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Song filled the air as child Bakugan walked under the blaring sun, dirt and soot covering them. Some were singing in an effort to cheer each other up, but a grim sadness wrapped over all of them. They walked past charred towns and cities.

Leading them was an older Bakugan, who seemed to be checking behind them all the time. Sweat dripped down his face as he gruffly told the child Bakugan to hurry up.

The singing slowly stopped as a bunker seemed to open up from the ground. The child Bakugan were ushered in, and saw long tunnels and mines, with other child Bakugan who stopped momentarily to look at them, then continued to mine the strange ore.

"Alright," a Subterra Linehalt with a scar over his eye emerged from the shade, tossed the Bakugan that led the child Bakugan a bag, and then watched him leave. The Linehalt had a Sonicannon in his hand and he fired it up at the sky, causing all the child Bakugan to jump. Except for one Darkus Dragonoid, who stared grimly and solemnly at the Linehalt.

"You work for me now. Grab a pick and mine. Step out of line, and expect to be shot."

The child Bakugan hesitated, then after another shot of the Sonicannon hurriedly took a pick and found a place to mine. The Darkus Dragonoid grabbed a pick and stared at it.

A Dual Hydranoid grabbed him roughly by the shoulder. "Hey! You!"

The Darkus Dragonoid responded by grabbing one of the Dual Hydranoid's necks and tying it in a knot with the other one, and then he pulled them both and ripped the Dual Hydranoid's heads off. He watched the carcass fall.

The Linehalt aimed his Sonicannon at him, but just before he could shoot, the Darkus Dragonoid threw a pick at it and made it hit the inside of the barrel, making the shot go inwards and explode.

The commotion made everyone stop and look at him, with surprised and shocked faces. Seconds later, there was chaos as child Bakugan ran and older Bakugan tried to control them all. They were overrun quickly.

Several older Bakugan attempted to attack the Darkus Dragonoid, but he threw a barrage of shadow missiles at them. Behind him a Lumagrowl poised ready to strike, but a bolt of lightning hit it mid-jump and sent it flying. The Darkus Dragonoid looked for the source and found a Ventus Dragonoid.

Clashes of energy sources and screams filled the tunnels as everyone ran, not minding each other. Chaos erupted as survival became the clear goal of everyone.

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