Destiny Brawl - Part 1 - Fate Unseen is the 101th episode and the 1st part of the four part series of finale of Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods. It was written by Zachattack31. The 2nd part of the 4 part finale will be released tomorrow at some point in time.


The episode starts in the oasis at the Spirit Lake as the spirits of those inside are viewing what has just occurred and what is going to happen soon. A male MasterGod says Zakaros did well in stopping the War as another MasterGod says we have foreseen all of these events that have come to pass but the future is still shrouded in mystery. Scimizak then says he will stop this and the Brawlers will stop Calthor until he gets back to the mortal world. A female MasterGod says who can you be so sure as Nova Lion says I have seen it as well but not the way you do. They all look at him as Nova Lion says I may not have known the Brawlers for long but they have a spirit of never giving up and even though things look bleak – they will not surrender and as for Zakaros, I’m sure he’s a Brawler at heart as well as they look on.

The scene now shifts back to space where the battle between Calthor’s army and the Brawlers army is about to begin but Calthor doesn’t know he is facing against mere copies of the Brawlers and their allies. Calthor then holds up his staff and says strike them down my forces and claim total victory in this fight as they all change. Korborn activates the machines, the Brawlers (copies) and their Bakugan charge and it becomes an allout fight but luckily, it is more even than it was before with the Brawlers reinforcements. Tivala then says let’s go Petrakor and says “Double Ability Activate – Wind Shear plus Tidal Force!” as Petrakor blows some warriors away. However, a lone machine appears and says aim, locked, fire and fires a blast of energy – knocking Petrakor down. Tivala exclaims in shock what the as the machine says again aim, locked, fire but before it fires, Clay appears with Dradikor and they knock it down. Tivala says harshly I didn’t require your assistance, mortal but Clay says oh shut it - we have to coordinate as a unit, which takes Tivala back a bit. At that moment, the clone Spectra appears and says Helios, BakuArmor time as he activates an exact copy of the real Helios’ BakuArmor. Helios says this time, I’m going to burn all your circuits Dradikor as he fires the blasts and actually, burning one of his wings off. Dradikor recovers a bit but he says that certainly sounded different than the Helios I have fought before as Clay activates an ability called Ulti-FARBAS – restoring all of his full strength.  Clay says don't get distracted Dradikor as back at Calthor's position, Calthor says I don't time for such foolishness - I'll blow them away in one shot. He then transforms into his Supreme Form and prepares to activate his Ragnarok Dextra but then, the clone ANDRUS' chest starts to move around as he says "Release - BakuShifter - Missiledier!" as it releases a BakuShifter Bakugan totally made of missiles. The clone ANDRUS then says "Ability Activate - Nuclear Barrage!" as the Bakugan known as Missiledier fires a relentless barrage of missiles at Calthor's forces and Calthor himself, causing him to lose his concentration and the power he was beginning to build up. Calthor immediately gets angry and says you will pay for your betrayal, machine as he flies it at high speed but says "Ability Activate - Spear of Hades!" as his staff turns into a dark, blackened spear and stabs right through ANDRUS with the clone Clawbec saying hey, watch out. Calthor says this doesn't concern you, traitor as he holds his hand out and fires a small Armageddon Dextra, instantly destroying Clawbec and making the other clone Brawlers look on in shock to continue the deception. The clone ANDRUS says fact: you will not win; even with my destruction. Calthor says I never liked this technology but clone ANDRUS says statement: self destruct sequence initiated - detonation; 1 second. Calthor then sees the clock and says for a machine; quite the play as the clone ANDRUS explodes and Calthor takes the full blast, blowing off some of his robes and revealing some of the alternations Sivac did underneath with darkened skin, spikes and bat like features. Behind the shield, the real ANDRUS and Clawbec look in amazement as Clawbec says that's not going to happen to us for real right as ANDRUS says understatement: I certainly hope not. Back at the battle, Calthor notices his slight injuries and starts to reheal while saying my Supreme Form is much stronger now but then, a bunch of automatic weapons appear along with SuperNova Destructor and they all say target locked, fire as they all fire on Calthor. Calthor says Depth Defense and manages to defend him but then, Jin and Floria appear and fight back against the weapons. Jin says "Ability Activate - Scroll Art - Shuriken Striker!" as Samuraxx fires a barrage of multi-sized shurikens at the enemies. Floria says "Double Ability Activate - Rush Force plus Shock Slam!" as Grapliton jumps up and bulks up and then, slams his grappling hands together to fire a shockwave at the enemies, defeating them. The shockwave even knocks SuperNova Destructor back