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Four days had passed since the incident at the mines. Most of the children Bakugan had been found and slaughtered, but fifteen managed to escape.

Due to the scarce resources, only a few were alive now. They were sitting in a cave, around a small fire flickering, the only light source around them. It caused shadows to dance across the cave.

They were four, a Darkus Dragonoid, Ventus Dragonoid, and two Haos Preyases. The Preyases were chatting softly to themselves.

The Darkus Dragonoid stared into the fire, studying it. He was deep in thought.


He looked to his right to see the Ventus Dragonoid, a smile that didn't reach her eyes.

"I'm Zephyr."

He hesitated for a moment. "Animus."

"Where'd you learn to fight like that? You took out that Hydranoid pretty fast."

"It... just came to me, I guess." He looked at his hand.

"You OK?"

"Yeah... Yeah, I'm fine."

The fire seemed to flicker faster and faster. There was a pause.

"So, where are you from-"

Zephyr was interrupted as two hands erupted from the fire and grabbed the two Preyases, scorching them and dragging them into the fire. Zephyr and Rager watched in horror as they disappeared into the fire itself, and the fire was now a large blaze, roaring.

They both got up quickly and made for the entrance of the cave, but the fire surrounded them. A Fear Ripper stepped out of the flames, his skin literally the fire flickering.

He towered over Zephyr. "Come now, revenge is a dish best served FIERY HOT, you little brat!"

"Execution!" The shadows around Animus formed together and covered him, as he charged into the Fear Ripper. He was knocked back by a wall of flame.

"Oh don't you worry, I'll handle you in a minute." The Fear Ripper snickered at Animus.

"Wind Burst!" A violent wind pushed the Fear Ripper into his own flame wall, causing him to shriek. Zephyr quickly got up and stood next to Animus.

"Why you-"

"Storm Sword!" "Shadow Barrage!"

Green and black energies clashed with each other as the green energy formed into swords, and the black energy formed into shadow missiles. They pierced and hit the Fear Ripper, trapping him in his own wall of flame.

"Red Absolution!" Animus glowed a dark shade of red, and two swords formed in his hands. He turned intangible and rushed towards the Fear Ripper, slicing through him. The flames faded and the Fear Ripper screamed, and then his body was split in two.

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