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Deep underground, torches light up the mines. Various Bakugan work and help each other, all survivors of the tragedy that had befallen their planet. On the surface, there was very little other than ash and rubble; but here, here was a community, forced to live together or perish alone.

Here, there was order, there was peace, there was life. It had been a very long time since the first incident at the mine; and during that time, a lot had changed.

Other than the torches, there was a long line of electrical wires used to power machines that ran all around the mine. Energy surrounded Zephyr as she transformed into pure electricity, using the wires to rush across from one place to another.

She arrived at a isolated part of the mine, a sort of living quarters with a single bed. She also had all sorts of machines in there, as well as an intercom that didn't quite work; it made strange noises whenever someone spoke into it, almost like a reply.

Her right hand glowed green, and a machine opened up with a loud sound as several gears spun, Zephyr's energy keeping it together. It showed a list of things, which Zephyr read over carefully, muttering.

A knock made her look up.

"Come in".

Animus walked in, not quite looking Zephyr in the eye. "Commander, we've scouted the area. No traces of hostile activity - yet."

"Commander? You know you can call me Zephyr, Animus." She smiled, trying to catch his eye.

Animus simply sighed.

Zephyr now had a hesitant expression on her face. "Animus, about yesterday-"

"I was distracted. I missed training because of that. Sorry. It won't happen again - and it shouldn't."

Animus walked out of the room before Zephyr can say anything.

Later that night, a single tear fell down her face as she went to sleep on the bed, alone this time.

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