but he recovers and says we will push forward but then, a voice says first; you'll have to go through me as then, Blackhole Destructor appears and tackles SuperNova Destructor and they go to fight on another part of the battlefield. Calthor says very nice timing my minions as then, Shiori flies over on Osperio and says Master Calthor, we are progressing towards the Bibliocore. Calthor says very nice, it will take a few moments for me to recharge my strength but once I'm ready, this will be all over. However, on the shield side of things - Dan says looks like the charade is holding up well as Shun says yeah but for how long as they Brawlers just wait while the battle continues on hard but meanwhile, on the Vestal Interceptor, Leonwulf is still guarding the grave of his Master from inside one of the hangar bays. However, he is putting on what appears to be some special armor as then, Korborn then appears on a projection screen. He then says Leonwulf, I request that you come into battle immediately – we can use your strength. Leonwulf says I am already preparing – give me a few more minutes as Korborn says time is a luxury we do not have much of I’m afraid as the screen disappears. Leonwulf puts on the last piece of armor as he looks at the grave and says it looked so much more beautiful on New Vestroia as the water has stopped flowing and trees are starting to whither. He takes out his flute and puts it next to the gravestone and says but I will still protect it with my life. He then runs out and jumps from the ship and says Heilheim Boost as he starts to fly towards the battle ahead; not knowing about the plan as he gets involved fighting some of Calthor's army.

Meanwhile, in the afterlife and more specifically, Avagan – the city is busy and bustling as everybody is getting ready for what’s about to come. Daedathron says all right – get the weapons and warriors in position; if we can get everybody in – we are going to do so. Zakaros says get the BakuBlaster squadrons reloaded and deployed as Tsurambo asks how it is going. Zakaros says it's going fine but I certainly hope we are ready for the fight ahead. At that moment, DraThron lands and says I'm ready too and I believe what happened to my mind is already back to normal as he looks up and sees a bird. However, he doesn't act like a puppy this time as he just says bird but quickly regains focus. Zakaros says that's good but you are kind of big; I don't think you'll fit through the portal as DraThron is even taller than MechtoTron. DraThron says don't worry; I can do this as he glows red and changes into a large ball form. Zakaros says wow, that's a big Bakugan orb as DraThron opens up in ball form and says I should be easier to transform now and, when you throw me, I can pack quite a punch as MechtoTron says would be nice to wonder what it's like to be small. Fujoe then appears and says Zakaros; let's hurry - I've received a message from my Master Lacetornia - Calthor is at the galaxy's core. Zakaros says all right – if we can get all the BakuGod forces through the Gate; it should be more than enough to take him and his army down. However, Fujoe says hold on Zakaros – this you cannot do. Zakaros says in a confusing tone what do you mean as Fujoe says because you haven’t finished your training and completely fine-tuned your powers – the Amulet will only allow you to bring select individuals with you; not the mass numbers that we would honestly need. Zakaros is in utter disbelief as Lync says well that sucks with Brontes saying that goes double for me – I was looking forward to another good Brawl. Zakaros says how many can the Master’s Amulet handle right now as Dive Fujoe says you may be able to take 11, maybe 12 individuals but that’s all I think you can handle. Zakaros says but that doesn't help anything - if we bring any warriors with us; their Bakugan count as well so it means we are even more limited. Thorius says Zakaros, for us BakuGods, our Bakugan are like a part of us so they don't count towards this problem. Zakaros says really, well - all right, time to strategize as he goes to his comrades. He says Atrion, you’re an automatic because you need to release the ones you revived while under Sivac’s control as Atrion says you can count on me. MechtoTron then says Zakaros, allow us to accompany you – from what the one known as Baraxx told me; there are Mechtogan there; you will need strong fighters. Grace Swift says wherever MechtoTron goes, I go as well as Sky Sprint says the same goes for me. Zakaros says all right, that’s four but it means some of you will have to stay. Sid then looks over to Torin, Lync, Volt, Hydron and Masquerade as they all nod their heads in agreement at something. Sid says hey Zakaros my man – we’ll make this easy for you; we’ll all stay behind so that way, you got some backup just in case. Zakaros says I was going to have you come with me; you’ve been with me the longest and I know you are all strong Brawlers. Torin says we may be but think about it, Zakaros – you should take the strongest BakuGods with you who can put up more of a fight than we can and besides, when you win, we might come visit. Lync says yeah, don’t count us out yet but you need to take your A game. Zakaros