't healed herself at all. Calthor then says oh really as he fires a small blast from his hands that hits her shoulder; causing her intense pain and crying out. She kneels down breathing heavily as Calthor says you useless waste of space – if you can’t even survive a weak attack like taht; you are not worthy of my time as he prepares to strike her down. Tivala tries to object but then, a voice says Asgard Arrows as a volley of arrows appear and strike Calthor repeatedly. And then, the white light appears and a big fist comes out and punches Calthor back hard. The other Brawlers notice this as the Calthor they have been fighting disappears and the core is made visible with some of its corruption already in him. Calthor says what's going on as then, the orb turns into a figure and finally, Lindsata is revealed in her new Ultimate Form. She is wearing elegant robes and her staff is also more elegant and kind of resembles a mix between of a bo staff and an actual hutning bow. She has more horns on her head and she has new features like feathered angel like wings and long claws. Dan says wow, she's pretty as Lindsata opens up and says now Calthor - we fight. Calthor says interesting as he transforms into his Supreme Form and says you dare challenge me - let's see whose transformation is superior.

Back at the staredown, Lindsata says I will stop you - even if my powers aren't on par with yours as she charges him. Calthor says you think mighty high of yourself as he charges as well and they begin attacking each other with quick strikes, blows and attacks they not even the Brawlers can keep up with. Dan says we got to help her out but a voice says no Dan - you need to get the core immediately. Dan says Korborn, what's wrong as Shun says Calthor stopped so it should go away right. Korborn says no, it's invasive and will continue to grow unless it's cleansed now. He continues by saying I will meet you there but get over as quickly as you can. Dan says you heard the libraian - let's go as everybody flies towards the core at high speed. Back at the main fight, Lindsata roundhouse kicks Calthor but Calthor blocks it and hits an uppercut on Lindsata while saying you're too slow. Lindsata says hitting a lady; how rude as she gets behind him and puts him in a full nelson. Calthor says there are no manners in combat or war as he breaks the hold and fires a blast at her chest, knocking her back. As she recovers, she starts to feel the strain of the form now as she clutches her chest in pain. Calthor says this is what typically happens for those who forcefully awaken their forms too early - too bad you won't have time to learn it as he says Fire Palms and fires lasers at her, getting her down. However, she then says Life String and attaches a string to Calthor and sucks away some of his life energy to fix her up. He quickly breaks it and backs away, saying I will admit that was a nice trick but no more. He charges again but Lindsata says I'm still strong enough to hold you off as she says Frost Shield as she generates an ice shield that protects her from his attacks as they continue fighting. Back at the core, Dan and the others get there as Korborn is reviving the ones Calthor stunned. He says hurry, use your attacks on the core to get rid of the darkness as everybody does so from their strongest to their weakest. Soon, the corruption stops and begins to go down with the effects showing signs in the afterlife and at the Spirit Lake. However, Calthor notices this and says I have had enough of this fighting as he says "Triple Supreme Ability Activate - Ragnarok Flash plus Stun Claw plus Underworld Radii!" as he suddenly gains an incredible amount of super speed. He hits everybody and suddenly, they all go unconscious with an electrical and they get pushed back away from the core. Finally, he hits Lindsata hard and she finally loses her Ultimate Form at that point. Calthor grabs her by the throat and says you certainly put up a good fight but you are nowhere near my level; nor is anyone else. Lindsata doesn’t even struggle as she says to herself I tried my best but I just wasn’t skilled enough to use the Ultimate Form. As she closes her eyes to be destroyed, she says while being choked I’m………sorry……..Zakaros but just then, a stream of lightning appears and breaks the two apart. Calthor lets go and says what was that as several lighting bolts appear sporadically all over the battlefield with quite a few of them hitting Calthor back farther and farther and wakes everybody up. Calthor ponders as he is taking the blasts that this lightning isn’t from the battle as he then starts to think of where it could be from. Lindsata slowly opens her eyes as she sees the lightning as well from different angles, sizes and viewpoints all over the place. Suddenly, one of the bolts slightly touches her hand and she sees Zakaros flying on his way to the battlefield. She then feels recharged as she then notices that the lightning bolts are beginning to connect themselves in a small area near the core. She then says everybody, get away from the lightning bolts immediately. Dan says already on it – I don’t want to be crispy, Drago saying fried and Dragaon saying dragon. The lightning bolts then stop hitting Calthor as Calthor realizes that the bolts are starting to form a circle as he finally realizes what is happening. He then quickly says fire all your weapons on those lightning bolts – they must not be allowed to connect to each other. His forces start firing but the blasts go right through them as Calthor is getting frightened and says if it is what I think it is – I’m through as he says Armageddon Dextra and fires it. Shun says we can’t let him destroy those bolts, whatever they do but it’s a bit late as the blast overcomes the bolts but surprisingly, it does nothing. Calthor says nothing works as then, the final bolt connects and the portal opening finally opens. The portal just looks open as everybody wonders what is going to come out of it, not knowing if it’s for the best or the worst.

The scene shifts back to inside the portal as Zakaros and his forces are slowing closing in on what looks like the entrance. However, Zakaros then gets a sudden vision of Calthor attacking from a distance and holds up his arm and says wait loudly and quickly. Everybody stops as Thorius asks what is wrong Zakaros - we are almost there. Zakaros doesn't say anything as back out in space - Calthor says I can't allow him to come back into this world as he says "Supreme Ability Activate - Supreme Ragnarok Dextra!" as it charges in a split second and he fires it with perfect accuracy into the portal. Dan says no, he can't but it's too late as Calthor says soon, he will be back where he belongs and I'll finish my job here. Back in the portal, Zakaros sees what is coming and says everybody get behind me - that includes you too MechtoTron and family. They do so as Blakai clings onto Zakaros' robes and asks what are you going to do. Zakaros smiles and says save everybody. (End of episode)

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