says I don’t know what to say – thank you, my friends. Masquerade says don’t mention it but you better not lose as Mahisas says or we’ll be coming for you. Kachia Gell pops up and says Gell look forward to battle with scorpion if that time comes. Zakaros says all right – time to plan again as he says Daedathron, Marnitac, Neotaro, Maxoric – you four will come with me as well. Daedathron says very well, Master Zakaros as the other three bow in agreement. Neotaro says we will not fail you, Master Zakaros as Maxoric says and we will take our vengeance against the one who used us as all the BakuGods cheer in agreement. Baraxx says Zakaros, I wish to go along – I want to make sure that Calthor pays for what he has done to me and the Brawlers as Zakaros smiles and says you were my next choice but what about Firebaxx. Firebaxx says Baraxx and I are already bound together as one - we will be all right.  Zakaros then says Thorius, I would appreciate your help as well since I know you have a few more tricks up your sleeve as Thorius says slyly I don’t know what you’re talking about but I’m ready to go as well. Zakaros says that means we have two openings left if possible as Dive Fujoe says Zakaros, I would recommend you take me along – I can assist in battle and I would like to see your Brawlers at least once in this lifetime. Zakaros say all right, we just need one more as then, a voice says um…..Zakaros. Zakaros turns around and sees Blakai behind him and says I’m going as well. This takes everybody a bit by surprise as Zakaros kneels down and says I don’t want to risk your life for this fight and besides, you’ll be fighting against your father if you go. Blakai says loudly he’s not my father – you are; which takes Zakaros a bit back by surprise. Blakai says sorry for that outburst but I don’t consider him my father – you’ve been more of a father and even a brother to me; something I never had. He continues by saying the least I can do is help you and I want to see your friends as well. Zakaros sighs and says very well; I understand – welcome aboard as they shake hands and Fujoe says let's hope this is all we will need.

Back at the galaxy's core and more specifically, inside the Bibliocore, Korborn says the battle is progressing well but I can only hope that Lindsata is prepared for the coming battle as it zooms in near the galaxy’s core. Lindsata is floating in an Indian sitting position with the orb over her as she is meditating from the looks of it. Nearby, the Brawlers are still hidden as Mason says you know, I really didn’t expect this plan to work. Jesse says deception is a very fine art to showcare in theatre; even I don't know how to fully master it as Zenet says and that isn't all. Dan says let's just hope that this plan continues to work until Lindsata is ready and we have our other plans in motion. Dan turns on his BakuStrike launcher and says hey Spectra; how are things at the galaxy's core. Meanwhile, the scene shifts closer to the core itself as a small team made up of Spectra, Mira, Ren, Elright and Ace are standing by with their forces. Spectra says we are in position here; just in case Calthor uses some trick to get here and bypasses your defense. Dan says great, keep me posted as he then says hey Gus, ready with the big guns. On the Vestal Interceptor, Gus says I'm ready here Dan - the Vestal Interceptor has been fully repaired and is ready to destroy anything. After Dan cuts off the communication, Shun says well, this is it; when he comes through there - we'll be ready. However, Falco flies up and says don't be so sure - for some reason; I get the feeling Calthor is going to catch on rather quickly with what's happening. Back at the fight, the clone Dan says Drago, attribute change - Ventus as clone Drago says you got it as he changes to Ventus. Clone Dan also says Dragaon, switch to Mode 1 as clone Dragaon says ready to morph as he changes into a more battlized fighting form. Calthor says this is really peculiar - they certainly aren't talking high and mighty like they usually do but he then smiles and says maybe, they are realizing that actions are louder than words. Clone Dan says "Ventus Ability Activate - Griffon Dragon!" as clone Drago's wings grow feathers on them and he starts flapping, causing a huge windstorm to appear on the battlefield as clone Helios says Drago certainly has gotten stronger as Professor Clay notices that Helios said something that was unfamiliar to him according to the numbers on him. Clay says Spectra; don't think we have finished our fight as clone Spectra smiles and says of course not; I intend on finishing you off and saving you. He then says Helios, switch to the Haos attribute as clone Helios does so and clone Spectra says "Haos Ability Activate - Shine Missile MK3!" as clone Helios opens up his wings and they reveal weapon canisters as he launches missiles galore at Clay and Dradikor, who can't dodge them all. At the shield, Mira is a bit taken back and says that copy of Keith is hurting my father but Marucho says we have to keep the charade up as long as possible but then, Clay comes out and says we aren't done yet, Spectra as he says "Ability Activate - Fire Lazer!" as Dradikor fires a concentrated lazer of fire at clone Helios and clone Spectra, taking them out of the fight. Clay then realizes that something is wrong and says that was too easy as Dradikor says yeah, that was one of my weaker abilities - that shouldn't have taken a Brawler and Bakugan like those two out. Clay then says unless; these aren't the real Brawlers - we've been had. He continues by saying I have to warn Master Calthor but then, clone Mira appears and says we are going to fight now, father as they get into fighting. Meanwhile, back at the main fight, clone Dan says "Form Ability Activate - Ultra Blade Tail!" as clone Dragaon's tail turns into a much large flame sword and starts spinning around, defeating numerous Bakugan on sight but Calthor just dodges the blows at lightning speed. While he is dodging, the part of him that is Well Galow says Master, the Brawler Dan Kuso is wide open - we should strike. Calthor says too bad I'm already ahead of you on that as suddenly, the blade goes right through him. Clone Dragaon says yes, I got him but then - it disperses like a shadow. Clone Dan wonders where did he go but then, Calthor appears in a flash and grabs the clone Dan by the throat. Clone Dragaon and Clone drago try to intervene by Tivala steps in between them. Clone Dan struggles as Calthor says I'm sorry it has to end this way but I must thank you for providing me some quality entertainment at least. Clone Dan smiles and says we aren't done yet but Calthor then says Palmplosion and suddely, a burst of energy hits the clone Dan at point blank range with an energy blast as smoke covers the blast. The battle suddenly stops and everybody looks on as Calthor smiles and says I've won against you again - give Zakaros my regards would you. But then, as the smoke clears - he sees that nothing is in his hands except sand and smoke. Calthor says in shock what just happened as then, the clone Drago and clone Dragaon suddenly disappear. Tivala also says in shock what is going on; are they hiding out somewhere with an ability. Calthor looks around as Win Dmill says we've been tricked, which gets Calthor even angrier. He then looks towards where he sees the clone John and clone Laura battling; holds out his staff and says Lazercution and fires two beams of light at the clones and they disappear as well along with their clone Bakugan. Calthor gets angry and says we've been tricked; these aren't the real Brawlers - they are just illusions. He then looks over to the Biblicore and sees Korborn on the balcony with his arms behind his back and looking sternly at him. Calthor says Tivala, order the main forces to the core - ignore the illusions as Korborn realizes that they are onto the deception. He then broadcasts a message to everybody near the core and says Calthor has discovered the deception; be ready as everybody gets ready to fight as Calthor and his main entourage fly towards the core at high speed as they bypass the illusions and thye just disappear. As they fly, Calthor's angry face says I'm coming for you.

Back in the afterlife, the BakuGods are gearing up those in speciallly made armor that will help them battle in the atmosphere near the galaxy's core. A lead BakuGod armormaster is putting gear on Zakaros and says this special gear has been made for your Eminence - it will work with your various forms and provide added defense and offensive capabilities. Zakaros says thank you; I will make sure to not damage this work of yours. He then walks out and sees that everybody else aside from the Mechtogan are all in special gear. Thorius says this is amazing; even though it looks bulky - it's incredibly light and strong. Sechs Tavanel says good thing we're light weight as Seis says don't say that; it sounds like we are a problem. Butta Gil says I just want to fight enemies as Dguma says same old Gil - I like that. Neotaro and Maxoric are getting their armor put on as Neotaro says it's amazing that we are fighting as equals; not enemies right. Maxoric says I agree; I'm still mad that he used us all for his schemes. A former DarkGod soldier says you'll take him out, right Lord Neotaro as Neotaro says it is not my job to take him out - that right belongs to the MasterGod; I'm just a loyal servant now and proud to be one with Maxoric concurring. Daedathron then comes out with his own modified gear on as Marnitac says look good ready for battle Lord Daedathron as Daedathron says I'm always ready for battle - hand me some of the BakuBlasters we have in development. Marnitac says I already have them as Daedathron puts them into slots on his armor and says just in case we need some extra firepower. At that moment, Blakai and Atrion come out in their own gear as Blakai says not really used to this type of thing as the helmet falls down a bit on his head. Atrion picks it up and says don't worry; you'll be fine with or without the armor cause we have each other's backs. Zakaros then walks out in his own armor of gold and multi-attributed colors as everybody is in amazement at the craftsmanship. MechtoTron says friend Zakaros; you look ready to fight as Zakaros says nervously ready as I'll ever be. He then unlocks the Master's Amulet from a slot on the armor and says let's go but Tsurambo says hold on Zakaros - can I and the Masters speak with you for a few moments. Zakaros says all right but then turns to everybody and says meet me at the Gate of Restorum; I will be there shortly. Zakaros then walks over to a side with Tsurambo and the Attribute Masters and says all right; what's wrong as Tsurambo says nothing is wrong - we all wanted to wish you well in the coming battle. Zakaros says thank you; I know that during this whole thing - we haven't been on the same terms as Tsurambo says as you said; this was a learning experience but we have confidence that you can do it. He continues by saying but just to be safe; I'm going to give you some of the power I possess to help you to make up for the lack of training as he touches Zakaros' staff with his and they glow momentariliy. Soon, it stops and Zakaros' armor starts to glow as he does and Zakaros says thank you; I will return this power to you when the fight is over. Tsurambo says now, we have something else for you but deal with this after the fight is over as Pyraxx steps forward and hands him what looks like a BakuStone but has a Pyrus symbol in it. The other attribute Masters also hand the same thing as well with their respective symbols as well. Zakaros takes them all and sees that they have a Bakugan in them and asks what are they. Tsurambo says this is for after your victory; these are Baraxx's Bakugan and this; as he hands him a golden key - is the key to unlocked Baraxx's powers again. Zakaros is shocked as he says why give these to me; you should give them to him but Darkor says we were entrusted with keeping his Bakugan because of their immense strength ever since Baraxx's banishment and Tsurambo says also, I am not the MasterGod anymore so I can no longer unlock his powers. But if it comes time, you may need to as Zakaros looks down at the Bakugan encased in stone and the key. He puts them in his robes and says I will make the right choice. Tsurambo says I trust your judgement but now, it's time for you to go as Zakaros says right and runs off to the Gate with the Masters and Tsurambo flying over to the Gate themselves. On the way, Zakaros runs into his parents and Trita and they stop him for a second. Juni says you're finally leaving here as Zakaros says yes, I am but don't worry; I'll come back as Boulder says son; I wish you the best and gives him a father sized hug. Trita says I also have something for you; moreso of sentimental value than power as he hands him a necklace. Zakaros takes it and says what is this for as Trita says this was supposed to be your necklace when you became of age and I think it's time you have it. Zakaros puts it over his necklace with his original neckalce and says I'll wear it with pride. Juni says good luck son as Zakaros runs off and meets up with the rest of his group. As he walks up the stairs to the Gate and the Gate controls, people start to gather around as it zooms on characters we have seen throughout the series from the Masters to Wistorn. Zakaros looks to the sides and sees the people watching him as he soon goes up to the controls. He turns around and everybody starts to cheer with his group also clapping and bowing in accordance to BakuGod tradition. He then takes the Master's Amulet off and puts it into the controls. As the Gate is finally opening up and the way is clear, Zakaros then looks behind him at who is coming and asks if they are all ready to go. Neotaro and Maxoric both say we are ready, Master Zakaros. Daedathron and Thorius nod their heads as Blakai says I’m ready. MechtoTron says let’s go – we need to stop him quickly as Zakaros says very well – onward. They all then float and fly through the Gate as everybody sees them flying at high speed through the portal as Zarodius says good luck to you all. In the portal, Zakaros flies forward faster as he grows his wings and says hold on Brawlers, I won't fail you this time.

Back at the battle for the galaxy's core, Calthor and his brawlers are flying straight forward as Korborn says he is heading for the shield; get ready as everybody gets their cloaks armored and their devices ready. Calthor then flies through the shield as does Tivala without feeling anything as Calthor says you will pay for your insolence by tricking me. He then says Dark Pulsar and fires it at Dan who is closest but Dan says nice try but we've ready for you as Jinryu activates Waterfall Mirrior and reflects the attack back. Soon, Clay and the others try to get into the shield but they can't - even Calthor's massive forces can't get through. Tivala says Master; we've been cut off from our forces as Calthor says angrily you've tricked me again. Marucho says yeah, now you're all alone this time and we're ready for you. Calthor is getting angrier by the second and says now you will all pay but then, Leoness appears and slices Calthor across his chest and injures him suddely, with Laura saying great - the Alpha Claw ability worked as Dan says we didn't expect you to find out our trick so soon but either way; you're finished. Calthor then calms down and says this is certainly turning out to be very interesting - perhaps this will be thrilling after all as they stare down. (End of episode)

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